February 9th, 2012


Bassnectar on religion and philosophyTime for another trip to the Fan Bass, where we’ve compiled another two questions into one double post for Lorin to discuss – this time touching on religion and philosophy.

Please get involved in the conversation in the comments below, or if you have a different question to posit, send it HERE. Now read on, people of the Bass:

“I’m curious about the nature of your spiritual beliefs / knowledge / practices. I’m not a religious person myself but spirituality and the way that people connect with reality is of particular interest to me. I’m just wondering because you seem to be very conscious of other people and the world we live in.” – Micheal Margolis


Short story: Treat other people how you wish to be treated.

Longer story: I could write a NOVEL about my opinions on religion, spirituality & the meaning of life. I do not think human beings have the capacity to fully understand the universe, and yet I think attempting to understand it is how we discover beauty. Einsten writes about the power of surrendering to the mystery of life, and finding beauty in phenomenon you cannot explain (but which is no less beautiful without explanation). Ghandi taught peace, Jesus taught love, and God taught us about Satan. Humans are awesome, and ridiculous. We add so much hysteria and confusion to everything, and yet we are all so beautiful & vunerable. I believe that human existence is simultaneously meaningless (in 5 billion years nobody will remember us) and meaningful (everything happening now feels so urgent & important) and I believe that due to that duality, there is no absolute good or evil. Only changing perspective of amorphous issues, across a wide spectrum of context. With infinite room for mistake and misunderstanding. Everything continues to change and surprise us so in the meantime, I try and treat other people how I want them to treat me.

PS: My own relationship with religion, including anti-religion, is another story all together ūüôā


“Dear Lorin, I would like to ask you how you view our future. You have traveled the world and seen many faces of creation. What are you philosophical and spiritual views? How do you see us as a civilization progressing?” – Albert


I think it is common for people to think about themselves, their culture or their nation in a self-centric fashion. Americans think America is the greatest. The Chinese think China is the greatest. Christians think Christians are the greatest. And today, many people think we are nearing the end of the world as a civilization (Whether it is 2012, Y2K, or just a general sense that our cultural values are detiriorating, and we are nearing The End Times). I think people probably felt that way during the 1960s (Vietnam, assassinations of JFK and MLK, etc) and they definitely felt that way during World War 2, or the Great Depression, or World War 1. I bet they felt that way during the peak of the Small Pox epidemic, or the Bubonic Plague. But our drive is to survive, and I think we can not only persevere adversity, but also constantly improve ourselves and our socitey (cultural evolution).

I do not have much insight into the future, but I do think it is important to find what you love, and not focus on what you hate. I see so much of that online (needless and pointless bickering, negativity, and critique). The grass is always greener on the other side, and life is very short. I try to spend my time focusing on what I am grateful for, but I think it is also important to be an active member of communities and societies, and to reach out to other people. I think in general most people need more discipline, more patience, and more humility (myself included). And I think that all of us should spend more time listening, reading, asking, and learning, and less time assuming we know best. I hope that helps.

Regardless, we all seem so small in such a vast space of mystery, and that alone is more beautiful than words. This link illustrates it well, enjoy: CLICK HERE.


  1. KashadGray says:


  2. Diversebasshead95 says:

    And yet again, your amazing view on EVERYTHING has made me that much bigger of a fan of you. Can’t wait for Vava Voom!!¬†

  3. Agree with you soooo MUCH that we need to find what we love and Focus on things that make us ALL HAPPY in the world ūüôā Great insight as always Lo! Love it! Until Next time buddy….

  4. Dp21189 says:

    Write a Novel…I just started mine

  5. robot_bass says:

    much of what you say here (and a few other places around the website) sound quite akin to taoist philosophy, which i think is awesome ūüôā i try to actively incorporate those principles into my life ūüôā learning to live the paradoxical unity is quite a feat, especially when your western thought has taught you to understand opposites as irreconciliable. but once you learn to do it, it opens up a whole new frame of reference by which to understand life, one that is more content, joyful, patient, in the flow. i definitely notice a difference in my day to day emotions and the way i deal with problems and how i connect with people when i view things as all equally good and ungood in this world of 10,000 things

    anyway, this got me thinking, thanks for sharing ūüôā

  6. Jpa18708 says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with everybody! You put it into words so well, can’t wait to see you in Burlington!

