April 19th, 2012


Bassnectar on Rhapsody - The BoxGot any burning questions for Lorin? Didn’t get your questions answered on our recent Ustream broadcasts?

We’re filming an installment of Rhapsody TV’s The Box, answering your questions, on camera, at random. Leave them in the comments here or tweet using #BassnectarTV tag.

Check back for more info on when we this will be going out!

  • Mr_cia

    SO are you excited about playing at “Lightning in A BOTTLE” in MAY?? BTW that is my BDAY WEEKEND

  • pepino

    hey lorin, just wondering why you stopped working with videolicious?

  • Tmanwitty

    Do you remember getting pulled through backstage by a crazy dude at sea of dreams 2010!?

  • Colinm1

    hey lorin, i’m 17 years old and started producing about a year and a half ago, you being my biggest influence without a doubt. How do you produce such huge amounts of energy through your music and your shows? it’s something that I try to do with every track i make. what gets the energy high when you make your music?

  • Case Carden

    When will the Vava Voom Tour Survival Guide be available

  • brandonzim

    Lorin, Thanks for the last three spectatular shows i attended…..i compare NYE in nashville with some of the best times in my life….nothing but love for ya here in the midwest and would love to see another show this year as we will be missing you at summercamp!? Any ideas for NYE yet so me and my bass heads can start planning a trip ? anyway enjoy ur wine and tequila after the show tnite!

  • promblems

    I’m going to your concert tomorrow in Philly, can you ask my friend Dana to prom over the mic?

  • Jacobdevine09

    What do you think of the haters on the youtube reviews for the the vava voom music video?

  • Joe

    We are heading out this afternoon to see you in Philly. Do what you do, play what you feel like playing…our faces will all melt regardless.

    Get ready…Get ready cuz here we goooooo!!!!

  • Alemmanoyhlidhs

    After watching episode 1 I now know you are MY SOULMATE!!!!!!     WILL YOU MARRY ME?????????????       I wanna have your BASS BABY!!!!!   U FREAKIN ROCK. PERIOD. 
    See ya next week in South Carolina!!!!!! PS. Will you ever play BOMB the BLOCKS? First song I ever heard by Bassnectar, would make my day if I saw it live. OXOXOXOXOXOX Ashley

  • Alemmanoyhlidhs

    I WANNA PARTY WITH YOU!!!! I definately want to be  a part of the Ambassador Team next go round!! I totally agree with the cause and I think it would be a great experience as well. I hope to get the chance one day.

  • Kelsey H

    I’m really curious as to what the story behind the song Butterfly is, if there is one. That song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it and I can’t stop listening to it. I love you and your music! You are awesome (:

  • Tylerhunt415

    How long have you been producing? Also, whats your favorite VST?

  • Carissasuzanne22

    I know this isn’t a question, but when I discovered you weren’t on the line-up this year for Shambhala, I imagined you crashing onto the Village Stage from the sky on Sunday night with a parachute as a surprise appearance. 🙂 A girl can dream….

  • DustinV

    What was your inspiration for your stage name: Bassnectar?

    • Mcdanic98

      already answered..came from a quote of one of his friends, “Butterfly beings drink bassnectar”

  • Mcdanic98

    What do you drive and what kind of system does it have in it?? 😀

    • someone31988

      If I remember correct, I think I read an article somewhere stating that he “still drives the same old beat up Volvo”

  • EmilyFurtado

    If you weren’t Bassnectar, who do you think you would be today?

    You had a Health & Safety piece where you stated you no longer do drugs. How does it feel to know that a good portion of your fans associate your live music with drug usage?

    You’ve mentioned that you’re married to the music, but do you sometimes wish you had more personal time for relationships/friendships?

    Not a question, but a Bassnectar downtempo/sunrise set would be absolutely incredible. Just sayin’!

  • nergalsplacebo

    Have you ever considered doing less of a visual show, and a show more based on sound and improvisation, kind of how you did shows years ago in smaller venues. Also, how come you never play ‘Blow’ live? And lastly, did you see a Scooby-Doo outfit at Bonnaroo 2011?

  • Jpa18708

    Would you be able to share any ideas or thoughts that you have for Bass Island this summer? Is it going to be similar to last year and will you keep it at Governors Island?

  • basstraveller

    Can you please give us infos on the sound system you bring on tour. Are you using a bigger one for Bass Center in Seattle?

  • Jason

    THE LOST TRACK.! DID you ever make anything with any of our submissions?

  • Amanda4738

    why do you take videos during the concerts where can i find them online!?

  • austin arnold

    were you already experienced producing electronic music before you attended college for it? do you think it was beneficial? also, ill.gates stated in one of his videos that it’s best to finish a track in just one (maybe two) sessions. is this the case for you? is there any advice that you could give to a user of ill.gates’ Trigger F. DJ template? I’m trying my best to understand it, but it’s difficult! you’re so good with it!!” 

  • Boo Burton

    Lorin, i was wondering if you had any tips on how to give my bass sounds that extra oomph(didn’t really know how to fraise that) i use massive and razor, and was wondering what software you use and if there is any specific plug ins or tricks you use to make your sounds as fat as you do. Also I believe that i have all of the components necessary to build a time machine but need a co-piolet to test it. please let me know if you are interested. 

  • Jakewalsh77

    What do you think of ghostland? I can’t wait for the
    Seattle show. Thanks for all the positive vibes, and
    keep livin it up and puttin it down!!! Jake WA

  • someone31988

    Will Diverse Systems of Throb and/or Mesmerizing the Ultra ever go back in print on CD? They’re each for sale as a download here on the site, but I’m a bit of a collectionist when it comes to certain things, and I can’t bring myself to purchase download-only music.

