January 17th, 2012


Bassnectar Vava Voom Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the VAVA VOOM TOUR 2012 to Kansas City, MO at The Midland on Thursday, April 12th, 2012.

We are excited to welcome VibeSquaD to the line up for this event! More support acts TBD.

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM


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  • Xrazerxbladesx

    BASSNECTAR! but idk about vibesquad the last time i say him…disapointing wasn’t that good..i left early! but give IT UP for the BASS-MAN

  • Xrazerxbladesx

    Oh and i forgot to say I’am soo ready to BOUNCE tooo some BOUNCY BEaTS

  • Old school nectar = legendary

    only way im going is if you play a pre 2008 set and nothing else. BUUUUUUT, that won’t happen because you’ve unfortunately sold out.

    sooo..see you later (never)

    • MTC Wraps

      Yeah cuz there’s a better party going on that night, and you’re the only person who liked bass 5 years ago. I’ll say the music and atmosphere have both changed drastically, but I feel like lorin’s still in it for the heads. Sure the majority of people at Bassnectar shows have never seen him before, and are gonna act like it, that just means he’s reaching a larger audience because he came up so hard in the underground, shit was bound to get huge man, get over it and come to this show so there are some more real fans in attendance.

      • Old school nectar = legendary

        Valid points my friend; I SHOULD be in the audience. However I’m not wasting $40 (a little steep too eh Lorin?) to hear nonsense from Divergent Spectrum and his newest (and most likely horrible) EP Vava Voom. If you think those songs have any soul or meaning to them then clearly you are not the real fan you claim to be. 

        Diverse Systems of Throb, Mesmerizing The Ultra, Freakbeats for the Beatfreaks, Underground Communication, Motions of Mutation



        • Anonymous

          what kind of satisfaction do you get from being SO extremely negative?

        • Sounds like you haven’t been “a real fan” for a while now! You are “a fan frozen in time”. But we welcome one and all, and maybe the bass and sweat will thaw you out a bit 🙂

    • Your a Pu$$y

      @5250ad6db15865663833a09a0adc756a:disqus I hear the new bassnectar doesn’t sound so good, with your head stuck that far up your ass, that is.

  • Safeway

    Wow there are a lot of haters…never knew people could dislike Nectar. Everyone is entitled to their opinions i guess…would be cool if you could just shut your face and hate some where else heh!

  • Achsariel

    When I went to the show at Liberty Hall in Lawrence year before last, you did a bit set to Destino on the screens, and it really blew me away.  A good friend of mine is a huge Salvador Dali fan and I’m planning to drag her to this concert, so if you could dig that up and throw it into your set somewhere, I think it would bring a whole bushel of rapture to her heart.

    • Old school nectar = legendary

      surprisingly a good show

  • Lesset

    Any idea what the cost will be? Thanks!

    • Meatwad

      Tickets aren’t going to be up till the 21st, so there’s a hint.

  • Guest

    when do non-advance tickets go on sale? just regular tickets?

    • Anonymous

      i believe one week after advance tix…so saturday jan 28th

      • Xrawrrocky

        are they going to be more expensive

        • Anonymous


  • Guestie

    how fast is this show predicted to sell out?

    • Anonymous

      this venue isn’t that large…i would say fairly quick…always get tickets sooner rather than later

      • Seth Larson

        but it is KC, he didnt sell it out very quick last year, neither did Pretty lights, granted the music is way bigger now in just a year..

      • Old school nectar = legendary

        or just…never. and spend your money on skream + benga 9 days prior to this shit..IN THE SAME BOMBASS VENUE 😀

  • Thanks Bassnectar for coming to KC!  I’m a music teacher and love showing what you do to the kiddos at school.  Nice work!  I DJ sporting events and play tons of it!  Kids bounce to it!

  • Cjeffries22

    Which will be more expensive the advanced tickets selling or the regular tickets?

    • Anonymous

      advance tickets are cheaper

  • SB136

    My first Bassnectar show was at this venue last year. I’ve seen him play 3 times since and the Midland show was hands down the best, the venue is fucking fantastic. Can’t wait to make the road trip back to where it all started!!

