March 5th, 2012


Bassnectar - Ugly ft. Amp LiveHello Bass Heads!

I am excited to announce that I’ve finally finished polishing off the last few micro-details of the next release, an 11 track ride on a bass rollercoaster called “VAVA VOOM”!!!! Official release date is set for April 10, but there will be many updates, videos, giveaways etc along the way, so stay tuned…

Right off the bat, we want to let the ugliest kid ride first, because ugly is beautiful, and sometimes we like our music rugged, raw and berzerk. I teamed up with Amp Live and we created a little banger to express how much we love it when music gets nasty.

Click here to download UGLY [feat. Amp Live] for FREE

(Email subscribers will have received a download code, otherwise you can grab the track via Facebook.)

And for those of you who want the prettier side of things, the full 11 track record has plenty of beauty & downtempo, including a 2012 updated remaster of Laughter Crescendo

See you all soon!!!!


45 Responses to “UGLY – FREE DOWNLOAD”
  1. Jackson Gibson says:

    Yes! I am so stoked! Thank you for putting out music at such an incredible rate! You keep your loyal fanatics very full.

  2. Jeremybalser says:

    Lorin, you are absolutley amazing! You inspire me to do so much in this wierd thing called life. The sounds you create help me escape into a different place, a place where i can trueley not have a care. In my opinion you are one of the greatest musicians of our generation. Thank you for everything, cant wait for vava voom! I know it will be another great addition to your variety of sounds! Cant wait to see you in Norfolk and Richmond, hopefully one day i will be lucky enough to meet you, BRING THE BASS! Jeremy

  3. Kyle says:

    Ugly enough to melt my VaVa Vooming face off!  Thanks for the music Lorin, can’t wait for the album and tour.  !BASS!

  4. Dan Elsayed says:

    couldn’t be happier 

  5. Bassmeyer says:

    ooooohhhh myyyyy loirn!! you’re the fucking boss. i just turned my speakers up as loud as they go and raged in my dorm, you never disappoint, i love you. cannot wait for the rest of this ep!!!

  6. swedishmailman says:

    Wait, so is it  10 or 11 tracks?

  7. Random says:

    Ed/Basscrew/Anyone…  I didn’t get the download code email, I know I’m on the mailing list.  Can you help?  No F Book unfortunato.

  8. Kelly Pc says:

    great track!…VaVa VooM!

  9. Pacowaka1234 says:

    😀 epic song is epic

  10. projectpat says:

    all i wanna do is VaVa VooM vOOm in ya BOOM BOOM… bassnectimus maximus forrealis

  11. Wroberge says:

    just hit me in the Face Wit dat BASS!

    Got my Tix for Electric forest already, last year was pure insanity!

    Cant wait to see you back at Rothbury!!
    You never cease to amaze me, VAVA VOOM! Straight to the Top! let it Drop! Bassnectar always make it pop!

  12. Seth says:

     Didn’t get the email with the DL code.. Need thisss

    • lesliebooher says:

      did you check your junk/spam …sometimes they get thrown in there

      if not there then email ed (at) bassnectar (dot) net
      and let him know you’re on the mailing list and need the code
      download it on facebook

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      Yup, email me if you need a code, or search your inbox for Bassnectar

  13. Def_stef says:

    Thx for the Download a Million Times u guys are sooooo ugly to give
    it away as a present.

    greetz by
    ugly Stefan
    from the Northern Top of Germany

  14. BobbyW. says:

    siiiiiiccccckkkk gnar!!! vava voom is going to be the spring/summer anthem as well as the classics cuz they cant get worn out either!!! cant wait for that laughter crescendo remaster!!!

    see you in philly & richmond!!!

  15. someone31988 says:

    Are there any details on when we’ll be able to pre-order the new EP?

  16. Fghsfhg says:

    finally some fuckin hip-hop sick dubstep!

  17. robot_bass says:

    i love how the ‘ugly’ artwork on this page is rendered more blue than the other version, the pink-ish one 🙂
    you guys have some awesome graphic designers on your hands

  18. Steph says:

    lol, awesome.  this song made me laugh… :).  im not sure if thats what
    it was supposed to do, but i like it.  I got this big cheezed out
    stoner-like grin on my face that just wouldn’t stop.  its appropriately
    titled, and definitely weird– in a good way.  It also has this strangely
    lurking old school vibe to it, which gave me some pretty cool nostalgia
    & brought me way back, like to the late 90’s, early 2000’s…. 
    haha. 🙂  thanks man.


  19. Dubstepfreeq says:

    Im stoked to hear the updated version of Laughter… sounds like it will be good

  20. Brandeddeath says:

    holy burning biscuits batman

  21. Dishrack says:

    Love when it goes into the jump up dnb

  22. robot_bass says:

    hey crew
    just wanted to let you know i did some editing to the wikipedia page with many citations off
    hope you approve 🙂

  23. Booba says:

    excited for the remaster of laughter crescendo cus i miss the old stuff

  24. Steph2330 says:


  25. Daveprigg says:

    im an email subscriber but havent recieved a download code????

    • lesliebooher says:

      did you look in your junk mail/spam
      they get thrown in there often

      if the code isn’t in there then email ed (at) bassnectar (dot) net and he will send it to you

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      It would have arrived over a week ago so it’s probably buried in your inbox… Otherwise, email me as Leslie explained.

  26. Chance01 says:

    Jesus Christ! The Indy show is going to be legendary. Fresh Beats on the first night of a new tour. This track is seriously bringing the excitement to a new level. 

  27. spaceylacey says:

    finally got this red headed step child of a tune to bounce in my prius. put it on full blast in my front yard and hooped my ass off. i was moving ALLLLLL around! im so very much anticipating this album 🙂 VOOOOOM VOOOOM so far its a banga <3

  28. basshead says:

    faaaak! can this just happen already?! you shouldn’t announce the release of a new ep until the week before it’s actually released. the anticipation is KILLING me 🙂

  29. basshead says:

    come on come on come on!!!

  30. BobbyW. says:

    you should deff put the va va voom preview album on your main news feed as well!!! going to be the 2012 cd of the year!!!!!! not to mention my 2012 anthems!!! ive already worn the previews out cant wait to hear the whole songs!! the song with tina malia is going to be a favorite just like under water!!! the jantsen song you played at nye i duno what else to say & every other song on there is a banger as well!! the way you transitioned the songs is hilarious also!! “& they going gorillaz.. i dont even know what that means”… hahahaha “why are your kids so happy.. we just got back from chuckee cheese’s!!!” great shit lorin april 10th is too long away as well as 4.20 & 4.25!!!

  31. At both Ultra and unofficial basscenter 6 (Knoxville) you played the same song before Ugly each time. It’s been stuck in my head ever since I left Miami, and I went completely ape shit to it standing next to Dylan when you dropped it in Knoxville. Can you please please please just tell me what artist created that monstrosity? It took me nearly a year after your first Ultra performance to figure out Playing the Villain, and I would hate to try to wait that long with this track. 

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