  • Jeshua

    Where should i begin in learning how to produce. Is there anyone who helped you start off? Are there any forums or communities that you frequent online for learning new techniques? I always experiment but i want to finetune my production ability. thanks in advance -Jesh

  • Mjpeeps2

    Any crazy awesome shenaniganz in the already in the works for the summer festivals?

  • TimShipp

    Just saw your show at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC. I originally wasn’t going due to money purposes, but I asked myself, “what would Lorin say?”, then I proceeded to buy my ticket to the show which you so happened to kill (loved the mixes, especially . When I first saw you at Electric Forest 2011, I couldn’t help but become a dj myself. Every time I see your shows I get sooooooo much inspiration, ideas for songs, etc.  It’s been 10 months and I’ve been playing for party gigs, small venues, the baby steps. I hope to someday talk to you personally, if not, RAGE ON FOR ETERNITY!! I will see you in the sacred forest,  Electric Forest!! I tune into your live ustream under DJ_D0min0, so hopefully the bigger questions that I have will be answered in the near future.- Tim Shipp

  • Melissa

    Your Madison show was sick and we will definetly be there next year! But I came with my two sisters and we all bought vip tickets, the only benefit was getting in 2min before anyone else?We even waited at the end to see you and you got pulled away, we were bummed : ( any suggestions for next year? Melissa    3calvinboys@live.com

    • Hey Melissa – drop me an email ed (at) bassnectar [dot] net

  • MJ

    I’m sure you have gotten this question before, but I am just wondering where on the website I would apply to be an amBASSador?

    •  https://www.bassnectar.net/2012/04/ambassador-application/

  • Hugh Gerection

    Why was the 5/3 show cancelled, and will it be rescheduled?

  • Shuffman1194

    When are you releasing your fall tour dates!!!

  • Kian

    when did you first get interested into making music? did you ever think you would become this big or where you actually in the beginning wanting to get big or where you just messing around/hobby thing?

  • Jehnnagreen

    For the basscenter 1 and that tour I know you toured with OTT who is awesome! just wanted to know if you would ever possibly collab. I think it would be beyond amazing, your two beautiful sounds combining would be out of this world. ! 

    • Bassfreak2

      yo Ott is fucking awesome…i could def see nectars older style and Otts style blending pretty well together

  • Sherrillstacy

    Are back packs allowed in the venue?

  • Bassfreak2

    anyone know this track? been dying to know what it is since the first boston show


  • Skater518791

    I watched the 2 Ustreams of Lorin that are up, but have no idea when the are live?

  • McCall

    Can you make more songs like in Diverse Systems of Throb and Mesmerizing the Ultra? I love the style and chillness of those songs. Those songs are less dubstepy and I like them better then most of the newer stuff. thanks

  • 808Pat

    would you ever consider doing a live collab, possibly with a drummer similiar to Break Science or Eoto? If so this kid luke Holland ho did thoe most bad ass drum cover of your song Upside Down would be the perfect man for the job 🙂

  • 808Pat

    would you ever consider doing a live collab, possibly with a drummer similiar to Break Science or Eoto? If so this kid luke Holland ho did thoe most bad ass drum cover of your song Upside Down would be the perfect man for the job 🙂

  • 808Pat

    remix of Wicked Twitch of the West?!? Or at least play it at Eff or something? Love that song, havent heard it live in ages, maybe ever… 🙂

  • Ant

    I like your Smashers and Mashers mix, especially how you went into the political sides and talked about the injustices done by bush and such. Also inspire the empathetic, that truth that your giving is just badass as nobody else speaks about these things. My question is kinda multi-faceted, first off any plans on the same thing for obama, also have you heard of the NDAA, and if so what is your perspective/thoughts on this legislation as well as other pieces of legislation such as the Enemy Expatriation Act and HR347 or “tresspass act” as well as CISPA. Also cant wait for June 1 red rocks its gonna be SICK!!!! Thanks for all the badass shows you continue to put on for us!!

  • joe

    hey lorin, just wanna say the 4/20  philly show was the best night of my life because of the absolutely spectacular lightshow and setlist you had. you DEFINE the live edit lmao. anyway the question i have is: I was lookin at your tour sched and it looks like vavavoom tour stretches through september. does this mean your not doing a Bass Island Show this year? Please say it aint so?

  • Lorin, saw you at the House of Blues in Boston a few weeks ago. We passed on Landsdowne St …. I was the one with the shocked face and the Bass Head T that you commented on as we passed. I’m still raving about the show to anyone who’ll listen. It was by far the best show of any genre that I’ve ever seen!
    QUESTION: I’m getting a tattoo of your logo, but how should it be oriented? With the opening and two circles at the top, or turned 90 degrees with the opening and circles facing right (like the blue comment markers below? Your releases generally have the logo facing sideways, but on the Bassnectar clothing the logo always faces up. Thanks! ~Dan

  • Cmorg212

    Just wondering if any other photos are going to be posted from the vava voom tour? I was at bass center V in philly and i would love to see those photos 🙂

  • Nathan Luebbehusen


    I LOVED your show in Indianapolis that kicked off the VAVA VOOM tour. I was so stoked that you chose Indy.  You mentioned it in your 2nd Ustream but can you release more details on the WOW song you played during the set (with Amp Live?)? It was one of the heaviest bass lines I’ve ever felt and I just about lost it.  Details on a release or where to find it?? It’s just too awesome to be a ‘sacrificial lamb’ as you call it.

  • Inquisitive

    What is the big question, of life and everything, which is answered; 42?

  • Jimmy

    Hey Lorin, I have a question for you, what goes through your mind when you are starting a song, id love to know what goes through the mind of a true genius!