May 14th, 2012


Bassnectar - VAVA VOOM - the new albumBecause you demanded it!

Lorin pulls back the curtain to the Amorphous lab once again, revealing the behind-the-scenes scoop on on every track from VAVA VOOM. You can listen to each track as you read about it, plus check out videos and follow featured artists.

Move your cursor over the below image to display tags, and hover over each tag to reveal info, audio, videos and more. Tags next to track numbers are audio streams or videos, and tags following each track title feature Lorin’s exclusive background info plus and other bits and bobs.

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  • This is super cool! Thanks.

  • cherushi2

    Oh my goodness, I love when artists let their fans in on their creative processes. Lorin, you’re amazing! Thank you so much!!! <3 

  • Benjamin Gardner

    I just recently graduated from college and as a graduation gift my parents are flying me out to Colorado from Atlanta, Georgia for the back-to-back Red Rocks shows. I know this is asking a lot, but this trip would be made all the more amazing if I could meet Lorin. I just want to shake his hand and thank him for having such an amazingly positive impact on my life. Thank you for your time. 

  • someone31988

    Awesome read, man. I especially loved the mixing done on “Nothing Has Been Broken” for when the song is played live. Not only are the lyrics powerful, the song is physically powerful as well. The bass gets so deep, that it literally felt a little breezy in The Congress Theater as a result.

  • Sheer Genius….
    your an amazing and inspirational human being to us all!

    Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication…its so powerful and the movement you have created is only getting larger by the day…can’t wait to ride that BASS WWAAVVEE

  • Ultimatedancer17

    Lorin you are so brilliant!!

  • Treypowers5789

    i respect what you do more and more everyday lorin.

  • Amandamoyr

    Lorin, Are you sure your not Jesus?

  • Jessicagentry

    I saw you in Birmingham and the show was stellar!! I listen to your music everyday and this album is amazing! You rock my socks off man! Mad love

  • There is a lot of dub step crap out there, and then there is Bassnectar.  Love you!!!

  • Nikolaihansen

    what a treat to read and learn about these tracks. Listening to your albums is like rewatching pulp fiction or reservoir dogs, every time I listen, I hear something new, or have a new perspective and idea about the song. Truly inspirational!

  • Noelle

    you are so amazing! i appreciate and i love reading how you thought of each of these new tracks. you are truly an inspiration!

  • Jack Straw

    There are plenty of good artists out there but you take this to a whole other level. Your love for your fans is amazing. You’re going to be my resident DJ in Club Heaven!

  • Kyle Bruen

    Isn’t it JanTsen? Anyway, ‘What’ and ‘Nothing Has Been Broken’ are my favs. Love the notes, always cool to know the back story.

  • Hypnosis is a riddle.

  • Dgiovannini0426

    This makes me appreciate an already very appreciated album even more!

  • Theakashicexperiment

    props to seth drake… the stuff he did for hollow point is unfuckwithable

  • Breck Moltz

    Hey Lorin, I gotta be honest with ya brotha I wasn’t diggin Vava Voom as much as Divergent Spectrum. When DS came out I was like hell yea, shits gettin heavy now haha. I listened to that album everyday for like a month. Saw ya in St. Paul in September and had the time of my life 🙂 I’ve been to 3 shows now and that one was my fav. I just missed the family photo too 🙁 4 feet to the right and you could see me goin nutz haha. Now Vava Voom was good but not the best (in my opinion.) My favorite song is probly Vava Voom with ping pong close behind. I also love what you did with laughter crashendo. I know I just murdered that word but you get the idea haha. I was sceptical at first thinkin oh boy is LC gonna be all chopped and screwed? But I love it 🙂 I have listened to Vava Voom repeatedly since it came out haha. For the longest time that was the only cd in my deck. I gotta point out that when I saw you in Madison this year I was blown away by the led panels when ping pong came on. I’ve never seen anything like that. I’m totally gonna bring a camel bak next time. I’m not diggin the dehydration and headaches afterwards. But anyway, tell your crew to keep up the good work. Especially your lighting designer. Keep the beats comin and keep up the good work!

  • The Vava Voom video was evolutionary, and people will eventually get it. The video is ahead of it’s time. You and Lupe, both, could send a powerful message to this world, and I hope you get that chance.