January 16th, 2012


Bassnectar Vava Voom Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the VAVA VOOM TOUR 2012 to Greenville, SC at Bi-Lo Center on Friday, April 27th, 2012.

We are excited to welcome VibeSquaD to the line up for this event! More support acts TBD.

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM

Tickets go on sale on Friday 1/27/12 at 10:00 AM EST.
(We are SOLD OUT of advance bassnectar.net tickets!)

Click here for tickets

Empty bottles and Camelbaks are permitted. Totems must be under 5ft. Non-professional cameras are permitted. No large bags or backpacks.

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  • BassTaster

    Thank you Lorin. Home town madness. HERE WE GO!!!

  • Tuna

    Gonna make sure you come back! Live 12 minutes away SO PUMPED! Gonna be there with all my fellow Bass enthused friends ALL DAY.

  • Pdubbs1985

    helll yea bout time greenville gets to experience some REAL bass and good music, only 10min from my house!!!!

    • Grimpaintballer

      Hell yea man agreed. Takin my gf to it. And i live in taylors so it’s right down the street haha

  • Ashlee3

    ahhhhhhhh, sc cant wait! I LOVE DANCING WITH YOU!!!


    Who is bringing them to Greenville? Who are the promoters?

    • Anonymous

      Hey. Bassnectar is only one man…Not quite sure about any promoters bringing him here. I’m just glad he is here!

  • Samanthamarie

    Greenville is my home town! Fuck yeah! Omg I will think about this date everyday now until it’s here. This is pretty much my dream come true! Hope I can get on the floor or I’m gunna have to sneak down there hehe 😉

  • Itzepiic

    COME ON MAN?! No love for North Carolina?

    Oh well, I guess I’ll make the trek to see you anyway. 

  • Kirby Bright

    i can walk to Bassnectar!!! top new years in my hometown Lorin!! (wich will be pretty hard considering it was dope as hell)

  • dippinxdots77

    no. way. ohhhh my god! Finally a show in my state!

    • Anonymous

      There was a show in Mt. Pleasant in October? Did you not hit up that show? I was spectacular but Lorin had to end his set early because of hurricane type rain!

  • mitas

    coming from atlanta to do it big! wouldn’t miss this after NYE – can’t wait to meet all you party people!

  • Dretavy915


  • Anonymous

    Cant wait for this concert went to my first Bassnectar concert on new years in Nashville. Best night of my life. Coming from Myrtle Beach to rage our faces off in Greenville!  And you have to play RED STEP STEVE AOKI REMIX.

    • TYLERbass

      Yo man I live in Conway, and im for sure going to this show.  And im from Clemson. Its gonna be so damn amazing. Carpool?

    • Anonymous

      put your request in the request line


    • julz

      the nashville nye show was amazing!! 😀

    • I’m coming from Myrtle too!! Let’s rage!!

  • Trevor

    Who’s going to both Knoxville and the Greenville shows?

    • Anonymous

      Only if I had enough time off from school and work! It would be awesome to see both shows.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll be at both shows as well as the Birmingham show. Haven’t decided which ones I will be working as an AmBASSador or which ones I will be raging though.

      • Trevor

        All for the love of bass

        • Anonymous

          For sure…gotta feel that bass running through my veins..haha. You should hit me up on Facebook, Just search Wayne Stevenson should be too hard to find me.



  • Tyler30441

    Can’t wait!!!!


    Making the trip from charleston! cant wait, loved the patriots point show

  • April

    This will be my first Bassnectar show. Can someone please tell me how much ticket prices usually run for General Admission?  Just wondering what I should expect to pay.  Thanks!

    • Trevor

      $30-35 in that ball park maybe. Depends if you buy then In advanced or not because once those sell out they usually go to ticketmaster and you have to pay their ignorant fees….but its worth every penny to see this man perform

    • Anonymous

      I agreed with Trevor. I’ve been to 7 and usually regular shows are about 35-45 dollars from this site. Ticketmaster fees can make them a bit more.

  • Ultimate_mind1069

    so i buy them at this website tomorrow morning???????

