May 17th, 2012


Bassnectar - Ugly ft. Amp Live - Official VideoWe are thrilled to unveil the official video for “Ugly ft. Amp Live”. After several absurdly fun film shoots, months of editing @duttonfilms, and a lot of laughter, here is our weirdest video to date. Check it out below!

Then, loosen those ugly muscles – send us your photos or videos of your ugliest bass face and win two tickets to see Bassnectar at any summer festival! (UPDATE: THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – CHECK OUT THE WINNER + OFFICIAL VIDEO BELOW)

Family members welcome including disgusted grandmas, horrified parents and grimacing siblings. You do not need to be ugly to win. Just post your photo(s) in the comments below (click +Image in the bottom left of the comment box) or you can post a link to a video you’ve made (make sure to add “Bassnectar – Ugly Contest” to the video title or description).

Feel free to add your pictures to our Facebook wall or tag with @Bassnectar, or tweet @Bassnectar with #bassface, if you want to attract as much attention to your ugly visage as possible, but you have to post something ON THIS PAGE to be eligible to win. Contest closes Thursday May 24th @ 9:00 AM PST.

Our favorite submission will win two tickets to a festival of your choice from our touring schedule. You can check out all our summer tour stops HERE.

UPDATE: And here’s our contest winning entry from Derek Gardner:

  • Alison Laird


    • Alison Laird

      I had an amazing time taking the pictures for this contest!  I was even able to convince my photography major friend to snap the photos 🙂  The background is an abstract acrylic painting on canvas, with the Bassnectar logo chalked atop it, courtesy of yours truly.  Bassfaces were plentiful on-set as we jammed to the SICK album that is VAVA VOOM!  RVA gettin’ UGLY!!!

      • That is sick! Thanks for sharing

        • Alison Laird

          Thanks!  I feel honored to have been considered 🙂

  • Geoff LaVoy3

    Ugly! This contest provided me with probably one of the “Ugliest” photo shoots I’ve ever taken by myself hahaha! Thanks for the contest! BTW, great show in Seattle on May 12th! Glad to have seen my second Bass Center! (San Fran & Seattle). 

    • Geoff Lavoy3

      Guess my photo was sent through email instead of posting on here… BASSHEAD!

  • Ultimatedancer17

    LORIN!! PLEASE PLEASE consider coming to the new Summerset Music Festival in Somerset WI!!!! It would be indescribable seeing you back in the midwest at a first time festival. BASSHEAD4LIFE <3

  • (:

  • Prepare to be BOOMED! My submission for the “BASSNECTAR – UGLY CONTEST” @Bassnectar #Bassface 

    • BethKirchner

      so much fun making this video!!!

  • Shaggy

    This is our dog Capone (family member) after too much curiosity with a porcupine.  It was pretty ugly!

  • Shaggy

    I almost always make some kind of face in my pictures.  Here’s my ugly balloon face.

  • Ztshuman

    this when i saw u at bonaroo this past summer. amazed check out the girl behind me. face melted.

  • Ztshuman

    this was me at your show at roo in ’11. love to see you again.

  • Ztshuman

    had trouble previous two posts. here it is

  • Ztshuman

    at roo love to see you again

  • Casanovazak

    saw you roo love to see you again check out the face behind me….

  • Jannae Michele

    talk about ultimate bassface @bassnectar:twitter love my friend Christian! beautiful soul 🙂 hope to see you this summer!!! 

  • Tyler Grant

    Bulldog Bassface!! @bassnectar  the ugliest face of them all!!

  • Ryan Plank

    Ugly contest…now this is ugly

  • Parkerce



    • spaceylacey

      ha love yall forkin atrocious creatures <3

  • Sasha Mullins Lassiter

    now i fit in with u uglies.  Understated Gorgeous Lovely Youths.

  •  I wish I was as focused on schoolwork as I am on winning these @bassnectar tickets! If this isn’t dedication than idk what is  :> I LOVE MY UGLY FRIENDS! <3 only 2 days left of this contest & I hope posting the ugliest picture of me EVER via the interwebz is worth it .. haha  #crossingmyfingers ! #bottomrightpic ..&even if I don't win.. my heart will STILL wooble4 U, Lorin! c: 

  • MollDoll13

    those guys in the right are totally checking me out

    • spaceylacey

      those dudes look like ninjas with their matching black turtleneck, styling n sufficating simultaneously, cowabunga time

  • MollDoll13

    those guys in the right are totally checking me out. (Bassnectar – Ugly Contest)

  • Dclarkstew
  • Shaggy

    Ugly Bike Fall.