    • Seth Larson

      it was pretty unreal, the midland is magic i swear, perfect amount of people, great vibe 🙂

    • Transam455

      do you remember when he played blow last year at the midland. i went crazy when that came on. the best show ive been to yet was halloween in dallas. complete chaos

      • Weldon Ratliff

        Ahhhh i wanted to go to that one sooo bad! that seemed like it had to be the best one to go to but this one will still be fantastic!

  • Seth Larson

    vibesquad hell yea! he rules, KC is gettin it this year!! feed me, excision, avicii, Nectar… its not even spring!! 

  • Old school nectar = legendary

    vibesquad couldn’t mix rum and coke even if he tried. terrrible live act

    • Seth Larson

      His new tunes are pretty cool.. he shouldn’t headline but I think he’s great as an opener.. he got that energy haha, like mimosa, it will be good.. nectars openers are always turnned way down anyways..

  • I would like to see what his tech rider is for that venue.  From the looks of the pics I’ve seen he’s got some Martin subs..holy crapoli.  Anybody know who manages this part of his show?  Curious about lighting too..

    • Dunwody

      Bassnectar is a self sufficient, fully functional, totally crushing 2 semi battle station! Only thing we don’t have is power. We use our own PA, Lights, Video, Consoles, Monitor Rig, Risers, and even bring our own gaff tape. As long as Kansas City has electricity, we will crush! Of course we need a venue as well, thankfully the midland is one of the more beautiful venues in the country with that super awesome chandelier bar at the very top. We will crush….. oh yes…… we will crush!

      • Seth Larson

        Hell yea I saw him in fresno and the 500 person venue was packed with the best system and lights imaginable, no matter what u guys do it huge 🙂

  • SLIKRHick

     @bassnectar, ——-> magical world, probable cause, and 808 please !!!!!

  • Transam455
  • Transam455

    the video i posted is redstep mixed with love here,hope you enjoy,

  • Lindsey

    holy SHIT is there any other place to get tickets for this than the midland partnet site? im trying to get 2 tickets and theres 25 bucks extra in fees! jesussssss

    • Lindsey

      *partner… sheesh

  • Lance

    Hey Leslie did the tickets from the bassnectar website sell out for the Kansa City show?

  • Colt McConnell

    Got tickets for the Midland show! My buddies and I are returning from Afghanistan a couple of weeks or so prior to the show and traveling up there to see it! So stoked! Been waiting for this opportunity forever! We have even been spreading your music to the Afghan locals and military here. SPREADING DUBSTEP AWARENESS WORLDWIDE!!!

  • Ryan

    Vibesquad.. meh

    • dude, whaaa?! VibeSquaD threw down a sick set at electric forest 2011. came second only to bassnectar that weekend. get there early for some pre face-melting.

  • mordanjavers

    last time he was in KC, he rocked my shit so hard. best venue and show ive seen of his in awhile. halloween was cool too, but KC last february was nutz.

  • Transam455

    uhh wtf are convenience fees. some major b.s! anywhere else to get tickets to avoid the shenanigans????

    • Convenience fees are silly and annoying.
      silly because they’re far from convenient – we don’t like them any more than you do.
      You can always purchase from the first allotment of tickets sold for each Bassnectar event.  Advanced bassnectar tickets. They are sold through bassnectars own in ticketing site – and are the cheapest tickets available.  
      there is only a limited amount of these tickets, though. so they go FAST. 

      to be of the first to hear about new tour dates/tickets being released you can subscribe to our e-mail list via any of the free music available https://www.bassnectar.net/listen/bootlegs/ here.


      • Transam455

        oh im already subscribed i just missed out on the advanced tickets, why cant yall jus sell all the tickets thru you website, ticket master can suck my left nut

  • Tilton_z

    Hell yah can’t wait to throw my hands up and trip my face off. see all you there

  • Tom Gelatko

    Holy shit they are coming to KC for my Birthday? No fucking way, I have to go.

  • Transam455

    where it says “click here for tickets” should also say: caution you will be paying a fee that is conviently annoying

    • actually it does say at the top of the tour page “We don’t like these ticketmaster fees anymore than you do” with a link to this article addressing the issue: http://consumerist.com/2008/10/ticketmaster-is-evil-and-must-die.html

      bassnectar sells as many tickets as possible through their own inticketing service and does everything in their power to hook fans up with tickets at a good price. you gotta take the initiative to scoop up advanced tickets, though!

