January 17th, 2012


Bassnectar Vava Voom Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the VAVA VOOM TOUR 2012 to Sacramento, CA at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium on Friday, May 4th, 2012.

We are excited to welcome VibeSquaD and Mr Projectile to the line up for this event! More support acts TBD.

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 6:00 PM

Avoid ticketing fees and purchase from the box office:
Community Center Box Office – 1301 L Street (not 1400 J Street), open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Click here for tickets

Facebook RSVP

  • Concernedguest

    Please make it all ages, or at least 16+, you have way too many high schools fans here under 18. 

    • edmfan123


      • Virusx

        21+ or gtfo. Nobody wants a bunch of drunken p-tots bagging on the dance floor.

        • enjoythemusic

          Hahah isn’t it about the music not the people who are there? I’m 17 and it seems like I’m more mature than you. 

    • All Ages confirmed, come on down!

  • guest.


  • Drake

    please make it all ages, or if you must 16+, i saw you in san fran…and idk what i would do if i had the chance to see you again and i couldnt because of my age..

    • You are in luck!

      • Drake

        Thank you so much!

  • Hapigrrl

    Is sac going to be 16 and up?

  • Biga606

    ohhhh yea

  • Biga606

    who wants to pre game?

    • Joanna Jackson66

      I’m down.


  • bfinnegan

    holy fucking god shit adsjfasfsa’dfsal
    how much are tickets going to be my l?ve ?

    • $35 with booking fee. Snap them up – the Ticketmaster tickets will be steeper on the fees!

  • finally coming to see you for my birthday<3

  • Mandyallspaugh

    I kind of agree with the whole age thing it should be 18+..yes its music and it should be there for all to experience.BUT, I’ve grown up goin to shows/ raves and a lot of illegal activities along with a lot of sexuality is always there..which is fine if that’s what people choose to do, but its adult activities that I def wouldn’t want my kids to be around, when 18 fine….on another note BASSNECTAR YOUR SICK AS HELL! I SEEN U IN EUREKA AND CANT WAIT TILL MAY TO SEE U AGAIN!! See u in sac town baby!

    • im 16 and ive seen him 5 times, its not about the drugs

      • exactly.

      • Djkl4psy

        You’re great for this.

    • Djkl4spy

       What are you on?! you’re and idiot.

      • These threads are for people to post about how excited they are, to ask questions, find ride shares. Not for people to call others idiots.

  • i wanna go vip how much?!?!?!?!?!

    • No VIP confirmed yet for this show. I’d pick up these tickets to be on the safe side, as there might not be a VIP. (You can always sell them on to a grateful Bass Head here on the site easily enough if you want to swap, as the show will sell out, no doubt.)

  • S10ch1vas213e

    when will the tickets by on ticketmaster?

    • Anonymous

      why not grab the inticketing tickets up there ^ right now?

  • Germain M

    Love Bassnectar and excited that his show will the 1st live show/concert I ever go to.I plan on going alone since none of my friends like his type of music and even if I buy them their tix they still dont want to go with me.My question is that if I go alone,does that make me look weird/stand out for the wrong reasons?Also anyone from South Sac going to his show?

    • Pixie

      You’re never alone and you never not have friends, whilst attending a bassnectar concert. You’re only standing out if you’re not having fun. No worries little Germain, you’re among friends.

      • Germain M

        Thank you for responding.I will have loads of fun and honestly can’t wait for his show

        • Marty

          I went to Decadence NYE in Denver and saw Flux, Cookie Monsta, and a host of other beast producers/dj’s and I came alone. Still had a blast. Really depends on you, yourself to have fun. I’m sure you will. And I’m coming from Sac so I’ll see you there.

          • Germain M

            Yea see you there and freaking happy my tix came in the mail already

    • Prettycoolme209

      i want to go but am in the same boat!!! I will be coming from reno though!!

      • Germain M

        Well good luck and hope you get to go

    • Strbrst

      Im going. Im trying to get a squad of people together and go in on a party bus. Im in elk grove.

    • I totally feel ya on the “my friends don’t like this type of music and won’t go even if i bought the tickets” – Drives me nutso sometimes…
      But the beauty of bassnectar events is that the moment you step inside you have thousands of friends. Everyone is there for the same reason, the love of nectar. it’s a very uniting experience. You might stand out, and you might look weird, but everyone else will be weird too 😉  
      I’ve left bassnectar shows with new friends from all over the country. some who i’m really close to now. 
      go in open minded and ready to take it all in and i’m sure your night will be awesome 🙂

      • Germain M

        The way you described the experience just makes it sound even more awesome.Thanks and can’t wait to go to his show

    • Heathervickers3

       not weird. just go 🙂 plenty of others there to enjoy this awesome music with!