  7. Jacob Efimoff says:

    really appreciate this…and all the talk and thoughts of you other fellow bassheads…a few things i have put into my own thinking and i dont know i just felt like sharing because maybe some of you havent heard these things and will look into them yourself too..

    be here now- why? because here is all there is.right just be.

    ways for dealing with stress
    1dont sweat small stuff
    2its all small stuff
    3since it usually doesnt work to fight it, and it doesnt usually work to flee, flow.

    also thanks for that universe scale diagram, very interesting. when i first saw it and scrolled i just heard the glitch mob “we can make the world stop” in my head…
    that shit cray!

    until may 10th

  8. Bailey_boyd says:

    I understand there are many things to appreciate in/about life , i understand that my perception is the reality I create for myself , I fully understand your pretty much summary of the ultimate question of what will happen to us when we “die” and the answer being we really just do not know , we don’t have the brain capacity to understand, we don’t even have the brain capacity to break infinity down into a usable context for i Have used this argument many times and become frustrated when ignorant people ¬†try to tell me they have it all figured out . Not trying to contridict my last statement but I am a relatively open minded person I ¬†just get very ¬†excited when i discuss things that REALLY interest me which is probably why this comment will be very speratic and in-sequential (and long) but please bare with me. ¬†When i was a younger I was taught to believe in santa clause, as I grew older I was taught to believe in our government and / or political figures holding office to be doing true and right things for our country / the world . I was subjected to countless mind twisting conditioned stimuli ( such as advertisements, billboards, radio commercials, preachers ectect…) which distorted my ability to understand what or why I really like or want anything for myself because it could possibly just be a conditioned response to the stimuli ^. ¬†I now understand the system and am trying as hard as I can to not get hungry because I see this commercial or that billboard ect… because we get hungry all the time for irrational reasons because franchises use psychology to influence and essentially control our behavior. There are other really interesting phycological “tricks” that I would like to discuss but maybe at a later date. ANYWAY… I now know santa wasn’t real , our government is funded by large companies which overpower their desisions (even if they were logical or right which they normally aren’t because they don’t even read the bills they sign which are thousands of pages full of hidden material which college interns read and summaries for them in like a twenty page essay ). ¬† ¬†THEREFORE I came to the conclusion that i had, and always will be lied to and mislead by EVERYONE who ¬†¬†
    has my income to gain (except you) ūüėČ . ¬† I see people/society as general physics , physics are concrete, formulated , they can be broken down completely to understand their ¬†behavior, their motivation ect… BUT then you enter into the realm of spirituality and purpose and meaning and consciousness and afterlife ¬†NOW THIS THIS IS QUANTUM PHYSICS. ¬† it is abstract , it is intangible , it does not make sense in the normal world of physics which we understand. YET it CAN be formulated CAN be broken down . it just takes a genius to do it (Einstein). And then the masses will understand and follow. ITS INTERESTING to me that Einstein,… EINSTEIN ! believed in an after life for we are energy and the first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed just transformed. Now I’m not even gonna try to go into how confusing parallel universe theories or overlapping realms within the fabric of the universe or the enormous amount of extra senses which can be tuned into because all of that will just further complicate this stupidly long comment ( btw they’re about to release a new sense, the sense of self you should check it out if you haven’t already heard its pretty interesting yet slightly more mundane then anticipated , but isn’t everything ūüôā . ¬†AND I’m not even gonna try to get ¬†into my doomsday skepticism’s / fascination with how so many bad things are happening to are planet at one time , and have been for a while , AND we are almost out of our nonrenewable resources which EVERYTHING including a lot of essential products rely on. ¬†AND the majority of us still won’t admit we are about to have to try to survive a very difficult social/ environmental transition . Sorry I kinda started to get into it. IN CONCLUSION , I first believed , then i realized, then i believed , now i have realized again . There seems to be a pattern of progression here BUT what i want is some CLOSURE , you seem to have found it and considering you are the most influential person in my life i would like some elaberation PLEASE !! You met me once in an underground parking garage this past new years on the night of my birthday, ¬† I AM ONE CONFUSED SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD and i am tired of getting told to remain silent unless i want to get written up at school again for my rants. ¬†thank you by the way for your involvement with us because i know you must be retartedly busy all the time and you still make time for us , THANK YOU SO MUCH. ¬† please help me

    • Jcchase335 says:

      Use your sense of self and do some self-discovery! Lorin is a very insightful individual, but he is also just that – one individual. I assure you, the feelings you are having at age seventeen will pass. Hang in there!