    • Anonymous

      advance tickets? yes.

      there will be an active link right above the facebook “im attending” button at the top of this page

    • Yup – they will be on sale at the above link

  • ll DPJ ll

    Hometown madness!! Any1 know what time it will probably end around?

    • Anonymous

      from experience I’d say the show would end sometime around 1am

  • April

    GRRRR!!!  Why is it taking so long to buy tickets??!!!  Anyone else having this problem?

    • Anonymous

      Any luck April??

      • April

        Yes!  I was finally able to get them after waiting about 20 mins!  I’m so glad that I got them because they’re gone now!!  Plus, I didn’t want to pay all those crazy fees that Ticketmaster charges. 

    • Dunwody

      Looks like a a lot of people wanted tickets this morning. Open a new window and start over. If that doesn’t work then clear your cache. There are some more tickets for greenville avail, but don’t wait in line, keep refreshing.

  • Anonymous

    Yo!! Ready to rep Mt. Pleasant, SC. RAGEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  • BassheadHex

    why arent tickets availale yet!!???

    • I use my eyes.


      • 864

        any idea when tickets will be on sale again on this site?

        • Anonymous

          friday morning

          • 864

            thanks! you think they will be $41 again?

          • Anonymous

            no, ticketmaster or whoever handles them will add their fees and convenience charges and whatnot

          • 864

            awh man 🙁 they are going to be super expensive I bet…

  • Sneakapimp

    Big up all GREENVILLE BassHeads…Holiday Inn Express on N. Main St is sure to be where everyone RAGES!!! Only 1/2 mile away from the Bi-Lo Center(and right next to a cemetery)…DEF gonna be nutz!!!!! See you sooooooon:)

  • Dayvidallen

    Bassnectar has come to the home of the Pharaoh. Time to make sure he comes back…. every weekend. 

    • Anonymous

      haha..David…you would bring up the pharoh!..Use the powers of Anubus to summon the Bass gods!

    • meganerty

      all hail the pharaoh!

  • Claudiv

    What’s the diffrence between ga floor tixs and ga pit tickets?

    • Anonymous

      about $60….haha…but for real. The GA Pit tickets come with a merchandice package and you ahve a special viewing area…but thats about it

  • mitas

    does anyone know where the advance tickets are as far as seating goes? i bought mine last week but i didn’t select a seating area and it only says GA on my confirmation. if anyone has any ideas let me know 🙂

    • Anonymous

      advance tickets are usually always the area closest to the stage…if theres a pit or floor area…they will be there as far as i know

      • mitas

        perfect 🙂 thank you!

    • lalabomb

      That venue is used for everything from concerts to Monster Trucks. It’s an ellipse shaped arena and they set up a stage on one end. My tix say GAFLOOR (No SEATS) and when I’ve been there for shows with that set up it’s 3/4 the arena floor (We have a hockey team so imagine that size floor). If you have a seat number you are in the stands. Sections numbered in the 100’s are the first tier and 200’s are the second tier aka nosebleed

  • Gen Meeks

    whos in the line up

    • Anonymous

      listed above

      more tbd

  • projectpat

    question.. I purchased my ticket thru bassnectar.net pre-sale, but I have friends looking to purchase tickets thru ticketmaster now. Currently ticketmaster lists Tier 3 GA BOWL SEATING tickets only.
    Are GA FLOOR tickets sold out? Will more be released since this is a big venue? Will my friends be able to get to the floor since it’s GA or are these separate tickets? Any info/help? Thanks so much.

    • Anonymous

      GA floor are sold out
      i believe if you have bowl seating tickets you will not be able to access to floor
      checking to make sure this is correct

  • projectpat

    question.. I purchased my ticket thru bassnectar.net pre-sale, but I have friends looking to purchase tickets thru ticketmaster now. Currently ticketmaster lists Tier 3 GA BOWL SEATING tickets only.
    Are GA FLOOR tickets sold out? Will more be released since this is a big venue? Will my friends be able to get to the floor since it’s GA or are these separate tickets? Any info/help? Thanks so much.

  • ptmadre

    whats the difference between GA FLR and GA BOWL??? i bought both at different times and floor were only $5 more. I understand there are no chairs but are they both General admission and both on the floor? thx!

