January 17th, 2012


Bassnectar Vava Voom Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the VAVA VOOM TOUR 2012 to Richmond, VA at The National on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012.

We are excited to welcome VibeSquaD to the line up for this event! More support acts TBD.

This is an 18+ Age Limit show.

Doors: 7:00 PM


Cameras are permitted. No water bottles or CamelBaks, no large bags or backpacks, no totems.

Facebook RSVP

  • Kooooo

    Norfolk then richmond? it would be senseless so not go to both….

  • T.Stocks

    Bringin the BASS to the 804 is going to be a magical freakin event. !!! Richmond better go hard this night

  • Bobby W.

    Philly then Richmond!! Back to back facemelters!!! (:

  • Surfnsarah22

    must hear Lights remix PLEASE 

  • BobbyW.

    if you got presale tickets for this show is it floor or just where ever you can get a spot??

    • Anonymous

      presale tickets are typically always the section closest to the stage if there are multiple defined sections

  • jimbo

    can. not. wait. 🙂

  • trollzorz


  • Ninjatrix24

    Extra Tickets Anyone?

  • Henri aka dj riffa

    Hey guys I didnt have money to buy a ticket until today and now its sold out. I turn 22 at midnight on the night of the show and its my first birthday since I beat cancer.  I had been planning on going to this show since he announced the tour and my family was going to buy me the ticket for my birthday.  If there is anyone that can find me a ticket I will pay full price for it. thank you bassnectar fans and friends

  • Rub

    let me know if you are trying to sell tix! 

    • Chriswiscool

       i have a ticket for sale, $50, facebook me http://www.facebook.com/running.chris

    • Tabieiod

      If you need tickets, I have two available for 35$ each. my phone number is 202 812 4120

  • spencedawg

    Stubhub for tix 🙂

  • Tabieiod

    If anyone needs tickets, i have two for sale for 35$ each. 202 812 4120 is my phone number, please contact me!

    • Bassnectarmikey

       please call 4043136678 i need both tickets

  • RVA

    If anyone has extra tickets (2) please let me know. 804 263 5751. Thank you.

  • Whannaoui

    need 1 ticket….will pay 40$$!!!!!!

    • Whannaoui

      5712125899 txt/call me….urgent/asap!!!

  • Mbw6b

    Selling 1 ticket for $40. 804-514-8707

  • jimbo

    what does it mean “no totems”?

    • Totems aka rage poles aka flags and shit – not allowed

  • F.H.

    Hey I have an extra ticket due to family reasons and cannot go. I bought it for $40 but will take best offer. Reply here if you can help me out-

    • Smiley

      most def need a ticket for this show – been on tour so need to get one – hit me up @ smileystradinpost@yahoo.com  or u can reach me at 404 then 330 then 2111  – will give ya face or 40 or whatever u paid 😛

  • Smiley

    if below doesnt work out – looking for a ticket for this for face – been to many shows and on tour and need to get into this one! please help a brotha out!  reach me at smileystradinpost@yahoo.com or 404 then 330 then 2111 – thx! 

  • Womp

    my friend cant go at the last minute so i have her ticket if anyone wants it just reply with some contact info. i can bring the ticket to the show and meet up in front of the national.

    • the person who posted right below you is looking for a ticket, try giving him/her a call?
      if that doesn’t work out, people are always looking for and selling tickets on the facebook event pages

  • BobbyW.

    will bassnectar be done by 12 like at philly!!?

    trying to decide if im driving home tonight or not!!

    • that information isn’t released, but if doors open at 7 and you know how long the sets were at philly, you should be able to estimate

      • BobbyW.

        sounds good.. is it just vibesquad opening for him today?

        • BobbyW.

          i missed him in philly thought a-trak would be opener cuz vibesquad imo is better than a-trak

        • there will probably be another local act before vibesquad, not sure though


    I have 2 tickets, hmu for more info

    • Guest

      I’m interested in purchasing. 757 897 9827

  • Wolfridercutter

    will buy a ticket for face value for tonight’s show at the National- txt/call 804.678.9321