January 24th, 2012


Bassnectar in San Jose, CA - Vava Voom Tour 2012VibeSquaD and Mr Projectile to the line-up for this show!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM

Tickets on sale now!

Click here for tickets

Sorry it wasn’t Tulsa 😉

This is an open call to Bass Hector: if you are out there, please come hang out at this event!!! We can get you a slot if you bring your tunes!

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  • im not even from tulsa nor have i ever been there but this one hurt


  • Zeej2020

    why was i holding out hopes for Texas…

  • Kkyle

    Damn.. not gonna be at Tulsa or Wakarusa this year! You gotta show Oklahoma some love next tour!

  • agoekler

    A small part of Tulsa just died a little…

  • Sorry Tulsa, don’t think your outpouring of love went unnoticed! You are firmly on the radar. This show will be San Jose CA which is special as it’s Lorin’s first show in his hometown. But we will have to come and see you soon, you have made that much clear. Big ups.

    • Ray

      and we will rock it harder than tulsa…

    • skyler1251

      This is good news for Tulsa! We defiantly got Lorin’s attention which is all we needed to do. Now we wait patiently for our Cain’sBassnectarBallroomTulsaThrowdownRound2. <3

  • bahdabingbahdaboo

    I don’t understand Tulsa. Why would he have gone from CA to OK to CA…?

    • basshead

      We did it for his attention. Now Tulsa will get a show soon. Hahahaha He even apologized with 😉 come on now thats a hint

  • Sir Lavender

    Get me a slot.  I’ll bring my music.

  • Dpitz

    finally ur back in the ze 🙂 definitely cant wait to see another bassnectar show   your whole crew has been a big inspiration

  • !!!!

    Awww.. Well thanks for apologizing!! ( : But man!! That succckkss.

  • Mark Mcneal2113

    ahh i knew it wouldnt be tulsa. Why in the world would you come to tulsa for a cinco de mayo show?!, still disappointing, especially since youre playing with vibesquad. fuck me…  
    — a sad nectarless tulsan basshead

  • basshector!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey…soooooo I am totally confused and really need something cleared up. This was in fact one of the dates on the “Guess the Vava Voom Tour”….and the question was about this location being the only place that Lorin had performed using a Gamelan Orchestra. Was this not at Santa Rosa Health and Harmony Festival? I mean obviously the date wasn’t announce initially so it made me think that it was a mess up on the question …..but is that not the correct answer?  Thanks for your help. -Tad Smith

    • Well spotted! Santa Rosa was cancelled but we left it in the contest as the clue had already been seeded. We made sure to count any votes for this date even though it wasn’t on the final announcement.

      • Tad Smith

         Awesome! Thanks for your help on that.

  • jubu024

    Why the change to an all aged show in SJ, unlike the one down in Santa Cruz?

    • Age limits are based on local licensing arrangements, not at a State level. We always try and make these shows available to as many people as possible!

  • Caleb Quick

    Bay area DJ here. Id like to open if possible

  • !!!!

    Tulsa would have totally been sold out by now!! Am I right?? Or am I right??!

    • hahaha 🙂 i love you tulsa people
      i’m sure your efforts have not gone unnoticed 🙂

  • Bassnectarlover

    What time is the show running until?

  • someone31988

    Who is this Bass Hector fellow anyway? I also saw a picture of him on the Facebook page. lol

  • tom techmanski

    Dear LORIN you come to my home town all the time and for that i am so gratefull but because of the most amazing birthday present ever I will be coming to your hometown … its only fair right… your the man keep it up and see you soon 

  • Cdodson22

    Sooo excited to see you live! I missed the last show in avila beach 🙁 is there an estimate as to about how many people are attending?

    • Laura Hulberg

      They were originally expecting about 5k, but since the show in SC got canceled, they have upped it to 6k!

  • Laura Hulberg

    SOOO excited for Cinco de Bass-o with Bassnectar! Lorin, I’ve seen you play 4 times already and I can’t get enough of it. Not to mention you’re playing in our hometown that night! 
    Uh-may-zing.Bassnectar, Nectar Crew, and fellow bassheads, this is an open invite to our afterparty. There is sure to be facemelting all night! http://www.facebook.com/events/212177262228038

  • Greenbart

    Y would u have an all ages event on cinco de drunko it dont make sense 

  • Greenbart

    Y would u have an all ages event on cinco de drunko it dont make sense 

  • Cuteabbyxo

    can we buy tickets at the door?

  • Readysetaudio

    How late will doors be open?? 🙂 

  • Briannamachado

    When does this end????

  • AlexFerriera

    Unfortunately I cannot attend the show):
    so Im doing a contest for 2 free tickets!

  • Gxstark

    Bassnector! Please roll throu!!

  • Harli Quinnn

    HOLY SHIT THIS WAS AWESOME so many underage sluts boooyaaaaa

  • anon

    Who were the photographers!

  • Brett McClelland

    come too TULSA ANYWAYY!!!! sorry for my buddies hasty TWEET ELLIOT!!! ha oopss