January 17th, 2012


Bassnectar Vava Voom Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the VAVA VOOM TOUR 2012 to Portland, OR at The Roseland Theatre on Friday, May 11th, 2012.

We are excited to welcome VibeSquaD and Mr Projectile to the line up for this event! More support acts TBD.

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 8:00 PM


Bags and cameras permitted. Water bottles and CamelBaks not permitted, totems not permitted.

Facebook RSVP

  • Meg10511

    Yea you know where i’ll be 5/11

  • Basshead

    Roseland sucks. Way better venues for Portland.



  • Sauer_colin

    Need tickets noww!:D

  • guest

    How much are tickets?

    • Not confirmed, but the link will go live later today.

  • BassHead1

    Oh my god! This just made my life! I’m sooo excited!!! #Basshead4lyfe

  • Endthewarmachine!!

    ticketing site link working guys? taking forever here…..

    • Patience is key. there are thousands of bassheads attempting to purchase right now. 

      bass overload.

    • Dunwody

      Keep refreshing. Don’t wait in line. The queue is the problem holding everything up.

  • Endthewarmachine!!

    Got my tickets !! Very happy, what a great start to the weekend!  thanks for the replys friends!!


    can we get tickets from other places besides the venue and where would i get them???

    • Adyn

      can you pick the tickets early or do you have to wait until the doors open the night of the show

      • Anonymous

        if you tickets are at will call then you can pick them up whenever will call opens

        usually will call opens sometime in the afternoon or early evening on the day of the event (before doors open)

    • Anonymous

      you mean purchase hard copy tickets?

      i assume your local ticketmaster outlet will handle them

  • I Heart Speakerbox

    Cant buy tickets! I think they already sold out!

    • Anonymous

      i see what you mean…looking into it

  • Bjelde

    looking for 4 or 5 tix for the portland show…. Anyone? anyone? this venue is just toooooo small for Lorin! Please let me know if anyone has tix to spare… Thanks bjelde@comcast.net

  • Daking

    For the love the god NOOO!!!!
    This was supposed to be my valentines present to my girlfriend D=.
    Please if anyone can’t go and is willing to sell two tickets I know a girl who would be ecstatic!

    • someone find Daking some face value tix!
      cause that is the most adorable valentines day present eva.

      • Daking

        Thank you so much Shasta but cancel that! I had no idea that Seattle was the next Basscenter. Just got my tickets for cheap off the website! Me and my girlfriend could not be happier!!!!! Finally a NW BASSCNENTER!!

        If anyone else is bummed about Portland being sold out I assure you the 3 our drive is worth it. Besides you’ll probably end up spending about as much as you would in gas on the scalped tickets!


        • Anonymous

          🙂 yes
          those scalpers suck
          make the drive its worth it!

        • I Heart Speakerbox

          I bought tickets for Seattle too!

  • Ronj8282

    Eugene needs you Lorin no Bassnectar at the mcdonald should be a sin, I remember seeing you at the W.O.W. hall best show Ive ever seen hope I can make to Seattle.

  • Dj_prana

    I would love to open for you in Portland Lorin!!! I remember booking you at the B-complex years ago…

  • Ronj8282

    Need tickets email me if anyone has extras ronj8282@yahoo.com thanx. Im from Eugene and this would be my little brother s first bassnectar concert please help

  • Clawson30

    Looking for one bassnectar ticket for the roseland,  im willing to pay a hefty price for this show … email me at Clawson30@hotmail.com

    • Anonymous

      don’t support scalping

      face value 🙂

  • AR_Peppenger

    Sold out? FUCK YOU.

  • Guy Zigzag

    These tickets sure went fast. perhaps a larger venue?

  • sooo i know this is probably a *long shot* but if anyone has two tickets for sale, please let me know 🙂 my e-mail is cemcneely [at] gmail [dot] com, or you can reply to me on here
    you would be helping out two dedicated bassheads traveling a looong way from michigan & pennsylvania to get their fackin groove on! 🙂

    • Hey girl I think Lauren Jefferies in BNF has tickets for sale for this show.
      you should hit her up 🙂

      • done
        tanks lady 🙂

      • she never replied to my message (but did confirm me as a friend on fb?) idk but if you talk to her could you possibly check & let me know? 🙂

  • Funfacter69

    Why not a bigger venue!?!?!?! Obviously we all still want tickets to go!!

  • Lemonfresh420

    Looking for two tickets, please email me @ lemonfresh420@gmail.com if anyone can part with two tickets! Thanks!

    • hey – might wanna throw that up on the Facebook event page as well. Lots of ticket selling/buying on those pages.
      hope ya find one

  • krista

    I concur 1000%! Roseland is just tooooooo small. should be at the ROSE GARDEN! I bet that would fill for Lorin and the crew!

