January 17th, 2012


Bassnectar Vava Voom Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the bass machine to Las Vegas, NV at Rain Nightclub on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012.

Support acts TBD.

This is a 21+ Age Limit show.

Doors: 11:00 PM

DRESS CODE: Tshirts, jeans, sneakers, hats/caps are OK. NO running shoes, shorts, or tank tops.

Tickets are on sale now!

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  • Jomosow

    a lot of Bassheads here in vegas are under 21 :/

    • Echlectica

      Well when you grow up you understand why the adults want some time away from the kids once in a while.

      • Anonymous

        stop being agist

        half the people that say things like this are like 21…thats not “grown up” in many, many cases

    • Jess

      Vegas is primarily a 21+ town though…

    • Cherry_cola_bee

      Then hope for a bassnectar slot at edc kiddo

  • Mr Justinjcascio

    fuck the venue

  • HOV

    i would kill for your shows to go back to venues that are only 21+ like this! 

  • EAstOAKLANDnigga

    FUCK YESS!!! FINALLY 21+, i cant fucking wait…. get my grown man on.

  • Robert Vickery

    HELL YES!!! The day I get to Las Vegas for a 4 day vacation Bassnectar is playing Rain??!!??!!  Can’t think of a better way to see my 17th show!!!!  So Lorin, drinks @ the ghostbar before or after??

    • Mevans109

      Cant wait to spend my birthday trip with you guys and start if off right with some nectar 🙂

      • Bass Te Ching

        Will be celebrating my birthday as well seeing nectar for the 13th time. Life is good!

  • Fishscale85

    Skip Vegas come to snowball!

  • Zuly Covarrubias

    No way in the world I am going to miss this 😉

  • Bass Te Ching

    Please ‘Like’ This Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Want-a-Bassnectar-24-hour-Rager-for-12-21-12/169408646497146

    We NEED to have Bassnectar play a show on the day the Mayan Calender (long count) ends. 

  • Robby

    So Lorin my mother and father-in-law will be coming to this show on Saturday.  My father-in-law is a HUGE ACDC fan.  I was wondering if there was anyway you could work in some kind of ACDC song into your set?  I want to see his reaction and I know he would love it.  If you can’t do that he is also a big pacman fan so that pacman dubstep remix would also blow his mind.  See you on SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VEGAS BABY!

  • is the rain nightclub’s dress code going to be in effect at this show?
    DRESS CODE: Stylish Nightlife Attire Required; NO athletic wear, shorts, tennis shoes, baseball caps or flip flops????? what about fluffies, camelbaks, jeans etc? lol, what if everyone shows up all raved out anyway? or is this not going to be that kind of a show? idk im confused HALP bassteam? 🙂

    • ill call the venue about specifics but wanted to see if anyone here had heard any info on this first 🙂

    • okay for anyone else who is wondering, the venue seems like they are relatively chill on the dress code, the girl kept saying ‘just dress nice’ but it sounds like jeans and t-shirts will get through 🙂

      • Thanks for looking into that and sharing the findings! I’ll try and get more specific rules re: trainers, hats etc

  • norma

    Hi everyone i work At PALMS and this event will be the bomb!!
    hit me up for guestlist and bottle service

  • OK here’s the word on dress code, thanks to robot_bass for flagging this up! “DRESS CODE: Tshirts, jeans, sneakers, hats/caps are OK. NO running shoes, shorts, or tank tops.”

    • MaeciSha

       can we wear flip flops?

      • I would guess that anywhere with a dress code does not allow flip flops. Not even sure if that’s a serious question 🙂

    • nice! i decided to be responsible and stay in michigan but glad yall can rock your BASSHEAD tshirts for sure now 🙂

  • Segaages

    I am going to contact them tonight since I was talking with a promoter and this is a copy/paste of what he told me for dress code:

    Dress Code:

    Gents = Black dress shoes & collared shirt. Jeans are fine; no holes & not too baggy.

    Ladies = Fashionable attire.

    • ed basscrew spoke with them and reported his findings right below this comment

      • SegaAges

        Ok, thanks.  I did not know that multiple people talked to them.  I just learned a lesson that some promoters can be shifty, or just lazy for not really checking into it.

        • yeah, it looks like they will be relaxing the normal dress code (the one the promoter told you) a bit for this show. luckily the bass crew is neither shifty nor lazy & thus the confirmed dress code is now posted on the info for this page. 🙂 have fun