May 11th, 2012


Bassnectar at Firefly Music Festival - Vava Voom Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the VAVA VOOM TOUR 2012 to the Firefly Music Festival, taking place July 20th-22nd in Dover, Delaware.

The line-up also includes The Flaming Lips, Lupe Fiasco, Girl Talk, The Black Keys and many more.

This is an All Ages event but under-18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Visit for fireflyfestival.com more info or click below for tickets, available from Monday 5/14/12.

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  • BobbyW.

    what day are you playing!!!! really trying to go cuz this would be the only summer show i would be able to make!!!

    • Firefly festival hasn’t released the day by day schedule yet. When they do, it’ll also be posted on here. stay tuned

      • BobbyW.

        do you think they will do one day tickets as well cuz as of now their not!

        • I just checked all the ticketing options on the website and it looks as though there are only early bird, advanced, and regular three day passes available.
          however, that may change once the regular 3-day passes are sold out. 
          maybe purchase a three day pass now and then sell it to someone if one day passes are available

  • someone31988

    Hey to whoever posts the tour…the main tour page says Delaware, DE! XD

  • BobbyW.

    oh well dropping the $ on a three day ticket next week just to go the day your playing ha!! worth every penny. dont get me wrong just went to starscape paid same price for vip ticket it was fun but rather pay that $ to go where ever you are!!!

  • TravisS.

    bobbyw. i figured id find u here. lol. cant wait till dover.

    • BobbyW.

      hahahaha!!! trying to bassfront whole show!!!!

      • BobbyW.

        to be****

  • BobbyW.

    tickets are ordered Lorin!!! i am going to send this to request line also but I am begging you deeply to please play dubuasca that song alone is mind blowing I want to hear it from your system & your new add ins to it I have yet to expierience it live!!! Going to try to be bassfront for this show!!!!

    • he dropped it at red rocks 🙂 request line it up

      • BobbyW.

        I watched the videos of red rocks! Dubuasca was so serious!!!

        • it’s always really beautiful when he plays it, i get so down on that song, especially live

        • bassrequired

          oh thank god someone else realized this. this years bassline on dubuasca was effin SICK! i wish he’d release it

  • BobbyW.

    make sure you deff go over your time limit since it looks like no one else is going after you!!!

  • BobbyW.

    July 20th!!! Should be bass front whole show!! Would love to meet you & get a pic please talk to crowd afterwards!!!