June 14th, 2012


Bassnectar - VAVA VOOM SPRING TOUR VideoThe last 6 months have been absolute madness and we’d like to thank each and every one of you who made the VAVA VOOM SPRING TOUR so crazy.

Relive the experience and flex your bass faces with our brand new tour recap video.

  • Intrinziq

    no red rocks?!

    • Earthling 01001010

       Pshh, I’m sure they’re saving the RR madness for a feature length film!
      Hahaha, those two night were beyond royal and I’m sure you exactly what I mean.

      • Earthling 01001010


    • gzus

      sad sad saaaad, diss

  • DaBalls

    Can’t wait for Lolla! 

  • Bklyn Dixon

    Best in the game. 

  • Omar A Murib

    Really woosey not to have the DENVER crew up there we have been there since the FIRST bass center and sold out every time you have came to this Mile High State whether it be SNOWBALL or RED ROCKS for TWO NIGHTS !! and still No Love … Sad Day  

    • This is for the Spring portion of the tour. I think Red Rocks was considered part of the summer festivities. There will surely be a video for the summer recap including CO 🙂

    • gzus


  • Omar A Murib

    Just cause we show our love doesn’t mean we got to get stepped on and forgotten … shit we work hard and save money all year to make it out to them shows and just like that it shows once ya big, little people are forgotten … Just another Dot on the map for some guaranteed sell out shows, talk about cash in the bank … I remember seeing you in 2007 opening up for Glitch mob at Cervantes if Memory serves me right before the Blow up and Bass Invasion consumed the minds of these kids

    • Earthling 01001010

      Don’t ever feel personally attacked over a post. You and the ‘DENVER crew’ are not forgotten- I promise. You family.

      • Omar A Murib

        I know I didn’t mean to sound so Butt Hurt lol but if anything that shows how much we care and wanna show our support . Regardless Hope to see you again maybe the Pepsi Center … If Jay-Z can do it there’s NO DOUBT that you can’t my friend 

    • Bartons30

      yo Omar, qiut being a di*k! if you look denver wasnt even on the “spring tour” the whole video do you see denver??? i didnt think so buddy.          bye the way Tallahassee was amazing thank you Lorin. cant wait for COUNTERPOINT MUSIC FEST!!!  P-A-R-T-WHY because i gotta.

  • reediculous

    i like turtles!!!

  • Rworley

    I agree with omar, a shot of red rocks would have looked real nice in this video. either way, good shit and keep bringing it. 

  • Qbass68

    excellent tour, as always. i got to see you at jujubeats 09, and since then, i cant get enough!
    much love and respect, hope to catch you for many tours to come.

    ps. i would love it if i could find one of your live sets from your tour in a good quality. i always buy all your cds and have all your sets for DL, but you know theres nothing like one of your live sets.

    • lorin says the live sets are catered to the live experience and the people experiencing it, and he likes to keep it that way 🙂 that’s not verbatim, but basically since he interacts with the crowd SO much during a live set, and really responds to each particular crowd with his music, he intends for the live set to be just for those people that are a part of it. and therefore the live sets and setlists are not readily available 🙂 luckily there are always more nectar shows that you yourself can attend!

  • n0v8


    gives me flashbacks…from heaven? (i think so)

  • Kenster707e

    ?why didnt you hit up SF?

    • he says if they ever skip a place it’s cuz they’ve got plans in the works 🙂
      he was very close to SF though on the spring tour. sometimes you gotta make the drive if you want to drink the nectar 🙂

  • Mkijanowski

    rocked the house in chicago to bad it was so hot the speakers stopped working for a sec. lol but lorin was so kind to stop to give everyone a well needed rest and i think the temp must have dropped 20 degrees in the 5 minutes. lol i spent 60 dollars just in water and if your people didn’t walk around with water someone would have passed out for sure so much respect that. keep the sold shows coming to chi town we loved u at north coast, college town  and the congress rape house (much love for looking out for your fans with security) ill keep my bass face waiting for you to return.

    • thanks for recognizing the ambassadors =) i’m glad we could help out. i gave out so much water to so many grateful people both nights of chicago, and it was very fulfilling.

  • Three_Card

    I was there… TWICE. Warmed up in Madison, WI and then brought it down in Morrison, CO @ Redrocks. Unbelievable experience, Lorin. I believe I owe you a drink somewhere! 

  • Ayrexxx

    Badass video, diggin the editing! Yo, I don’t know why you guys are feeling so left out..there’s at least two epic ass shots of redrocks in there. I was at the first show..which rocked the fuggin house nonstop, p.s. props to Diplo, killed it! Been a fan since Florida and the live show was nuckin fasty. pps. best Bassnectar show/set I’ve had the surreal pleasure of being at. Freakin basseizures and zombie dances on bass drops allll night, grins ear to ear. Vava Voom Unda the Moon Real Life Cartoon Bada Bing Bada Boom!!!

    • tiffany21

      Red Rocks is not in the video.

  • BobbyW.

