January 26th, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour Recap VideoAs we gear up for the insanity of the VAVA VOOM TOUR, we stop to take a quick look back at the frenzy of 2011…

Here is a brand new Fall Tour Recap video – scope scenes and footage from the shenanigans and mayhem!


  • Hookupguy00


  • JasonP

    SO epic. Nice work.

  • Tawny6812

    Awesome vid – digital mastas, I tells ya!

  • wompface

    Hands down the best video Ive seen from anyone, ever.

    • Wiedemann Digital


    • Definitely

      Dude, the womps are just so wompy.  It’s like he did the video perfect with the womps and the lights were like woahhh and BOOM he dropped the bass and then it was sick.

  • Sassigyrl32


  • Daniel

    Come to Germany ! Pleeeaaase 😉

  • Danny

    Kansas city can’t flipping wait!

  • Zeej2020

    Love it!  Come back to Texas Lorin!

  • Van

    Editor of this video is fucking awesome.

    • Wiedemann Digital

      Thanks for the kind words, but I think YOU’RE awesome.

    • Wiedemann Digital

      Thanks for the kind words, but I think YOU’RE awesome.

  • Ultimatedancer17

    LORIN. I love YOU! 🙂

  • Ayrex

    Beautiful, loved it! Happy new year, what a time we live in..

  • Justin Ridley

    Love it. Bonnaroo, Alpharetta and New years eve were awesome last year. Heres to a new tour and another year of BASSNECTAR

  • Transam455
  • Transam455

    i mixed blow with heads up (2011 version) and i also did red step with lover here, check em out on my youtube channel.. i got so more bassnectar mixes to put up

  • PimpStick

    It was the best show I saw last year. You almost literally removed the roof off of the Val-Air Ballroom in Des Moines, Iowa. I hope to see another Iowa date come our way in 2012!

  • Jakob

    HA AWESOME. Most of the clips from the dirrrtttyy ARETTA. Alpharetta PD got nothing on the BASSSSSS!!

  • Showznit


  • this is honestly the best editing job i’ve ever seen. 
    i love this video so much 🙂

    • Wiedemann Digital

      Thanks! So glad you liked it.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, indeed I agree. Spectacular job.

  • Djicarlie

    Loving all the Dallas love
    Much love to BN crew… My biggest inspiration & friends.

  • S Harris41

    You killed it in Tempe, AZ in Sept. probably one of the best shows ever. I will see you in March for the glorious Snowball Festival. Bring the BASS.


    Alpharetta was absolutely bonkers it was my 10th show and easily my favorite. Lookin forward to raging with you at the norva.

  • Jle479

    I don’t see arkansas even att waka, att least once inn fayetteville

  • Jle479

    I don’t see arkansas even att waka, att least once inn fayetteville

  • Kenzie

    best concert ve been too! why arent you coming to atlanta for vava voom??

  • dubster

    gave me chills

  • Ryan11CW

    I was in nashville for NYE. Im still trying to find the peices of my brain that got blown across the south.. . . . . .worth it every time!

  • alihefley

    This just gives me goosebumps listening to the countdown from New Years and thinking “I was fucking there!” So amazing.

  • beauanderson

    wow… bassnectar. changed my life. this video sends chills. MUCH LOVE

  • SEE YOU IN VEGAS!!!!!!!! Got my tix and it’ll be my first show, CAN’T WAIT!!!!

    • Henry Africano

      oh god, you are in for a splendid time.

  • Joey_17_

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan

    Dude like all the hair on my body just stood up. See you in Madison!

  • Robby


  • 69dgkallday

    i get goosebumps everytime, ur so amazing

  • Bobby W.

    is there going to be a nye recap?

  • Dgarrett23

    i was screaming 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1. happy new years!! love you bassnectar keep it real

  • Robby

    So awesome that my fabulous glowing womp sign made it into the video!

  • Kelsey

    seen him eight times. cant wait for greenville! VAVA VOOOOOM!

  • DJ Seaquest

    Love it! I am also a DJ. I am spreading Dub Step to Christian with a positive message of faith. Would you consider doing some tracks with spiritual or Christian lyrics? Keep it up. I’m praying for you!

    • See here:

    • lol your faith is a sham. christianity is based on the movement of the sun in the sky :p

  • Lorin looks like he’s having the time of his life on stage all the time, but especially during 1:13 – 1:15 watch the lights go red 😉

  • Mabalderas

    You freakin rock…Saw you 3 times last year…and hope to see you again this year. You were one of the key artists that introduced me this genre…and now I’m rocking the NS6 tryin to follow some dreams. From one old soul to another…keep livin.

  • April 11th, Old National Center -Egyptian Room – INDIANAPOLIS!!!!  See you there!

  • TheElf

    That whole recap gives me the chills 🙂 Too bad I couldn’t find myself when you made all us shorties get on peoples shoulders in Alpharetta 🙂

  • K2kylek

    fuck yes

  • SamanthaMarie

    Gave me chills! Can’t wait for another awesome year! Thank you Lorin! One love!