  • Alicue

    I want to get UGLY in Grant Park!

  • Nathan Renard

    We drop…

  • Nathan Renard

    We drop…

  • Lankster
    Hello Bassnectar! I put alot of time and effort into making this video so I hope you enjoy my interpretation of getting Ugly. Also, since I have your attention… you are one of the reasons I started DJ’ing in the first place. Please continue to do what you do, It means more to me than you could ever know.

  • spaceylacey

    get quasimodo all in this mofro!!  “uuhhh she get it from ‘er momma!!

    and btw dont feel bad for lemmy below, he may be hideous but thank god for fame and metal cus he gets mad vajayjay…

    sending you shit loads of love and light <3 xoxoxo 🙂

  • Luke Stone

    Entangled in UGLY BASS

  • Robby

    Hello all my fellow BASSHEADS!!!! please enjoy my Ugly contest video entry.  I had a lot of fun making it with my family 🙂

  • Zach Baker

    I enjoyed looking at all the creative ways people got UGLY!!! The contests you have are always so much fun. Anyways here’s my take on getting UgLy. Enjoy and please comment!

  • Bratneybabe

    So dirty, so filthy and soooo UGLY!

  • MaeciSha

    — Ugly Contest I would like to thank my disgusting sisters for
    participating and showing their Ugliest Bass Face Reaction! I tried to
    post this video on Youtube but it was immediately blocked so here it is via facebook.

    • MaeciSha

      ^^^^ *disgusted sisters*

  • Ant

    This is my ugliest bass face possible ready to rage

  • Jrhorville

    wait wait wait I’m about to upload!!!

  • Jrhorville

    sooo youtube is uploading my video now, but it says its gonna take a little bit.. wait to check out my video? i worked real hard 😀

  • Casscregg

    I can’t figure out how to get my picture here but I’m gonna tweet the shit out of it lol @casskush needs festival tickets!!

    heres my video, took me about 16 hours of editing/footage, approximately 800 pictures taken from photoboot off my macbook pro, and my neck is killllling me. SEND ME TO CAMP BISCOOOOO John-Robert Horville

    • this is legit ! nice job!

  • 2plyrocksmysocks

    I know the contest is already over but I’d still like to put up my ugly bassface.

  • Reagan Hurley

    I hope you take late entries because I love bassnectar and just saw this:/ here’s my ugliest bassface!

  • Wow, thanks for all your entries, we are amazed at the lengths some of you went to in order to bring your most ugly visages to life. This contest is now closed, we’ll announce a winner next week, stay posted…

    • danny worley

      My computer is slowed by all the BASS, i hope you consider my GRASSROOTS BASSHEADS UNITE pick!…..when we hear BASS sometimes we mean mug!

  • Trivium696

    “Bassnectar-Ugly Contset”

  • Tia

    Bassnectar-Ugly Contest
    Ugliest bass face……
    Just got the invite, hope you take late entries!!!!

    • The contest has unfortunately already ended

  • danny worley


  • was there a winner announced yet!!???

    • Not yet, will be announced this week, stay posted

  • Mariah_phipps

    we loveeee Lorin!!!!!! #ugly #bassheadforlife 😀

  • we loveeee Lorin!!!! #ugly #bassheadforlife ;D

  • Mariah_phipps

    we loveeee Lorin!!! #ugly #bassheadforlife ;D

  • Here’s the winner! Congrats to Derek Gardner who wins two tickets to his choice of festival (Bisco, as it turns out). Check out his video here, and big love to everyone who entered especially people who made elaborate videos, we watched every single one of them and will be posting some of the other videos later.

  • neck.back.pain:)

    mezmerizing the ultra, timestrech, cozza frenzy and a few mix tapes got me zoned in and straight GOT DOWN for a Six hour tattoo sesh. all smiles and bright colors..i love flowas! love you all too!!…followers find a job, leaders make a job …