    • Mtzoro025

      My problem is i dont know anyone out here, i just moved to cali from NY and all my friends there would kill for this show, I just gotta meet the same kind of people out here

    • Elevationbassss

       ha! no need to worrie!!!thats one of the reasons i keep coming to lorins shows!the love and friendly vibe from everyone all around will make you feel right at home and not shy to make new friends.enjoy! it will change your life and bring a whole new understanding to bass music and live shows!!

  • 3rd time seeing you VAVA VOOM third time baby ;] 

  • Drake

    Are you allowed to bring a video camera and camel backs inside? 

    • Usually the standard rule for venues is no professional cameras (no removable lenses). 
      As for camelbacks, I am unsure. I could check for you – or you could always call the venue. 🙂

      • Drake

        Alright, awesome thank you for the info! cant wait for this! 🙂

  • Robert

    Does  anyone know who else is playing with  bassnectar/opening if anyone at all?

    • VibeSquaD, see above. There will also be local support.

  • cynthi

    anyone know if we can buy tix at the memorial to avoid the service fees?

    • Yes indeed – you can purchase in person from the community center box office:
      1301 L Street (not 1400 J Street), open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

  • I <3 Bass

    Bring Wolfgang Gartner or Big Gigantic back please! 

  • Jai

    Does anyone know if this venue actually goes by seating arrangment? Cause me and some friend bought tickets but at separate times, and it would suck if we can’t sit or stand next to eachother?

    • Drake

      its general admission, so basically its first come gets the best.  no assigned anything 🙂 

  • fan ‘o da bass

    thanks for the advice at ducking the extra ticket fees!! will really help me out money wise. but no matter what…nothin was keeping me from gettin to this show, not just downt he street!!! =) cant wait to see all you baseheads living the dream on the 4th!!!

  • JasminVictoria

    Will there be tickets at the doors??

    • Magicmayhem5

      most likely they show will sell out before that

  • Bryan_rafanan

    just went and picked up my ticket today!!! soooo stoked:P

  • Autumnhayes95

    fuck i need to get the tickets now, before they are all sold out!:O

  • RaverTortor

    Can we have Light Up Pacifers And Glow Sticks? 

    • no glow sticks please
      pacifiers/LED toys depend on the venue, but i almost always get in with my pacifier 🙂

  • Tixs

    Which ticket should i buy for ground level seating? is it still avablile?

  • Drake

    its general admission, so theres only one ticket to get.  sit/stand where ever you want

  • Amorphous Muzic

    Who is opening????

    • Amorphous Muzic

      just kidding hahah

  • Germain M

    Only a couple more days.CAN’T WAIT!!!! Anyone from the South Sac/Elk Grove area going?Also hope to meet some new ppl who share the love for Bassnectar music since none of my friends like his music but hey it’s their own loss.

    • Christiand12morris

      yo im in antelope and i just moved to cali but im going

  • Coreen Young

    I am so excited for this show! I missed the last Reno and San Francisco show and I NEED to get my fix of the nectar!!!!!!! I  am trying to find an after party that is not 25 mins away from the show. Any information would be appreciated. 

  • Sofiaestrella116

    i am driving far for this show – can you please tell me what time vibesquad and bassnectar start playing?

    • that info isn’t released, sorry
      you could try doing the math based on when doors open, or the venue might tell you if you contact them
      enjoy! that long drive will be worth it 🙂

    • The Mener

      Id have to guess, if the doors are at 6pm and the show starts at 7pm, Id have to say Vibesquad is probably around 8pm and Bassnectar is around 9pm.

  • Nate

    Super excited for this show! This will be my first live show w/ Bassnectar. Any after-parties going on??? 🙂

  • Guest

    What’re the rules for bringing in snacks and drinks? Sealed concessions only?

    • lesliebooher

      never seen a show that allowed any food or beverage in with the exception of maybe a factory sealed water bottle. so id say leave the food and stuff at home…looking into water bottle situation

  • Gavinjackson222

    anybody going from the auburn area?  my car is non operational and i might need a ride

  • Big Dadeo

    Big Dadeo taking 14 yr old son to 1st concert.  He is pumped.  Big Dadeo into all genres of musak and boy introduced me to Bassnector and all others earlier this year.  Ok son. R U Redy cuz the auditorium is going to b thumping & bumping louder than u cud ever imagine.