    • Anonymous

      they are both general admission, but only with the stated sections
      the GA floor ticket will allow the ticket holder anywhere on the floor
      and the GA bowl ticket will allow the ticket holder anywhere with the bowl seating area (don’t have to sit)

      • so if we have floor tickets will we be allowed on the “bowl”. im the only one of my friend who got a pit ticket and now its sold out, lol

        • Anonymous

          i believe you will be permitted into your own ticketed area only
          the whole reason is to keep every section of large venues well populated and not over crowded

  • Putnambob64

    hell yeah bring own the bass like a boss

  • heytaytay

    When is the show over, and when is Bassnectar scheduled to play? Also are there any after parties going on in the area? I am coming from out of town and will be looking for something to do ’til we make the drive back in the morning!

  • bmpkpshh

    I bought tickets for this show through the presale set-up but have not yet received any in the mail. When should I expect them, as the bassplosion is quickly approaching. 

    • lesliebooher

      you can contact inticketing about your order


      • bmpkpshh

        thanks! the bassnectar crew is always on their game with these threads. really shows hard work and dedication.

      • Jmfc

        I thought the presale tix were will call?

    • mitas

      not sure if you’ve gotten an answer yet but i got presale and the only delivery option was will call 🙂

  • guest

    when do we find out the support acts? 

  • Putnambob64

    can i meet him before the show

    • If you go to the front when the show ends and the lights come up, Lorin normally meets folks and takes pictures etc.

  • Jordanepting

    can i wear a banana outfit?

    • Putnambob64


      • guest

        hell yeah wear it! C:

    • Hays

      i will be throwing stuff at you the whole time because bannana suits are not cool and piss people off

      • Jordanepting

        This Banana is coming for you Hays

        • Hays

          well enjoy being the fag in the bananna suit

          • Jordanwearsnada

            hahahahahahahahahaha you spelled banana wrong. Im going to find you and put my “BANANNA” as you call it on your face.

          • Hays

            then you’ll be on the ground

          • veronica

            people like you ruin nectar shows. they’re supposed to be about good vibes and love, but you’ll be the typical bro to get too drunk and act like a hard ass. so everyone a favor and not go? thnx! 😀

          • veronica

            but yeah jordanepting wear a banana suit 😀

          • trufax!

    • ema

      I definitely saw you there… and i loved the banana. 

  • Jmyers0855

    What is the benefit of advanced tickets?

  • Nickgolfer41

    What does VIP tickects get for you?

  • Decachordal10

    the bi-lo center website says that Mr. Projectile will also be opening. also, I got GA tickets but they have seat numbers. I thought it was first come first serve

  • Ramshit01

    Pretty pissed off that I ordered my tickets through your website but it took me I ticketmaster. So I don’t get by those fees but what I’m really pissed about is that my ticket were general admission for bowl. Wtf is thy shit?!?! Every time I go see you it’s all general admission. I I would have known I had to buy floor seat to be on the floor I would have instead of gettin them from your website. Also when I went I buy them the dy they came out there was no option for floor. Thats bullshit lorin. If I get to your show early to be on the floor like how it was then great but when I get to the venue and find out I have o have a special ticket that’s gucking lame!

    • lesliebooher

      1. the only tickets that allow you to skirt around extra ticketing fees are our inticketing tickets which is a very small allotment that is given to the artist to sell. they are sold first and if you would like to be in the know about the earliest sale times then download any of the free downloads by entering your email to join our mailing list.

      2. floor tickets were sold out when you purchased your tickets, hence why there was no floor option. again, see 1, join the mailing list and purchase earlier so you can get the ticket section you want.

      3. of course the tickets offered here on the site are typically one of the large ticket vendors (ticketmaster, live nation)…this has nothing to do with BN and everything to do with the fact that the venues have contracts with these ticketing agents–once again, sign up for the mailing list and get tickets the first day of sale to catch our small allotment without ticketmaster fees.

    • trippyniggaz

      quit bitchin it was straight as hell either way.. but the bowl.. was amazing