    Philly & Richmond!!! was so glad to be apart of this wish i could be at every show!! will be at deleware in july though spending the $ on a three day just to come the day you play!!!! No one out there can transition a song like you can its amazing i dont understand lol!!! keep up the work cuz i have alot of shows to catch from you so east coast it up as much as possible!!!!

    BNF 100%

    • quinny68

      So true with the transitions!! Haha

  • Bettybetty42

    I hope you know that your show more than exceeds your expectations!!! I am 41. I have been a Bass head for a really long time…lol. The experience you give is by far the best show (visual and sound) I have ever seen. If it doesn’t rattle in my soul its just not working!! Looking forward to your next trip to the FL!!! Peace and Love and Bass in Your Face 🙂

  • Rachlbyrd

    Amazing experience! Can’t wait to do it again. My little 100lb 5’1 self pushed my way to the very very front, was a lot more comfortable there 🙂 Also, big ups to the bass crew that was pouring water into peoples mouths, that helped A LOT! Especially since WAMU Theater (Seattle) wouldn’t allow bottled water and they gave us CUPS WITH NO LIDS. Complete chaos. 

    • hell yeah 🙂 the ambassadors do a good job for sure. it’s such a good program to have in place, and i love when people like you recognize what great work the ambassadors do

  • Stephaniej531

    i think you should come to Colorado more

    • gzus

      what are all these surprise dates agghhh!

  • Mikayla Hellwich

    It’s… it’s so beautiful. I liked the “flashbacks from heaven” comment. So true. I was in Richmond this year, can’t WAIT to see you at Electric Forest and then hopefully at CounterPoint. I dunno if you realize Lorin, but this is the music of revolution. You, and guys like Pretty Lights and Big Gigantic…. this music literally changes the world and pushes culture in such a positive direction. Just thanking you could not possibly be enough.

  • lil T whomp

    everytime is like the first time all over again

  • KWLK75

    Please come 2 Berlin! Gretchen maybe? Youre gonna Enjoy it! Tc K.

  • To whom it may concern (whether it be Lorin or the Bassnectar team):
    Recently I tried to purchase the Bassnectar Divergent Spectrum hoodie and I was unable to get it because my size was sold out. Can you suggest any way I can get that hoodie in a small (besides emailing the merchandising website)? I would really appreciate it, I’ve been trying to save up to get that hoodie for a long time now and I was pretty bummed to find out it was sold out once I got the money for it. Any help would be great for sure! Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Cassandra – very sorry but that hoodie is sold out in every size except Large (one left) and XXL (about a dozen left). After that this hoodie will be all gone, most likely forever, so I would either settle for a Large or find another hoodie. Sorry not to have better news but this hoodie has been available for a long time, and as it’s attached to an old album it’s very unlikely we will do another print run. 🙁

  • soooo will you be coming back to NY and be doing BASS ISLAND again this summer?! I hope so last year was so epic

  • Tiffany21

    helloooooo! Red Rocks is part of the SUMMER TOUR. Lorin loves Red Rocks…you think hes going to leave it out of his recap video? haha. Common now guys….

  • EP

    There will be a vid for the Red Rocks shows im sure in the makings!!! just like if you remember the one they made last year!!! chill out people!!! Basss and his Crew are BUSY hahahhaa

  • Jennifyer


  • The red rocks video wasn’t part of his spring tour. Colorado gets mad love man, two nights at red rocks and headlined snowball past two years. Bass knows you guys love him out there but he needs to show love to the whole country right now, Colorado isn’t the only place showing Lorin love

  • zeej2020

    Vava Voom for the X games! love it!

  • stevenjump89

    ive been trying to use my vava voom single download code on, but it doesn’t work. for the last three days it says “this album is temporarily unavailable” can i get some help, i want these files so bad.

    • still having trouble? did you contact customer support with

  • e daddy

    Seattle was the most amazing concert ever, keep comin thru and im buying everytime…

  • ridiculous wobble

    where is the florida tour you usually do 5 shows in the fall i usually end up doing at least 3 where’s the love ultra is wack thats not love. You know you cant resist all the fine ass in MIAMI

    • he just did those five shows in the fall! i’m sure he will be back through sometime after summer festivals 🙂

  • nattytrip

    There will probably be a DVD at red rocks. So everyone just relax.

  • Bassmksmecum

    M I A M I LoVeS BaSsS!!! come here morrrrrr

  • Andrew S

    YO you ate my brain at Firefly music festival u can keep it

  • Chi-Town was nuts man. You gave our senior something to remember. Id love it if you could come to our home town of Louisvlle. Id be sure to throw down even harder. I love your music keep doing a great job. And remember Louisville would look pretty cool on your tour date!

  • BobbyW.

    can someone please tell me the track names to these to songs i have links for that bassnectar has been dropping!!!! if you could please help! songs are trippyyyy!!!

    this link is from electric forest & looking for the drop @3:53

    this next link is from bisco & its just the track i want!!

  • Austin taylor

    I love you bass keep up the good work

  • JTisThis


  • colorado needs to see more of you!

  • Goatie

    VAVA VOOM!!! Bassheads showin love from COLORADO!!!!!