  • Anonymous

    Hey! No Hatin! Thats not appropriate. Especaily for someone who would want to go! The venue is just soooooo small. We have all been to the Roseland and if you have seen Lorin in any other venue, they outspace this place by at least 10x Maybe he likes a small venue every now and then. Im bummed too as i didn’t get tickets either. Too late

  • Anonymous

    http://www.biginthegame.com/ResultsTicket.aspx?evtid=1814227&event=Bassnectar  IM a bit concerned that this website can sell tickets for a minimum of $115 per ticket and thats if you buy 4 or more. How is it that this site can acquire numerous tickets and the actual fans can’t get a single ticket?

    • scummy scalpers 🙁 assholes buy em low, sell em high.
      please DONT support scalpers. as you know, theyre ruining it for the real fans.
      hopefully you and i both can get our hands on a reasonable, face value ticket for this show!

  • La muchacha

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Why did I not know about this sooner?????????????

    • Anonymous

      by downloading the divergent spectrums remix ep right over there to your left >
      you can join the email list and will receive updates for new tour date announcements and ticket on-sale dates so you don’t miss out

      any of the free music on the “Music” page will do the same, just enter your email to sign up and get your free download all at once

  • HELP

    Hey was anyone here at the roseland concert last year? I have tickets for this one but I’m probably not going to be able to show up till 11, so I’m curious as to how late they let him go last year. Cause if it’s shutting down at 12 I’ll probably just sell them

    • i wasn’t at the roseland concert last year but i’ve been to my fair share of shows and in my experience shows that welcome all ages typically end around 12 or 12:30. if doors are at 8, music starts a little later, and theres 1.5-2hrs of openers, and lorin usually plays a 2-ish hour set, well, you do the math. however, this is merely conjecture

      if you do decide to sell them, i really really need tickets to this show lol…help a basshead out? cemcneely [at] gmail [dot] com

      good luck either way!

    • DougC

      I was there last year, think it went till 2 am

  • Superkillerkelly


    • Superkillerkelly

      Looking for tickets for this show.  Just found out that he’s coming…and of course it’s sold out!

      So if you or anyone have 2 tickets you might wanta let go to some good ppl….hit me back at superkillerkelly@hotmail.com  

      • Don’t forget to also post this on the Facebook event page too

  • PaIge RedDING

    opalescent egg. dear mr lorin, i have attended seven of your beautiful shows in the last three years and still haven’t heard opalescent egg. working in an indian restaurant has made me relive this song over and over again and it would be the most splendid miracle if I could hear it live in portlandia oregon before you crash through the glass ceiling. much love and many thanks for blowing my mind may 09, i’ve never looked back

  • Brandonvan

    Hey i got a bunch of friends that im tryin to go with to see bassnectar please contact me 503 806 0503 if you have a ticket 😀

  • RabbiGabe

    Where is the best place for a person to post a song influenced/inspired by Bassnectar?

  • burmarauder

    I can’t wait!!! I’m so glad I’ll be seeing Lorin at a smaller venue before EDC this year! =D

  • Want your chance to win a pair of tickets to see this show? Tune in to Zero Hour tomorrow at 10pm to find out how. http://www.facebook.com/CountToZero @DJNumberTwelve:twitter http://www.kmuz.org

  • Want your chance to win a pair of tickets to see this show? Tune in to Zero Hour tomorrow at 10pm to find out how. http://www.facebook.com/CountToZero @DJNumberTwelve:twitter http://www.kmuz.org

  • Robotdinosaur

    If you are looking for tickets for this show and are desperate – check out stub hub. I’ve used them for tickets to a bunch of sold out shows in the Portland area with great results.  
    Good luck gettin’ in 😉

  • this show has been sold out for soooo long, so ready to see how portland gits down =) 

  • Yourbuddymich

    does anyone know the times for the lineup? 

  • Sara V

    By far the best show OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!  Way to end it right!!!

  • Sara V

    By far the best show OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!  Way to end it right!!!

  • disappointed

    Portland show was really terrible.  Sorry dude, you really did a bad job there.

    • Sorry to hear it, what specifically disappointed you? Such a general statement, sounds a bit like trolling.

    • AdynD

      Why was it disappointing? Lorin killed it and even more so in Seattle. His shows are beautiful. I can’t ever get enough of him. If I could I would every where he is. He just has an essence that’s awesome. I want him to be my best friend lol. Too bad you’re disappointed bc last weekend was beautiful and turned this year into an explainable truth, indescribable. I’m just sad he’s going to a bigger venue bc he’s not gonna be able to be Lorin with bigger frantic crowd. If you were disappointed this yr, go to a bigger venue like Seattle.

  • Hahah this show was back in May. Away with you, foul spammer!