January 17th, 2012


Bassnectar Vava Voom Tour 2012It’s time for another of our massive Bass Center meltdowns, as the Bassnectar crew brings the VAVA VOOM TOUR 2012 to Philadelphia, PA at The Liacouras Center on Friday, April 20th, 2012.

This is sure to be another sold-out bass frenzy of epic proportions, so don’t delay in getting your tickets. More details coming soon…

We are excited to welcome A-Trak and VibeSquaD to the line up for this event!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 6:00 PM

Tickets on sale now! VIP tickets include poster, t-shirt, early entry, VIP viewing area, and VIP Bar access (VIP tickets are available to All Ages, alcohol 21+ with wristband).

Click here for tickets

The venue does not allow people to bring in Camelbaks or water bottles, but there are 10 water fountains from which you can refill water bottles purchased in the venue. (We are hoping the venue will agree to change this policy, stay tuned for more details.) Backpacks and large bags not allowed. Non-professional cameras OK. Totems must be under 5ft.

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  • Fez1

    Updated info from the website: 
    ·         No Camelbacks water bladder systems whether full or empty
    ·         No Professional Cameras, Video or Audio Equipment
    ·         No Laser pointers, Glow Sticks or weapons
    ·         No Backpacks, Large bags, Drawstring Bags or Sealed packages of any kind
    ·         No Bottles, cans, or coolers
    ·         No Outside Food or beverages
    ·         No Smoking
    ·         No Illegal Substances
    ·         No Instruments
    ·         No Crowd Surfing
    ·         Reusable or battery powered light up toys – AT DISCRETION OF SECURITY
    ·         Face Paint
    ·         Non-professional digital and film cameras, including cell phones
    ·         Small Purses and small bags for personal items- ALL WILL BE SEARCHED
    ·         Costumes – NO MASKS
    ·         Hoola-Hoops

    • Zz

       Is this venue run by Nazis?

      • there have been similar rules at a lot of the venues so far this tour :
        the madison folks came out and announced some silly rules like no bags at all, no fanny packs etc. before doors opened, but after the public outcry they luckily came out with some revised rules. it was nice that they listened to us. same goes for this philly venue — they originally were NOT going to allow a bunch of the now allowed items (totems, toys, etc.), but now are because people e-mailed and called to voice discontent. power to tha people. still sucks about camelbacks though = corporate beverage contracts…meh

  • basshead

    I have four GA floor tickets – hard copies – that I am looking to sell for face value (wouldn’t scalp a fellow basshead!). The floor tickets are sold out.

    Ideally, I’d like to sell to someone in NYC who can pick them up locally, but I can ship if necessary.

    Let me know if anyone’s interested!

    • bassface

      contact me at alwayzaangl@yahoo.com

    • Hey buddy, I have some good friends that are looking to get down from the upper level so if you still have those tickets let me know! You can get me on my cell at 908-892-7557, my name is Eric

    • Shivamverma1

      i’m interested, hit me up

    • Lady_Jayne05

      When you say face value you mean $45 right? Because I may be interested if I can’t figure out how to sell a will call ticket..

  • Pollythepartyparrot

    Anyone going to the 4/20 show in Philly should contact the venue (215) 204-2400  if we get enough people maybe they’ll let us bring in water and camelbacks!!!!

  • chillbill

    i see the policy says no smoking…… did they forget theyre having bassnectar perform on four twenty? just curious. is anyone else planning on sparking inside?

    -concerned stoner

    • ilikecir

       how to toke at shows: squat down, light up your joint/el/bowl, exhale towards the floor, and come back up after you’re done.

      works best when you’re surrouned by many people. good luck.

    • Smartman

      one word, edibles

  • Guest

    So you CANT bring in packs/bags of any kind?

    • lesliebooher

      it says “small purses/bags” are allowed
      backpacks/large bags not allowed

      • Zz

         Good thing I have UFOs!

        • hell yeah 🙂 i’m gonna wear mine too

  • Jason

    Now you can’t bring drawstring bags either.  This is bullshit.

