April 17th, 2012


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243 Responses to “BASSNECTAR TV – THURSDAY 4/19 @ 7PM EST”
  1. Mcgarrmichael says:

    How hard are you Gunna throw down at red rocks!

  2. emily says:

    Are you excited to play at red rocks again?

  3. Bjaminbakrman says:

    I missed your answer to all good cause my phone sucks 🙁

    • Shasta Lee says:

      He basically said,
      “I wanted to play there last year and I wanted to play there this year, it just hasn’t happened.”

      You’re able to re watch both episodes right here though


  4. Tmanwitty says:

    Do you remember getting pulled through backstage by a crazy dude at sea of dreams 2010!? 

  5. Boom says:

    You have made links to 808 many times in the past, do you have a connection to hawaii? Have you played there?

  6. Ed Basscrew says:

    Thanks for all your questions folks! If yours didn’t get answered you can post them here and we’ll submit them for our upcoming Q&A with Rhapsody’s The Box!

  7. cassie says:

    mehh, why are you off air?

  8. cassie says:

    mehh, why are you off air?

  9. Cplani19 says:

    what was your change from a band to electronic music like? iv been a drummer my whole life and just recently feel in love with you and pretty lights, how do u get it started? should i go to school for it?

  10. eric says:

    I feel as though your collaboration efforts yield great results on your recent work, whether it is Ellie Goulding, Jantsen, ill.Gates, Mimi Page or Datsik. The duality found within the music seems to provoke (at least with myself) or reveal a humanistic side that everyone can relate to. I’m curious to know if you would ever hold a show with a live singer/rapper or is your current tour schedule to hectic to involve other atrists?

  11. Christina<3 says:

    when are pics being posted from 4/19? anybody kno?

  12. Ultimatedancer17 says:

    Lorin I love you!

  13. Cha381 says:

    Hello B-N…… i m a big-big fan of your f**k**g dubstep ! !! i dont have too much money to come in USA, but if you come in france,ohhh yessss, i m gooing to follow you in hall city where u playeds…… u are toooo strong, u are a big giant ! ! !!  in my city (LYON) , we have many crew of dub electro ,,,, LE PEUPLE DE L HERBE …….HIGHTONE….. if you come in france, please please come to LYON, i m going to help you and prospect for the show….  from the dub step and all electro music, LYON is the best in france, really many people of this city like this music…….Lyon is the capital of the electro music in france and the dubstep is coming to number one….anyway I thank you for making what you make and please “continous” long long time…………there are some more sounds has use on this planet…. i like the samples of ping-pong is tooo goood…….thank you for all you do !! ! ! ! ! and big thanks for all the free download…….bye bye boooom………..

  14. Ember says:

    just got a chance to watch episode 2. Wanted to throw out a big THANK YOU for addressing the photo you posted of the Tibetan self immolator protesting the arrival of Hu Jintao in India. Sino-Tibetan relations are what I study/work with (currently working on an article about Tibetan self-immolations as a form of protest), and reading the responses to the photo were pretty depressing, considering the sheer ignorance of the context of the photograph. I guess I don’t need to go on, just wanted to appreciate your comment. 

  15. Donna Johnpier says:

    Watched you the other night on Ustream… Almost like you came over to my house for a visit. Sorry, I should have offered you some tea!

    PS… Thanks for the fantastic show in Rochester last night! I was the older blonde woman you hugged after the show! (Up front and center-ALL NIGHT LONG!) See you at Camp Bisco Mr. Awesomeness!

  16. BobbyW. says:

    lorin i have been wondering this for awhile..  do you make your own beats all the way from scratch or do you just take a baseline & basic song & just make it amazing!!??

  17. BobbyW. says:

    lorin i have been wondering this for awhile..  do you make your own beats all the way from scratch or do you just take a baseline & basic song & just make it amazing!!??

  18. joe p says:

    Holy crap i just got to the part where you’re talking about downtempo sunrise sets. Please for the love of all things mystical play one at electric forest. Brilliant idea.

  19. Quintin Thero says:

    Fall tour of 2012….Bass Heads of Lawrence, Kansas want you to come back and rock the house of Liberty Hall down! smaller venues are the better bassnectar music experience!

  20. anettesheim1000 says:

    Just wanted to say I think the new Ustream videos are AWESOME. I think a lot of people are interested in your opinions and what you have to say. Also like you said, a separate video on drugs, ableton, and anything else would be super cool to hear about. I love the fact that you take the time to talk to fans and try to answer our questions even when you’re so busy. A massive THANK YOU to you and look forward to seeing more!

  21. Omnilove says:

    Pleeeeease do more regardless of ustreams constant stream of flushing comments! This is such a great portal for fan connection!

  22. Omnilove says:

    and whats BNF and how can I connect?

  23. Cplani19 says:

    when is the next video?!?!

  24. Alexis says:

    Hey bassnectar can u put a music video in vevo that will be awesome back in 2005 ure dj set is so cool and old ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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