    • Micah bass says:

       the people directly above you can only do what they are told by their higher ups so any argument with them is useless. seek your self out first find out what you will contribute to all people and work towards it. 

  9. Bailey_boyd says:

    ps, love your scale of the universe chart came across it on stumble upon while researching , only added to my confusion tho :/

  10. Bailey_boyd says:

    I guess mostly what i am trying to ask here is to help me be more positive because i feel like all of these problems are on my / my generations shoulders, and would love to some day be involved in a massive social change just like you , you helped inspire most of these thoughts if it wasn’t for you i would probably still be wasting away my brain at shows trying to find that strange place in my head where everything was just perfect because that is wasting, i realized very young that no high last forever including natural states of altered consciousness induced by crowds and music and lights, you are more then the typical illusion so i thank you for that as well.¬†

  11. spaceylacey says:

    yumm ooy gooy goodness of the curiosity of the infathomable. Lorin u always put it so well. and you bring up the golden rule found by every major religion and that is to treat others how you would want to be treated. show unconditional love to everyone you meet, every person has that potential inside of them, its just that sometimes they have to walk a rocky road to get where they are (in this life or the past). the potential inside of you and them (though no distinction is necessary because we are all ONE)  im refering to is the divine spark that ignites this universe. we are just this expression of the Supreme. it reminds me of this one time in class n my professor asked all the usual qs of life: what is the meaning of life, how did we get here, where did we come from and it all equals LOVE <3 all that i am and all that i can be and ever want or will be is love. and if we can realize that love is what really makes the world go round and not money/satisfying our never ending desires than i feel that civilization can resolve all the pressing matters on our plate. <3 with love and light, lace

  12. Anonymous says:

    Bassnectar is so soo much more than music.. the man straight up knows whats good and what is going on in the world.. He cares about and acts on what is really important in life. Fuckin love ya Lorin.. 

  13. Andrew says:

    i feel like people have kind of assumed that we’ve always been the center of the universe but that is¬†definitely¬†not true whatsoever we’re not alone in the universe not one bit and everything is all apart of the collective conscious. check these out, that first picture is a computer generated model of the entire universe. every single speck of light is its own galaxy. to put that into perspective life on our world (or at least as far as we all know) hasn’t even been to the closet planet to ours, mars, which when it is at its closest to us is 35 million miles away..l that’s so far that i cant even wrap my head around the time it would take to get here to there. and now think about how big our galaxy is, rougly 100,000 to 120,000¬†light years¬†across…. 100,000 years just for light, the fastest thing known in the universe to travel. try to think about how long it would take people to make that venture, it seems absolutely impossible. now look back to that picture and look at all of the tiny specks of light are their own galaxy and i think you can at least roughly understand the scope of how big everything is. there are no doubts in my ind that we are alone it seems crazy to me to think we are. just because you cant see somethig with your own eyes doesnt mean it doesnt exist and people have felt this way for as long as humanity has been around. there’s just too much proof we aren’t alone, check out all of the crops circles that have popped up all over the world. the most intriguing one (
    shown in the nest picture¬†)¬†is where nasa scientists sent a binary code out into space that when put together formed a picture that showed humanity: DNA code, a picture of man, a sattelite, etc. now check this out what was has been recived, if this isn’t real proof that we arent alone than i seriously have no clue what else can convince you.¬† :)))))

  14. Kyle says:

    Lorin/Basscrew…¬† I saw the Grammy’s last night.¬† Skrillex won two and had another nomination.¬†¬†I mean no¬†offense to Skrillex or any of his fans, he seems like a hardworking and talented D.J.¬† I believe you are¬†heads and shoulders¬†above¬†anyone else in the¬†game today, and you are getting very little recognition for it.¬† I didn’t even recognize any of the other artists’ names in the Dance/Electronica category.¬† I know you aren’t one to put labels on your music, but it would have been !AWESOME!¬† to have seen you nominated.¬† Even more awesome if you had done a live set like Deadmau5 did outside of the Staples Center.¬† I was wondering what you thought.¬† If Skrillex is winning Grammys, you are certainly deserved of one.