  • Shivamverma

    Can you tickets at the door? please respond…

    • Floor tickets are still sold out. VIP Tickets are still available and I’m sure you’ll be able to get them at the Box Office until they’re sold out.

  • Kylesimpson14

    Anyone have floor tickets for sale? Text me at 484-402-2105

  • angryBASSHEAD

    No camelbacks, even if empty?…ok
    No outside beverages…ok
    No smoking…ok
    No glow sticks…comeon..but ok.
    No crowd surfing?…psht, have fun stopping that.

    No backpacks of any kind…WHAT THE ****
    Whatever the girl standing behind me and sneak in her purse the next guy can sneak in in a backpack. Step up security and at least let people bring things to hold your $50 10oz water bottles in. 

    not only am i not looking forward to this LONG ASS DRIVE
    now I’m not looking forward to having to find a water fountain ever hour. oh right theres 10.
    oh right…max capacity is 10,200 

    • angryBASSHEAD

      grammer w/e you get the point **auto correct 

    • Do you mean our $18 water bottle? Because that’s how much our water bottle costs. If you bought one for $50 you must have been on GlugHub.

      We do everything we can to convince the venue to allow people to bring in water, camelbaks, bags etc. Some places just won’t allow it.

    • i’ve got an e-mail from liacouras that says small purses and small bags for personal items will be allowed in and searched. i think you will be able to get a small backpack in, but i wouldn’t try to bring a big school backpack.

  • Surfcitysailor

    I have VIP how early can I get into the venue with early entry?

  • Cplani19

    i brought a backpack last time i went to the liacouras center, they just made me throw out 7 full water bottles, “fucking stupid”, im bringing a bag they wont take it, and who cares about glow sticks? i mean ther cool and all but if u wer an artist on the stage im sure you wouldnt want people throwing glow sticks at you when the bass drops hahaa

  • PissedOFFbasshead

    will their be water bottles on sale??? and will the amBASSadors have water to give us??????

    • yes and yes! concessions open at 5:30pm and there will be water available for purchase on the floor. the ambassadors will also help keep ya hydrated 🙂

  • ptdptdptd

    what about weed smoking guys??

  • troy

    I bought GENERAL ADMISSION tickets for me and my buddy from ticket master but looking at them today i noticed they are UPPER GA. WTF? never been to concert this big usually tickets are only GA or VIP so my question is am i gonna be able to make my way to the floor one way or another or are they going to be really strict and shit about staying to the area on your ticket. Either way its gonna be sick but i wanna be ON THE FLOOR. See you guys there 4/20!!

    • Hey Troy – To my knowledge if you are on the upper level you can be any where up there only. If you have a floor ticket you can be anywhere on the floor. 
      However, the crew does an AWESOME job at making sure that the sound quality up there is top notch, and is just as good as the floor. Also, I think it’s a way better spot to really engulf your senses in the visuals. If you’ve never experienced a Bassnectar concert from a balcony or higher level, don’t assume it’ll be bad and that the floor is the only place for raging. I assure you you’ll love the view 🙂 have a great time!

  • Concerned

    Hello I bought tickets way ahead of time and I’m trying to confirm that I have them (and that I got floor tix i payed 50$ each) and they will be at willcall but The Liacouras Center told me because I didn’t go through them they don’t have the records for it. How do I confirm this then? Go through ticketmaster or do you guys have a list of the pre-orders I can find out somehow?

    • lesliebooher

      contact whoever you bought the ticket through, if ticketmaster then ticketmaster, if inticketing then inticketing, etc.

  • Lady_Jayne05

    Long story short, my friend has a ticket for will call but can no longer go, is there a way she can sell that ticket to someone or have someone else use the ticket in her place? Protocol? 

    • lesliebooher

      contact the vendor you bought the ticket from (ticketmaster, inticketing, local box office, etc.) and request to change the name on the ticket

    • Pmccall94

      ill buy it

  • dripDrop

    I have VIP tickets and I’m wondering what the deal is with the t-shirt and poster.. I never had any delivered to me so do you get them at the show?

