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December 30th, 2011


New Year's Eve in NashvilleGreetings Bass Heads from Tennessee and Beyond!

Here we have our guide for New Years entry.

As you know, this event sold out months in advance and we are working nonstop to create an experience that is as close to perfect as possible for all 10,000 guests. New Years is traditionally a time of celebration and reflection, and we are so honored to be creating the launch-pad for a gigantic family blast off. There are many different zones to enjoy the experience from (balconies, bowls, the floor, etc) and every area is General Admission, but it is first come, first serve.

Here are the details on admission:

There are several entrances into the venue, but there will be one specific door where we are handing out Floor Wristbands. Look for the signs for the GA FLOOR ENTRANCE to wait in line for floor wristbands.

Come early if you want to get on the floor. The doors open at 8 PM. Remember to dress warm (there’s a coat check), and bring food and water and gifts to share with your bass compadres in line.

If you arrive once the floor wristbands have been handed out, you will be free to choose your own spot in the bowl, and the view, sound and lights will be spectacular!

Of course, we would love to create a space where everything can be GA, but in order to put on our biggest and best new years show ever, we needed to find a safe space for 10,000 to rage. We want to make everyone’s experience coming in as free-flowing and easy as possible. You should arrive early, and ready to be kind to those around you and the security folks who are choosing to work on their new years eve so we can have this event!

Sound good? If you have any questions or want to plot a flash mob or need a rideshare or have a seat open in your bass zeppelin or just want to show how unbelievably excited you are for this event, post a comment on our event page HERE.

It is our intention to find a perfect balance of wildstyle and safety, so that everyone can let go and blast off, but still stay safe and healthy. This is a team effort, so please go above & beyond by doing your part to watch out for each other, and meet new friends in the process.

T-2 DAYS!!!!!!!!

– The Bassnectar Crew

PS – Scope the PREPARTY info and the AFTERPARTY info, featuring Daedelus, Gramatic/Nit Grit, EPROM, Wick-It, & more!

PPS – For those of you who like to roll to big events with Totems or Rage Poles, we are letting them indoors so long as they have no metal, are shorter than 5 feet, aren’t pointy (don’t poke no eyes out, ya hear?), and aren’t going to ruin the show for the 10-30 people standing behind you. Build them now, bring them out!