      • Transam455

        but why does ticketmaster have to get involved in the first place? might as well start your own ticket company to avoid the nonsense

        • did you read the article? it’s basically a monopoly. bassnectar definitely would do all tickets through their own site if they could, but they only receive a limited number of tickets to sell on their own, which they do at a very reasonable price. it’s not like they get access to all of the tickets and then pawn them off to ticketmaster. there are a lot of other players in the mix – i.e., the venues and promoters that ticketmaster gives massive amounts of cash to up front in order to secure themselves as the venue’s/promoter’s sole vendor. in a perfect world, ticketmaster wouldn’t have to get involved in the first place. but, alas…

          • lesliebooher


            ticketmaster has contracts with all of these venues and that is why they are involved–the artists don’t want them involved, they get no benefit from it

  • Seth Larson

    can someone PLEASE clarify this for me, this new ASX site makes no sense.

    in the past at the midland its been General Admission, and VIP. like $45, and $70

    why are there all the choices on the site? whats the deal with general admision? it says theres seperate tickets for the balcony at like $40.. what the f.. im hoping my freinds didnt get the wrong ticket..

    • lesliebooher

      there is a color coded chart on the ticket page that shows where each section is located and how much that ticket section costs

      the floor and the first tier balcony are sold out…the remaining ticket levels are available

      • Seth Larson

        thats stupid that they changed it.. its worked fine for years with 2 ticket types.. ughhhhhh so lame..

  • Seth Larson

    who is opening for vibesquad anyone know?

  • Chancefarquhar

    I’m a little confused. I was under the impression that the entire show was General Admission, but now it shows that the floor seats and balcony 1 are sold out. I figured that the venue has selected seating so the ticket vendor has to sell them that way regardless, but when you get there you can go wherever you want. I have 2 tickets that are for the floor seats, but now I want to get 2 more for some friends. If I buy two tickets in a different section, will we all be able to watch the show from the floor? Someone who knows, please clarify.

    • lesliebooher

      i believe the area you are ticketed for is where you view the show, but i can check to affirm that.

      • Chancefarquhar

        I’m really hoping that’s not the case. Selected seating seems weird to me with a show like this

        • Seth Larson

          its never been like this before, i dont understand either.

  • Wiw2u

    What’s the difference in the VaVa Voom tour and the new Divegent Spectrum tour?

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “new” divergent spectrum tour, that tour is finishing up in April and was in support of the Divergent Spectrum album.  
      There will be a new album, Va Va Voom, released before the tour starts on April 11th. 

      • Seth Larson

        there will not be a new album haha.. not sure where your getting your info.. 

        thats just what he chose to call his spring tour.

        • Taylor Griffin

          nah theres a new album coming, set for april 10th as of now

          • Seth Larson

            i stand corrected! (happily) 🙂

            Lorin is a f**king machine i can beleive hes already got 11 more tracks.. crazy

        • There is definitely a new album comin’ out 🙂 Va Va Voom

        • lesliebooher

          there will certainly be a new album and it will certainly be called va va voom and be released in april

    • lesliebooher

      vava voom comes out in april, so divergent spectrum tour shall cease and vava voom tour shall commence

  • Guest

    if i bought a balcony ticket, does that mean i have to view from the balcony? i will literally die because no midland show should be viewed from the balcony! especially bassnectar. i was told that it’s balcony + GA so i can go anywhere basically?

    • lesliebooher

      i believe if you have balcony tickets you view the show from the balcony, but waiting on confirmation on this. balcony was awesome last year…comes highly recommended based on my experience

      • Seth Larson

        i have been emailing the midland with this question because it never used to be like this, ive been to sold out shows here many times and movement has never been restricted from the floor level.
        from my understanding of what they told me is that you CANNOT go to the floor if you have balcony tix..

