January 17th, 2012


Bassnectar Vava Voom Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the VAVA VOOM TOUR 2012 to Norfolk, VA at The Norva on Tuesday, April 24th, 2012.

We are excited to welcome VibeSquaD to the line up for this event! More support acts TBD.

This is an 18+ Age Limit show.

Doors: 7:00 PM


Cameras are permitted. No water bottles or CamelBaks, no large bags or backpacks, no totems.

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  • Sean

    the link to rochester sends me here 🙁

  • Nectarinmyveins

    Yes!!!!!! I was at the last show where you signed my dinosaur hat AND played teleport massive like I requested. So pumped, and then Richmond the next day?! Double bass madness I can’t wait!!!

    • Chivasgdl336

      ^^ dude that night was one to never forgot, and to think we almost missed it cause my car broke down. Cant wait for round 2!! Itll be my 7th nectar show!!

      • Nectarinmyveins

        dude no way our car broke down on the way to the show too!!! The water pump exploded basically, but luckily we had some bass head friends going that were able to swoop us up just in time haha. Much love man, see ya there

  • Janet_vertin

    WOOO!!! NorVa!!!!!

  • Christy

    I will be coming to VA to see you from MD the last time you performed at the Norva was amazing especially your show in the DC Armory was ridiculously better. The venue had less humidity and space to move around in the crowd. Light show was amazing as usual. Starscape was too crowded though i am never going there again .Regardless, i am so excited for your new tour the show is right on my birthday!

  • Kooooo

    hell yeah back in va! 18+ makes it that much better!!

  • Ramdizzle

    Looking forward to going to this.  Will be my first dubstep concert, but it’s looking awesome.

  • Zacksummers

    been trying to purchase the advanced tix…been waiting for 10min..nothing comes up

    • Zacksummers

      and now its saying connection to the server has reset where my ip address was showing up at

      • Dunwody

        Keep trying we are working on it now. Crazy amounts of traffic

        • Zacksummers

          thank you 🙂

          • Zacksummers

            everything just went smooth…for the NorVA show and the National…thank you so much 🙂

        • Zacksummers

          thank you 🙂

  • Jmcclean214

    Just wanted to say i missed yur last show but caught you at electric zoo 2010 and have been a fan ever since. So amped for this show cant wait even though the norva sucks you will tear it down im sure!

  • Anonymous

    Lorin, you kick ass. I notice so many similarities with what we put into songs. I love the tears for fears hook in the IDJ Mixtape. I want to pick your brain with questions. See you at norfolk and richmond 🙂 btw another bass island should be in your plans haha. front row at the first one was too much fun! Peace

  • Jeremybalser

    I got the wildstyle method, yes im bound to cozza frenzy, you know im a bass head noise check, are you ready? The dark is too hard to beat but you, you shine the lights stop me turn to stone, shining when im alone. Blast off oh yes now we bomb the blocks! the churn of the century, some probable cause. So watch the lights go red, and bounce to this, move to the red step, you know you love it! Follow me down to this magical world, all night day dreams, not everything is quite what it seems. Here we go, now the beats can control and i teleport massive as i move real slow. Im an herb inhalater and i sip on the data, above and beyond love here not later. We go backwards and forwards and upside down, what is that its the zigga zigga sound. Picture of the sun yes im hot right now, even though sometimes im falling out empty ground. Im a boombox blasting off with the speakers, now you know that i am the seeker. Open your eyes to the vivid color of the matrix,a timestretch is open goin back to the basics.

    • spaceylacey

      YOU KNOW WE LOVE IT ~*~ <3

    • this is awesome

  • Zacksummers

    is the NorVA going to allow glowsticks this time?i had some thick glowsticks stitched to my shirt last time (in a pretty awesome pattern that took hours to create) and they made me rip em off even though i assured them they would stay on the shirt. luckily i had an extra shirt bc that one was ripped to shreds.

    • Anonymous

      no glowsticks


      • Zacksummers

        any reason as to why?other than a risk of them being thrown?

        • Nectarinmyveins

          what about camel backs?

        • Glowsticks are horrible for the planet and they certainly aren’t fun if they’re thrown at you. Use LED Wire and battery powered glow!!

  • witchywitch

    are you kidding? 18+ for the norva show? watch me get in cause of my tits

  • witchywitch

    and if people are going to pay for a ticket you’re going to restrict the age limit? 

