January 17th, 2012


Bassnectar Vava Voom Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the VAVA VOOM TOUR 2012 to Boston, MA at The House of Blues on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012.

We are excited to welcome VibeSquaD to the line up for this event! More support acts TBD.

We are playing 2 nights at this venue.

This is an 18+ Age Limit show.

Doors: 7:30 PM


Sealed water bottles and empty CamelBaks are permitted. Non-professional cameras are permitted. Backpacks and large bags not allowed. Totems not allowed.

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  • Mxkid534

    FUCK 18 + House of BLUES IS WACKKKK AS FUCK UR Bettter then that BASSNECTAR 

  • Illustrated

    oh hell yea to VibeSquaD, who cares about the venue

    • Anonymous

      everyone shud, cuz u dont wanna get kicked out for “dancing too hard” do you? (it legit happened to one of my friends at a rusko show there a couple summers ago)

      the security there is god damn ridiculous…thats why u shud give a shit about where he plays

      have fun getting kicked out for no good reason!

  • Dino Traite

    I’m turning 18 just a week after that. 🙁

  • Manny M.


  • Daniella Jaye

    18+ makes this so much better! no little 13 year old girls running around makes me happy

  • bassachusettsian

    Bostons gunna tear down the house of rules! Two nights.. BYE.

  • siberian…

    how about 21+. that would be even better LOL seriously tho

    • Anonymous

      dude for reals…if this show was 21+ id def go to it…but fuck the boston HoB…worst venue in new england, legitimately…and ANYONE who regularly goes to shows in mass will tell you that as well

      fuck boston if ur just gonna play the HoB all the time, go to umass amherst instead…either the mullins center or calvin theater in NoHo

  • Anonymous

    come on Lorin, this venue sucks, nobody in boston who goes to shows on the reg wants to go to the HoB

    but ill probly still go, def buying a 4 pack for boston and VT

  • Mikeycolt

    2 wild nights a row with bassnectar and friends going to be a crazy time I can not wait!!!!!!

  • EricTheFrye

    SO fucking excited!

  • Anonymous

    2 things:

    1. please please please play “jump back” by flux pavillion + skism or “gold dust”. either song, were all gonna go fucking bananas 🙂

    2. i was one of the bassheads that ended up getting both tickets for both dates through this
    website on the 17th (the will call ones). when i get to HOB do i just tell them my name?

    • Anonymous

      1. gold dust is so good

      2. present will call with your valid, state issued ID to obtain your tickets the day of the event 🙂

      • Anonymous

        legitimacy bacon, thanks for the swift reply 🙂

        see lorin! play gold dust haha itd make my night

    • hey tobin 🙂 this is colleen

      drop that song request here if you didn’t already https://www.bassnectar.net/requestline/

  • Anonymous

    if u hate scalpers so much, then why do you play venues like HoB? almost all the tix are gone and the only ones left are in real shitty spots

    i bet a very large portion of tickets to this show are still not in the hands of the actual concert attendee

    PLEASE nectar, i fucking beg you, never play the HoB again, if u really cant find another boston venue just play in NoHo, calvin theater is just as big, in a way cooler area, and the venue is ran by its own ticketing agency

    the HoBs security fucking sucks and all the tickets to those shows get bought out by companies looking to re-sell those tickets, everything about that venue is bad news

    its hard to coordinate a concert 2 and a half months ahead cuz u gotta get out of work and shit like that, so if u cant figure these things out within a couple days of tickets being released, then your fucked and either cant go or have to pay a ridiculous price to see you…i remember the good ole days when i could still buy your tickets day of at the venues box office in tiny little venues, i miss those days

  • Anonymous

    i broke down and just bought 4 tickets…this will be my first time stepping in that piece of shit establishment in over 2 years

    this is how much i love Bassnectar

  • Bassmusicforlife:)

    HOB sucks. Went there for the steve aoki concert all they want is your money. I got a Captain Morgan with coke way over priced 7-8 dollars for a drink. I mean if you want to have a good time at a show and get fucked up off over priced drinks then this is your venue. And good luck smoking weed in the pit they stop it all! NO FUN ANYMORE im telling you.

