July 2nd, 2012


Bassnectar @ Bestival, UK - VAVA VOOM TOUR 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the VAVA VOOM TOUR 2012 to Bestival on the UK’s Isle Of Wight to help close out the festival on Sunday, September 9th.

Stevie Wonder, Justice, Sigur Ros, Orbital, the xx, SBTRKT, Spiritualized and many more will also be performing!

This is an All Ages event.

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  • Bestival!!!

    Please go old school with you set at Bestival. I know most people over here don’t want to hear your recent bangers that you are playing almost every show in the states. From what I heard about EF you absolutely killed it without playing songs like basshead, the matrix, and pink elephants. Give us a mesmerizing set! The crowd will love the old and the new you have to offer I just ask that you don’t drop a set on us that is extremely generic with all of your newer hits. Haven’t seen you in a while because I was getting bored but I am very excited to see what you are going to do to us at bestival!

    • I can guarantee you beyond 100% that he will play one of the sickest sets you have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Regardless of where he plays/what he plays it blows my mind every-time like clock work man!

      • Bestival!!!

        Craig i’ve had the pleasure of seeing bassnectar since 06. I have heard him play completely different sets throughout the years. Unfortunately I like his older music much better than his newer stuff. I know we are bound to hear a bunch of new stuff but I would love to get an old school set mixed in with all of his new shit. EF went very old school from what I heard and I would love him to do somewhat of a repeat of that kind of set obviously not a repeat though. There is no way he is topping some of my favorite nectar set unless he brings his own sound and happens to get really dirty but still excited to see him where I live now! Was kind of stunned when I saw his name on the lineup but don’t worry ill be front and center on the rail. When you see me Lorin I think you’ll know who’s been writing these comments. Can’t wait to see you again its been too long but last years regen set after roo, starscape, and red rocks I was just very disappointed. I felt like i was getting the same banger at each of those shows with very little diversity. Please don’t disappoint I’ve talked you up to a bunch of my UK friends going who know they scene out here very well and last year at bestival the crowd has no hesitation at yelling at andy c for playing a wake set and he is an ideal out here especially playing arcadia at bestival. I was surprised I love that man and in all fairness it was a pretty bad set but be prepared if you don’t impressed the UK crowd will make their opinion known.

  • Wowie! that lineup looks really fun its pretty amorphous looking! I love how festivals not in the states seem so radically different. Well, more-so not on the east coast of the US i hear its pretty lovely on the west end too.