    • Anonymous says:

      lorin posted on fb and twitter about this…go follow/like bassnectar on either and read or here is the fb post copy/pasted

      “On one hand, it is SO sweet to feel so many of you shouting out love & support, wishing I was in on the Grammies. It is super touching, so thank you ūüôā On another level though, I am truly SO uncomfortable with the entire psychology of awards, especially in mainstream culture. I’m just a different, wierd, shy person on that level, and am so happy where I am. and i think there are a LOT of artists who “deserve” recognition, but personally I don’t do it for that. And having nearly every BN show sell out like an explosion means more than any “award”. All that said, Skrillex is a mega talented artist and FULLY deserves support and respect for his art too. Its lots of love over here in Bassnectarland for all our good friends who blew up so hard this past year and are representing at the Strange World of The Grammies. Get em!!!!!!”

      bassnectar realizes LOTS of recognition and is HUGELY grateful for it ūüôā

      • Kyle says:

        Thanks Leslie.¬† I didn’t know he had posted that.¬† Almost exactly what I expected him to say.¬†¬†You are the shit Lorin, keep the shows exploding all through 2012.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† !BASS!¬†

      • David Bowman says:

        Refreshingly humble and that is why i think you’re really cool Not a ounce of ego.

    • Lilthumperkitty says:

      Maybe Lorin didn’t sell his soul.

    • Basshead27 says:

      I couldn’t agree more skrillex is respectable, deadmaus is as well.. but the level of enlightenment that you create during your shows is unprecedented. You have undoubtingly changed my life through your music.!

  15. Nik Sankovich says:


  16. Nik Sankovich says:


  17. jrl says:

    No Nocturnal this year? 

  18. Kendrick C7 says:

    Thanks for the link! It was fun

  19. Cindy Elle says:

    Hello Lorin!
    I have several questions for you, but I will start with 2 : how long will we have to wait before you get back to the kootenays, and the other one : will we ever see an other album like mesmirize the ultra, or something like it ?
    @4056ac3d9b15a7c3290068c7fe3f0990:disqus thx for you time


  20. Rexbuchanan says:

    That link was amazing! Thanks Lorin!!

  21. ambmusic says:

    very well put dude niceone!

  22. Lauren Owen says:

    Lorin, please write a book! And sell it on here for all of us ūüôā And it must have some¬†photos in it! I have the greatest urge to read it. I know you like talking a lot ūüôā And we like reading/listening/watching a lot too ūüôā it works!

  23. Micah bass says:

    I think that every person was given a special ability to aid other people. For Lorin he has the ability to entertain, and in all sense of the word from audio to visual to (as what is being done right now) mental. As long as his goal is to entertain and not something useless like make more money or do better than some artist he will stay happy and enjoy his life. 
    as for me I know that I and a protector. with the knowledge of how I aid others I try to do that in the most effect way¬†possible.¬†that’s why I teach self¬†defense¬†so that even though i’m not there able to protect that person my skills are. As long as I live and work to help protect as many people as I can I know that I will be happy. ¬†

  24. Haehnltm says:

    First off, I believe everything that has been said on this subject of¬†spirituality¬†is accurate. ¬†Not¬†necessarily¬†in the sense that it is 100% true, but in the sense that these beliefs that have been brought up are shaped by¬†everyone’s¬†existence. ¬†Treat others the way you would like to be treated is thrown around like a¬†philosophical¬†cliche so much now-a-days. ¬†But the truth is, we only separate ourselves through images and “roles” we associate ourselves with which have been built up by our ancestors. ¬†‘I am an artist…I am a musician…I am a father/mother/son/daughter…I am an accountant…I am a graduate student from college ‘a/b/c’…I am white/black/asian…I am a christian/buddhist/jewish… ¬†All of these roles are built up to provide something for us to hold on to. ¬†Once you take these things away, we are all connected ūüôā ¬†It is our job to reshape our ancestors fake realities and finally grasp on the the True reality of unity with eternity which includes us all together ūüôā ¬†These emotions that we feel are guided by interaction with one another and our surrounding¬†environment (like great music ūüėČ ¬†If we learn and pay attention we can become the greatest guides the universe has ever seen :))¬†