    • Anonymous

      yeah thats why this venue blows…the security doesnt give a fuck about returning customers or the patrons overall experience

      ANYBODY who lives near boston and regularly has been going to shows for a while will tell you the same thing i am, the HoB is the worst venue in the state…fuck that place…the venue itself is cool besides the fact that tix and drinks are overpriced and its not GA, but the security just takes shit WAY too serious…this is a concert venue, not a fucking airport

      best thing for you to do at this show…stand in line outside the venue and keep cool no matter how fucked up you are, just chill…get inside, follow all their ridiculous rules, rage to bassnectar and vibesquad, dance, have fun, drink their overpriced water, leave, then tell all the security on your way out to fuck off cuz at that point who cares, i wont be back there til next year lol

      i only go to this place if its a show i legit cannot miss and cant travel for another tourdate

      • Anonymous

        bassnectar in no way endorses this.
        you are entitled to your opinion, bassfreak, but we NEVER encourage anything but respect and kindness to the security at any venue.
        the security are there to do a job, and that job is to make sure everyone is safe and within the confines of some basic standards.
        please respect them.
        if ever there are legitimate problems with security staff please report it to the venue, or even clearly and concisely express it to us so we can learn how to make our shows the best and safest.

        • Anonymous

          you can make the show better by letting people blaze in the venue…the kind of people who go to bassnectar shows do drugs and at the least blaze, most of us probly a lot

          theres multiple venues in boston you can blaze at, but not the HoB cuz they take shit way too serious

          and its not just getting high…the security kicks you out for the DUMBEST shit

          i had a friend get kicked out of that venue like 2 years ago at a rusko show for ‘dancing too hard”…are you fucking kidding me? fuck that place

          • ??? you can’t just let people do illegal things because it will ‘make the show better’ … shows definitely aren’t better when they get shut down, or when they aren’t renewed the next year around, and that is a possible consequence when people do dumb and/or illegal shit that bears a negative image and creates problems for the venue and their employees, who are not ‘the enemy.’ obviously ‘dancing too hard’ is not dumb or illegal and no one should be kicked out of a venue for that, but the rest of your argument just doesn’t add up. also, not everyone at a bassnectar show does drugs, and making those generalizations are also harmful to the positive image that the bassnectar movement portrays.

            anyway, i hope you have a good time nonetheless and rage it up with peace, love, unity and RESPECT in your midst

          • Bassically_Its_Complicated

            I am neither for or against HOB but Boston, in general for music, is not a place for concert goers…


          • Bassfreak2

            who cares? flogging molly sucks and mosh pits are for tools on steroids who want an excuse to beat other people up

    • Nabb44

      for those off us not looking to go to a public area to get shit faced the HOB is a great place to HEAR the music.  its small good viewin shit ton of fun

      • Anonymous

        oince you start actually going to concerts you will too realize that this venue blows, just wait til u get kicked out

        i know more people who have been kicked out of that venue than people that havent, and thats saying a LOT

        fuck the hob, its a piece of shit venue that doesnt give a fuck about the people who make it go and keep it running (the fans)

        but for real dude, you have no idea what ur talking about

        i wish nectar could play the paradise again, now those shows bring me waaaayyyyyyy back, how i miss the old days

  • Odinskeeper

    Please let me buy two more tickets :[ its my birthday and all I’ve wanted is to see you :[

    • Your best bet is to try and buy face value tickets from someone on this page, or the Facebook event page. Tickets do crop up, you just have to be fast when they do. Don’t buy from scalpers!

      And make sure you are signed up for email updates so you get notifications when we announce new shows – sign up via any free download: https://www.bassnectar.net/listen/bootlegs/

      • frodotoes

        im selling a ticket for face value! scroll up for my contact info

  • ariabrown

    Does anyone have 2 face value tickets for the show on Thursday the 19th? You would be my hero 🙂

  • tobin747

    lorin, one song ive always wanted to hear is your american beauty remix that goes into ‘love here’ everytime i see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2JbCjKehuc or listen to it on the ‘mixset for KISS fm’ it gives me chills, and whenever im djing at a friends party or anywhere i ALWAYS open with that remix you made. PLEASE play it at somepoint at either one of the boston shows itd make my night!

  • BakedBean

    Bring Mr. Projectile to Boston!

  • Ncarey1

    Hey Bassheads, Ive got an extra ticket to the both nights of boston, and one for Basscenter and im looking for a ride from Knoxville TN or the surrounding area, Ive got bass cash for gas and will even give ya some trainwreck chronic, was also hoping to stop in PA for basscenter the night after. Let me know :)) 4239480311 I would buy your Basscenter ticket if needed 🙂

  • trevor corey

    Does anybody know the earliest we can pick up will call tickets is?

  • trevor corey

    Does anybody know the earliest we can pick up will call tickets is?

  • jesus

    you can pick up will call anytimeee

  • frodotoes

    Have one ticket to the first night, May 25th. Got it on presale for a buddy who can’t go anymore. Presale face value. 38 bucks. drumbum615@gmail.com, 615-568-5748 call/text
    And/Or find me a reasonable chattanooga or ATL ticket and you’ll really be in business. first come first serve