    • If it was doable, every show for bassnectar would be All Ages. They are not trying to shut anyone out, & would love to include every bass head at every show, every time.
      The reason for most age restricted shows is the venue and local restrictions. 
      we’re sorry you won’t be able to get in – hopefully you can make it to one of the other stops though. Get some friends together and make it a road trip 🙂

  • Asdfghjkl

    i think the age limit should be at 16 not 18…18 is too old 

    • concerned

      thats silly. Do you know what goes on at shows…. lots of drugs my dear… to which you are just not ready for.

      • A LOTTTTT more than drugs happen at shows if you open your eyes and let yourself see those other things.
         I’ve seen a few 16 year olds at these events handle themselves maturely, completely sober. And PLENTYYYY, probably thousands, of 18+ people do the exact opposite. 
        all inclusive, open arms, TEACH>SHUT OUT.


      • Its up to the older heads to teach the yongin’s whats really good and how to help out fellow bassheads!

  • BassUnicorn420

     ill be there! cant waittt <333 love you lorinnn

  • Yogachick15

    does anybody know if they are going to card you?

    • Anonymous

      yes, its an 18+ show

      have state issued identification

  • Marie

    I am interested in taking my 17 year old daughter to a show at the NorVa in Norfolk, VA… can she attend if I am with her?

    • Nope, sorry Marie – 18+ and over at this show. 

  • smart ass

    people its 18 and um so it can go on later if it was under 18 wed all have to leave at 1

    • who cares what time the show ends? as long as you get 4-5 hours of straight bass in your face.

  • Beanboy12

    do you even have no age limit shows 

    • Yep! The crew tries to allow as many bass heads in each show as possible. However, they’re not always able to do that because of certain venues restrictions. A good amount of the shows on this tour are All Ages events.

  • Bassnectarmikey

     Lorin, if u will and hope I’m asking too much to play some of the music from Mystic Groove or Breakbeat Bohemia. Anything before 2005. old school!!! I’m a long long long lover of your music. I’m coming from Atlanta to see you in Virginia, i like 18+. Hope your sets will be a late night, body to body and hot dirty!! Cant wait to rage!!!

  • Smiley

    lookin for a ticket for this show! been to over 50 shows since 2006 and on tour and need to get into this so please help – can reach me at smileystradinpost@yahoo.com or at 404 then 330 then 2111 😀 thx!

  • Bexxx757

    This will be Bassnectar Show #3 for me. SOLD OUT! Hell to the yes~ I’m looking forward to seeing the family!

  • Quoc Nyguen
  • Jose Romano
  • If you re-post links to scalping sites after we’ve already removed them you get your email and IP address blacklisted. Quit it!

    • Chubbycool

      who are you? if you cared about bassnectar and getting people to come for the shows you would encourage sites to be up for SOLD OUT shows?

      • What? I don’t fully understand your question, but we hate the culture of scalping, and strongly discourage our fans from buying scalped tickets. Any links to scalping sites or comments from people selling tickets for more than face value get deleted. We do everything we can to keep our community up to date so they can get advance tickets with minimum ticketing fees, before the scalpers buy them up and sell them for multiple times the face value once the show sells out.

        • Clarke Lewis

          these tickets are cheaper than ticket master in some cases

          • Chubbycool

            very good point you make clarke! ed should think more before responding

          • If that’s true, and I highly doubt it, then it’s only in the rarest of instances, and certainly doesn’t mean we’re going to start linking to scalping sites and encouraging the culture of scalping.

          • Also we don’t appreciate you logging in under different names to continually link to a scalping site and support your own arguments. Seems suspiciously like you might work for that scalping site? I can think of no reason. Shame on you sir!

        • Chubbycool

          If your fans didnt buy scalped tickets, bassnectar would be poops. Stop hating, its a win win for everyone. Scalpers make their living and fans go to the show. Maybe you should try do to better to inform your fans about getting tickets in advance. I mean just look at this: 
          468 tickets..

      • lesliebooher

        a sold out show is great, but not at the expense of all the people who really want to go getting ripped off by jerks

  • Harrypotter178
    • Jack Sandler

      thanks! i appreciate this

  • Jcutler121

    Does anyone have any idea what time he will go on?

  • XeOn

    Best show ever

  • Bexxx757

    Bassnectar brought the hard beats tonight! I feel like I just came from an 80’s hardcore show. Hell yeah!

  • Nectarinmyveins

    does anyone have a link to photos from this night?!

  • Nectarinmyveins

    does anyone have a link to photos from this night?!