  25. Nicholas says:

    “Ghandi taught peace, Jesus taught love”
    “I believe that human existence is simultaneously meaningless (in 5 billion years nobody will remember us) and meaningful (everything happening now feels so urgent & important) and I believe that due to that duality, there is no absolute good or evil.”I think is quite a bold statement Lorin… considering that you want people to be informed and make notice of some political problems. If there is no absolute good or evil, then how are you finding issues with the world?Without morality, then 1 cannot distinguish what love or peace is. Both of those ideas are moral concepts. It deals with the human emotion of well-being and how to ascertain this well-being we have morality. Most people think morality is utilitarian or contractarian. I.E how to arrive at the most good within circumstances. Which i think is only true in a pragmatic fashion, but it doesn’t deal with why we are moral.We attach a form of meaning to our actions. I think sex without consent is wrong across all boards, so it doesn’t matter if rape is done to me, around me, in another state or country. It… is… wrong.I’d really like to know of your thoughts on the Reason Rally 2012, some of the speakers there have some choice words about believers in the supernatural. Dawkins said to treat believers with contempt. It seems that my belief in God is enough to make me out as a morally inferior being to non-theists/deists. Topics like this seem to have the most misinformation that breeds certain types of people, but it sickens me that people can speak on their unknowingly ignorant knowledge with some overwhelming sense that they themselves can’t be wrong.People need to be more humble and take into consideration their opponents with utmost respect.

  26. Eddie Sepe says:

    you are one of the greatest people of our time that actually leads by example, your high energy performance shows shot me head first into truly loving music and seeing your following/community that has stemmed from that is not only amazing but inspires me to want to catalyze the same positive and creative energy that you spread. Thank you for helping me open my eyes to life and the many opportunities in it.
    p.s. would really love to be a traveling amBASSador or any way i could help out and learn more ūüôā

  27. David Bowman says:

    I think you are a great example of a tolerant individual Lorin . In general you do not hear people much less a popular artist who speaks as intelligently about many aspects of culturalcentrism,prejudice racism,zenophobia, homophobia . You sound generally very tolerant and generous I beleieve as pprobably a lot of people do that charitableness is a good indicator of compassion if anything is. Inclusiveness is the word that best suits you.Did your uncle have a significant influence on you ?I read that he bought you some african drumsas a child and this is where you basically started the long path that led you to share your music with the world as you do now.Is that a true story?I apologize if i seem nosy. Because honestly I am a nosy person.I’m annoyingly inquisitive.It got me trouble in elementary school. Especialy a private Lutheran school that does not to fondly look upon children that question authenticity of bibical scriptures and judeo christian precepts and dogma. Autism does play a role and alot of the time and my inquisitiveness and verbosity is confused with rudeness and arrogance.Basically i told my sixth grade teacher believe a book written by 40 men over 300 years was the divine word of God. Or that people can walk on water . It’s called ice.Or how is it physically impossible for a boat of that size to carry a male and female specimen of each animal species.besides there are many animals such as psuedopods like snails that are hermaphordites. It was impossble for prey and predator animals to coexist any on a wooden boat for an excessive amount of time.Those are a few examples of why I’m an apostate.I’m not all logic.I do believe in God. i just think God is the universe in and of itself.Enjoy europe. Peace out.May your journey be safe and enlightening.Please return to the states healthy and happy.Oct 18th see you at the Palladium on Sunset. BLVD in HOLLYWIERD CALIFORNIA.
    That’s a lot easier to say than my vedic name Pehlaj Pinac Ramakaata Rishi

  28. Alan says:

    Lorin, you are a beautiful being. Ever since the first show of yours that I have attended I left the show to go back home and disperse the same positive energies and optimistic outlook, that I myself acquired while volunteering in Alpharetta. Keep it up, I love the reassurance you give and I appreciate the energy you use create your Magical and remarkable music!
    Sincerely BNF,
    Alan Wood

  29. Duke says:

    you know lorin man i’m a devout christan myself but i wouldn’t care if you were a buddhist man or like some crazy thing were you worshiped grass you just keep blowing people’s faces off with your Bass man and i will always be a fan of yours…….. by the way the lady who thought that shirt was satanic thats her opinion my opinion its an upsidedown star in a circle big woop get over it.

  30. Andrew Taylor says:

    Lorin’s a very inspirational and philosophical human being and I am proud to say that he is one of my favourite music artists.

  31. mikhaela says:

    i just want you to know one reason i became a fan was hearing fsofn and so ive been curious as to the connection with religion in bassnectar. thich nhat hanhks voice was used in that songn and he has been a huge influence on my life since my early undergrad years.

  32. Lorin I think I just fell in love with you. ?

  33. Lorin Ashton ! this brought moisture to my eyes… you speak to my thoughts and soul like no one else has and that also includes your music !

  34. Ally says:

    Thank you for your insight. I appreciate your knowledge & your path. Your music definitely touches my soul. ?????????????

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