February 29th, 2012


ForecastleThe Bassnectar crew will be once again be heading to Forecastle Festival in Louisville, KY taking place July 13th – 15th, 2012.

Atmosphere, Girl Talk, Sleigh Bells, Flying Lotus and many others will also be performing!

This is an All Ages show.

Tickets on sale now! Visit forecastlefest.com for more info, or click below for tickets.

Click here for tickets

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  • HW

    any chance you’ll be at Regeneration this year?

  • CStaff

    does this mean no bisco!?!?!

  • I’d love to go to this fest for Friday night.
    Bassnectar and Flying Lotus ftw

  • Jcchase335

    Thank you Lorin for touching down in Louisville again. Last year’s show in Louisville was epic. 

  • Lildurde09

    Just becuz you think KY is hickville doesn’t mean hicks arent the best. we always love heavfy BASS so bring it Lorin…SIR

  • Lila

    I got my tickets and all of the sudden they say you must be over 21 to attend. It didn’t say that on the site, wtf 🙁

    • I couldn’t find where it stated you need to be 21+ ?

      • i’m not finding that either.

        • Lila

          It said it at the bottom of my ticket. But I got a hold of someone from forecastle and they said it was an all ages show

  • dopeless hopefiend

    would be fantastic if you could fit in beemer benz and bentley mix in there…..:)