June 5th, 2012


Photo by Heather Marie Ryan & Lia Holland

  • Lmnt oX

    bassnectar, Alaska needs your Love homie!!!! 

  • ngsm13


  • Alexpollakdawg

    Lorin both nights were absolutely AMAZING but i must know the set you played on Friday night was INSANE I have never heard such beautiful dirty beats in my life what were some of those mixes dieing to know!!!

  • Ryankernal

    Must be such a good feeling.

  • Yaady

    Wah Gwan my yute Lorin… Your show at Red Rocks was Mawd!!!! yuh see it.. I was there for both nights and both of your sets were out of this world.. Look up dancehall artist Mavado and try to make a track with him that would be so sick!!!! BLESS UP!!!

  • yoguhgurl

    the most beautiful moment was when you played The End. i can’t put into words how touching it was to hear Jim Morrison’s voice on the best night of my life. forever grateful:)

    • my thoughts exactly 🙂 he always drops something that drops my fuckin jaw

    • LateAndHigh

      Yes!!! The End was awesome because I am a huge fan of the movie Apocolypse Now. Also I was stoked he played Butterfly because it worked really well on the dancefloor