January 17th, 2012


Bassnectar Vava Voom Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the VAVA VOOM TOUR 2012 to Indianapolis, IN at The Egyptian Room at Old National on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012.

We are excited to welcome VibeSquaD to the line up for this event! More support acts TBD.

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM


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  • VIBESQUAD?! FOR REAL?! fuuuuuuux to the yeah
    cannot fucking wait for this one

  • Stephers9305


  • Mevans109

    I want the Bass in my face!  😀

  • jenna

    Can’t waaaaiiit for this to go down!! AND it’ll be right after my birthday! BEST gift I could ever get!!

  • Jlopez9090

    Cant wait to see you fellow bassheads in my hometown!!

  • Katelyn:)


  • Aneirelrond

    YES YES YES YES YES! I have been waiting for you to come to Indy for so long!!



  • Ryan

    Last year on April 11 Pretty lights played at the E room. This year BASSNECTAR in the E room on April 11. Two of the best birfdays Eva!! Let’s show Lorin Indy knows how to get down so he wants to come back again and again. Can’t wait!

  • Ohio

    Camelbacks allowed like NYE? 

    • i would think so, i’ve never had trouble getting a camelbak into a nectar show (or any show, for that matter) 🙂

      • Ohio

        Thanks man

        • no problem 🙂 if ever camelbaks and/or outside sealed water bottles weren’t being allowed, the bassnectar crew would post it on this page 🙂 so i think we’re good. see you there!

  • Jcchase335

    Aww yeah. Nectar on my birthday, NICE! Lorin, you destroyed Nashville on NYE. I know I will be a puddle on the floor again in April. Thanks for doing that voodoo that you do so well. 

  • basshead812

    Sooo… Wil I be able to purchase me a VA VA VOOM CD at this show?>?>?>?>?:)

    • Anonymous

      should be

  • Looks like I’ll be making it to this show after all … 🙂

  • CStaff

    Turns out i’m not going to be able to make it to this, we’r hitting the madison and 2 chi nights now…anybody want my ticket for the pre-sale price??? i’m worried i’m gona get stuck payin for it but not making it to the show. lemme know preeeaaaze

    • Hey, don’t forget to post this on the Facebook Event page.  Plenty of people do buying/selling there.
      And thanks for selling it at face value – we truly appreciate that.

    • Jerm

      i would definately be interested if u still have it.

  • Chance01

    What would will call consider “valid photo ID” I have a permit, however it is expired. Will the venue refuse my entry with out a new license/permit if I showed other forms of ID?

    • Valid **state issued** photo ID
      License & State ID are really the only two i’ve seen accepted.
      Does your permit even have a picture? Mine didn’t when I had it. Not sure if it’d work. You could always call the venue to verify – though since it’s expired it’s not really considered “valid” anymore.

    • lesliebooher

      a current state issued ID is “valid,” so i would go get that renewed

  • hey crew, just wondering if this show sold out? tickets are not available at the link currently posted! 🙂

    •  Thanks for flagging that up robot_bass – it is indeed now SOLD OUT. See you all down there!

  • hey bassheads – i have 1 ticket to this show for face value, $36
    unfortunately 🙁 school comes first…cant miss this lecture on mediterranean trade & commerce…reply to me here with your contact info, email or phone number or whatever, and we will work it out 🙂 i’m colleen

    • Patrickrose22

      Ill take it

  • Spkdance

    Please contact me….I would love the ticket and am a graduate school student so I totally understand (as is my brother in Italy, he could totally relate to the subject matter!).  Anyway, just e-mail me at spkdance@aol.com.  Thanks!  Also, I am Samantha.  Nice to meet you!:)

  • Taduff
  • Bassheadsplea

    Friends, in desperate need of ticket.. anyone selling?

    • Jjax42

      go to stubhub.com. just bought mine there

  • Cstaff

    How do we change the name on the ticket?

    • From Bassnectar Inticketing? http://bassnectar.inticketing.com/contact.php

      Otherwise try and look for a customer support link in your ticket receipt from Ticketmaster etc. But I’m guessing you got your early so you’ll be Inticketing

    • Aradzicki

      its a concert ticket, they arent gunna card u.

  • Nelia

    if we purchased them from the presale on here the only option was will call correct? i can’t remember it was so long ago

    • pretty sure i just replied to you on the facebook event page as well, but yes 🙂 advanced bassnectar.net tickets were all will call. bring a state-issued photo ID and they will be there waiting for ya! enjoy

  • Are CamelBak’s allowed for this event?


    DOES ANYONE HAVE EXTRA TIX?????!!!!!!!???!!!!!

  • Anthony Meyer


  • Bex

    trying to find out if camelbak’s are allowed in? and when about bassnectar will be going on… hopefully after 10, because Ive gotta work! 🙂

    • doors are at 7, i would be quite surprised if he was starting later than 10

  • Justin Ryan

    If you drop one Moombahton track tonight, make it this one! TITTIES – BUSINESS CASUAL http://soundcloud.com/businesscasual/titties

  • Shineetoyguns

    can we get a set list lorin ? 🙂 pink elephants was pretty damn sick & we loved your new stuff