  • basschronicles

    does BNF mean BassnectarFam?

    • yup, bassnectar fam aka bassnectar family

  • Gojumpoffawall

    is this venue gonna be screwed cuz of cops and 420. dont need to get arrested for being on school property

    • just don’t act a fool and you’ll be fine 🙂

  • Quash232

    what time is bassnectar going on

  • Courtney Averett

    Does anyone have one FLOOR GA ticket (not lower/upper)? 

  • Jason Ciavola

    Anyone know if LED gloves are allowed? Dont want to lose meh gloves!

    • bassfass

      oops sorry… replied to wrong post. See the one below this.

  • Totem.. poles?

    • Must be under 5ft – info is posted above

  • BobbyW.

    i got my tickets presale i was noticing a comment below saying they called liacouras & they have no record of their tickets so if we got the tickets through bassnectar.net did you all go through liacouras or some other ticketing company??

    id really hate to drive from northern va & get shafted i have my receipts still if that matters?

    • BobbyW.

      called them they found mine & my girlfriends that were purchased but they cant find my friends who is giving me the ticket for someone else so i now i duno what to do about that one???

      • If you have the ticket, then you will be fine. Otherwise for customer service hit Inticketing or Licouras again:
        Inticketing – support for presale tickets – 415-256-TIXX / 1-866-55-TICKETS
        Licouras Center – support for public tickets – 215 204-2400

        • BobbyW.

          talked to both of them got everything situated!! great customer service from both parties & the crew on here!!!

          so stokeddddd!!!! 

      • Also, make sure and double-check that your friend didn’t already move the ticket to the name of the person he is giving it to 

  • Jhwillner

    where is the vip standing room…..in front of the stage(middle)??

    • Yup it will most likely be by the sound desk, so it will be in the middle and have the best possible sound 🙂

  • Confused

    A friend of mine just got a free upper level GA ticket…so what EXACTLY does this mean. 

    • LessConfused

      It means he didn’t have to pay for it

  • Confused

    A friend of mine just got a free upper level GA ticket…so what EXACTLY does this mean. 

  • ravegirl

    can we buy tickets there?

  • will there be a metal detector?

    • md

      Great question. those suck. had ditch a one-hitter at bc 4

  • ptdptdptd

    what time is bassnectar playing? and when does he end?

  • Jadai689

    anybody know if its gonna be possible for floor ticket holders to go on the lower or upper level? and how is seats for this venue? never been to a nectar show with seats

    • Jadai689

      specially with the seat setups ive seen at other concerts at Liacouras hoping its not gona be strange to be in a seat compared to the floor

      • Jadai689

        wheres the basscrewwwww

      • Jadai689

        wheres the basscrewwwww

  • Shivamverma1

    anyone know when this ends, info would be appreaciated

  • Iamblazed247

    Yesss I can’t wait for this shit!! What’s good with the water bottle situation?

  • BobbyW.

    happy 4.20 glad to be spending it with bassnectar!!!!

  • Njkrug04

    Whats going on with the water bottle situation. I would like to find out before i leave. Thanks!

    • you have probably left by now (sorry) but no water bottles or camelbaks will be allowed in, sorry. water will be available for purchase on the floor.

  • Artbyjay

    where’s the after party!!!

  • Nikki

    Hmm early entry? Why

  • Ustthrasher23

    yy do they have to divide the venue up so complicated. y cant we all just chill together and enjoy some bassnectar

  • Eyeyiayesha

    i’m going to hoop my face off in the VIP section<3<3<3

  • HEADS UP!: Bassnectar goes on at 9PM. If you’re not there yet, HURRY UP!

  • Jeremyjosh2010

    did the concert end yet in rochester ny

  • SmokieBear

     Does anyone know who some of the photographers were at basscenter V?

  • Bethel

    who were the photographers?

  • BobbyW.

    anyone know where i can get a 2xl wake and bass black shirt from the concert!?

    •  Coming to the website very soon – check back this time next week!

  • LupeF

    Who were the photographers and where will the pictures be posted?

  • wheres the after party???????????????????????????????????#4:20