    • Nic20

      Thats to good!

    • Basbeauty13

      Hello Big Dadeo,

      I am going to be completely honest with you. Bassnectar’s music is amazing and indescribable. However I feel theconcert is inappropriate for a 14 yr old child. Not because of the show but the crowed that attends. There are half to fully naked individuals and drug use. Maybe if he was 16. I will be attending to which I am 21 and just feel guilty when I see a child running around witnesses the activities in the crow. Just to forewarning. 

      • I don’t agree! I have seen plenty of families, as well as younger kids accompanied by a parent, who afterwards said it was the best decision. In fact, at the Madison show there was a girl there for her 10th birthday with her dad and he said that she had the best time of her life. It’s all what you make it, and what you choose to focus on, bassbeauty!
        Dadeo – BRING HIM! 🙂 It will be a night you two will never forget. And when he’s older, i bet he’ll thank you so much for taking him. 

      • And since Lorin and the crew are so heavily involved with letting their fan base know what’s up, I think they’d either say that they didn’t think children belonged, or make every show +18, which that isn’t the case at all. After the Madison show, Lorin had seemed very pleased to talk to that 10 yr. old and her father. As long as they’re taking precautions for their hearing, the more the merrier :).


    • Big Dadeo

      Thanks for the heads up everyone.  Yea, gonna have to monitor his amazement.  Hopefully he’ll be prepared for bizarre antics/behavior.  Afterall television shows these days don’t hold back (sex & drugs) which really throws me for a loop.  Don’t get me wrong, I had memorable “hey day’s” back in day, but wasn’t looking for it after watching television.  I’m sure there will be questions afterwards but gonna focus on the awesome time planned.

  • Scchill73

    I noticed that the Santa Cruz show is being canceled/rescheduled. Is the Sac show doing the same thing?

    • lesliebooher


  • tobiasf27

    whats the earliest time that you can pick up the tickets from the box office?

  • melissa

    What time is this event over?

    • Germain M

      I’m guessing no later than 10pm but that’s just my guess

    • Drake

      probably around midnight.  his show in san fran last year got out at 1

  • Misshightimes

    Does anybody know about what time Bassnectar usually comes on stage? I have class at 6pm and am going to leave early to go…I just wanna make sure i leave early enough.

  • Misshightimes

    Does anybody know about what time Bassnectar usually comes on stage? I have class at 6pm and am going to leave early to go…I just wanna make sure i leave early enough.

    • Drake

      he usually doesnt come on till like 10

  • Gavinjackson222

    is anyone coming from the auburn area?  i need a ride.   i bought the ticket a couple months ago, and now my car is non operational for the next week.  i live in Greenwood.  anybody willing to pick me up?

    • Maybe also try posting on the facebook event page for a ride share.
      good luck

    • Manku Lovinghill

       try ride frog its an app for fb just for rides to shows

    • Manku Lovinghill

       try ride frog its an app for fb just for rides to shows

    • Manku Lovinghill

       try ride frog its an app for fb just for rides to shows

  • 17 Hours and 16 minutes! I CANNOT SLEEP!!!!!! SOOO EXCITED FOR THE EPIC EVENT!!!!!!

  • Robert Alexander

    does the venue allow lights/led gloves? 

  • Littlmissdiss69

    I’m more excited than anyone. :DDDDDD

  • La la lover.<3

    Seriously I might die of excitement!:D Oh jeez. 

  • Germain M

    Can’t wait!!!!! But after the show then I gotta figure out a way to get home.Anyone from the South Sac/Elk Grove area who’s driving willing to give another BASS Head a ride home for some $$$?

  • burn2009


  • partywithsluts

    it was so sick

  • NNohme

    search bassnectar 5/4/12 on youtube click the first video go to 0:24 im NNohme from team [AF] check out our team we will have videos up by 5/13/12 it will be me, SkwiiD, Squirt, and Burnt. Feedback is appreciated.

  • aeroDAFK

    greatest night of my life. i’ve NEVER really given dubstep a chance till i seen lorin’s show last friday night. dude is a piece of history. been to over 50 concerts in my life, and this one takes the freakin trophy. thank you to the whole vava voom tour and staff. loved every moment of it!