  • w0bblegirl


    • lesliebooher

      think you view the show from your ticketed area (if you have floor you’re on the floor, if you have balcony you’re in the balcony section you’re ticketed for, etc), but waiting on confirmation

      • Seth Larson

        so GA means floor right?? 

        i really dont get this new system its dumb.. everyones confused.. me included

        • lesliebooher

          i don’t believe there are any “GA” tickets to this show….all the tickets have specified sections on them like floor or a balcony section, and as i said i believe you will be able to view the show from the area you are ticketed for, so you will not be able to go from balcony to floor if you have balcony tickets.

          • Seth Larson

            my ticket says “general admission” doe…

          • w0bblegirl

            this sucks. i bought a balcony 2 ticket. and now i feel super dumb because if it’s not general admission then i’m gonna feel like an idiot for putting off buying my ticket for so long. UGH man. 

          • why would you feel like an idiot? the balcony is fricken awesome

          • Justin

            The last time he came I went to buy a ticket but the “GA floor” was all sold out, so I purchased 2 balcony tickets (which were like $5 more) and they never checked to where you were suppose to be with you ticket, meaning you can go wherever. I’ve been to the midland 3 times and they always did it that way, so I wouldn’t worry. Also they wouldn’t check because this show WILL sellout and it fits about 3000-3500 people I think and they wouldn’t check where you’re suppose to be at a show like this. 

          • Seth Larson

            yea thats what ive been saying, i think its just this new stupid website messing people up, i dont think they changed anything.. but im getting me and my friends all floor tix just to ake sure..

  • guest

    Tickets were the same way last year, they were checking at first but then they just started letting everyone go wherever.

  • Joe P.

    I didn’t get on the floor for NYE and i was PISSED, it shoulda been the first 1000 people to buy tix got the floor (i was ticket number 34) not whoever started lining up at 8am. My ticket conf. from bassnectar ticketing says i got GA for the KC show, no mention of floor or balcony. I really really really X 1000 hope i don’t get the shaft like i did at NYE, in my home town. 

    Love, light and bass

    • Conner

      I get where you’re coming from, although for that show that was something you just had to be prepared for. A. that show was on a Saturday night so most people didn’t have to work that day or the following day. B. That NYE show is one of the biggest if not the biggest show of the year that the Bassnectar team puts on. The last time he came here he sold it out and I came about 10 minutes after doors opened, went to the bathroom, got a bottle of water and was able to squeeze in the front row. Personally I’m getting there a lot earlier than I did last time, but I think you should be completely fine being able to get on the floor, even if you came completely late. 

    • Kyle

      Joe P,

      I was at Bassnectar @ the Midland last year.  G.A. tix get you balcony or floor.  Wherever the bass may take you…

  • Seth Larson

    any news yet on who is opening??

    • Licata13

       motha fuckin vibesquad! put on ur big boy undies and party hat cuz its goin DOWN!

      • Seth Larson

        no fool opening for vibesquad haha

        • Conner

          Mr. Projectile

  • Marissa

    Please don’t let anyone into this show who is under the age of 16. They ruin it for everyone.

    • Sb133b

      I’m all about them letting in only people under the age of 16 and me. That way no matter where I’m standing I can see over their heads.

      In all seriousness though I stood next to two 15 year old girls at the nectar show in KC last year and they were fine. In Bloomington even though I had floor tickets I had at 20something 6’2″ guy stand in front of me that had jumped the rail. People of all ages can have a negative impact on your show if you let them, so just don’t. Dance your ass off and enjoy the womp.

    • TacoBennett

      I’m under 16 lmao . 14 years old . I’m just going to listen to his old stuff and have a good ass time . (:

  • David Davidson

    Doors at 7 and starts at 8??

  • TacoBennett

    I’m SOO EXCITED . If he plays Boombox , I’m going to literally shit bricks . x’D

  • Ae Anderson197

    Anyone know of a bar or club that some out-of-towers could head to that wanted to keep partying after the show? I heard bars are open till 3. Any places that would be rocking EDM close to the venue?

    • Matthew Evans

      the midland is near the “power and light district” in KC. big part of downtown KC with a lot of bars and clubs.

    • paula

      the union is having an afterparty in westport. off westport rd.

  • Cody_poff
  • Bassinyoface

    When anyone know when all the photos will be up that they took?

  • billshields2

    Dude, my friend went to this and he said it was pretty freakin epic. I was off doing some work for a painter, but I totally wish I could have gone!