January 2nd, 2012


Ultra Music Festival 2012The Bassnectar crew will hitting Ultra Music Festival on Sunday, March 25th 2012! Tickets are on sale now.

Magnetic Man, Flying Lotus, Chase & Status, The Bloody Beetroots and many more will also be performing!

This is an All Ages event.


Facebook RSVP

  • SOOOOO happy your coming to Ultra this year!! Ultra is a Festival I hit every year! It has a very special place in my heart because Ultra in 2009 was the Very first ELECTRONIC music concert I went too. It started it all!!!! I have a huge crew for ultra and this year its gonna be even BIGGER than ever 🙂 We all Love BASSNECTAR so much! and Were so ready for you to come to our home Festie! Welcome back! Cant wait too see you SMASH ultra and teach some kids down here what its all about! I’m ready to get down wit thaa GETDOWN!

  • Maxwellmurder777

    THAT shits gonna be kickin shiiiiit. you already know

  • Mike Serb

    Ultra 2010 was the shit 2 nights of nectar 2011 we missed you but it was your first time touring down under in oz so gotta respect spreading the filthy bass, so happy we can all rage this year 2012 again!!!

  • Blue ryvre

    i cant afford ultra which means i wont be able to see my favorite dj! i love your music make man! .an after party show somewhere, something in florida besides ultra please make it happen make it happen lorin!!  REVOLUTIONLIVE venue .ftlauderdale,florida maybe?:) march 22 23 24….. 26 27please and thankyou

  • bassheadflour

    Lorin hes absolutely right ^^  i wont be able to go to ultra either due to it being sold out and expensive. lorin it would be nice for you to do something around miami while your down here for ultra weekend please make it happen . you have many fans that wont make ultra and miss you!!

  • Stef

    Is there gonna be an after party show??? Some of us can’t pay $600 to go to Ultra but would loveeeee to see you if you’re gonna be in town!

  • Luis18tx

    i agree with stef. even though i am gonna see u in ultra, i would love to see u perfom somewhere else… if u do let us bassheads know! 

  • the sound

    ultra sucks expensive and filled with grimy people on aspirin and 5 hour energy begging you to blow them up. Play an after party while your down here so many cool clubs you can play  give us some florida love to real fans

  • Bass Te Ching

    Please ‘Like’ This Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Want-a-Bassnectar-24-hour-Rager-for-12-21-12/169408646497146
    We NEED to have Bassnectar play a show on the day the Mayan Calender (long count) ends. 

  • Mir

    Just found out Ultra will be coming to Korea this year! Please tell me you are at least considering coming! 

  • Paparon7

    lorin  play an after party show. thursday or friday at MEKKA miami. Friday “future sound of breaks” 10th anniversary

  • Ubiidub

    after party show in miami mekka !

  • basschronicles

    Holy Shit Bassnectars next show on the map! Cant wait to see what he has in store for us!

  • Un Party Sucio

    This is a venue comment not related to Miami but PLEASE don’t play at Verizon Wireless Theater again in Houston, TX!!! That place is terrible, they completely overcharge for all their alcohol!!! The only place with a worse reputation is House of Blues. I saw you at Warehouse Live in 2010 and that was a PERFECT SHOW!!! Good security, awesome bartenders, incredible light show, banging music, beautiful crowd and of course YOU! Just wanted to say this somewhere figured I’d mention it here… whew! =)

  • Basschronicles

    Last set on the last day- synonym for grand finale= BASSNECTAR!