July 23rd, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Fall Tour 2012 to Baton Rouge, LA at the River Center Exposition Hall on Saturday, September 29th!

Due to damage Sugarcane Village has sustained from the heavy weather in Louisiana in recent weeks and stronger than expected ticket sales we are moving this show to the River Center Exposition Hall in Downtown Baton Rouge. This will ensure that no matter what the weather and the attendance this will be the biggest and best experience possible for all! We can’t wait to see you all on September 29th! We will be contributing a $ from every ticket sold to the local Red Cross, and encouraging everyone to participate in a special food drive, more info coming soon!

We are excited to welcome VibeSquaD, Opiuo, and Gladkill to the line-up for this event!

This is an 18+ Age Limit show.

Doors: 7:00 PM

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  • bryanl311

    where is this?

    • It’ll be held at the Sugarcane Village in Baton Rouge.

      • WOMP-Star Taylor

        I think i is off COllege Drive somewheres… unsure of the exact location but it is on the google map

  • WOMP-Star Taylor

    The only problem with this is that all the real BASSHEADS in baton rouge will be at Counterpoint Fest in Atlanta… cant believe I will have to miss this. Bassnectar in Baton Rouge 2 years ago was an “All-time” epic show, ask anyone around!

    • seeodwhy

      This show makes me feel a little better about missing counterpoint!

    • Hiiiideaway07

      i’ll be at Counterpoint ragin with you brotha

    • dr3w

      the real BASSHEADS will be repping Louisiana at the Bassnecter show out here. This show is the reason Im missing counterpoint.

  • aDAMN

    i second the counterpoint comment. would be sweet to have this show on sunday so we could make a bassnectar filled weekend at counterpoint AND the homefront.

  • Tony

    There is an LSU football game in Baton Rouge this night…

    • jeffnectar

      oh snap, thats not good.

    • Hiiiideaway07

      against Idaho… prioritize my man, this is BASSNECTAR

    • 1rst-run

      tailgaiting could be xtended thru sunday on the levy, cows…

  • Julie

    Why have I never heard of the Sugercane Village? But I guess I’ll find out because I bought my tickets!

  • Kee

    Im so friggin ecstatic! I pray to God that hopefully no hurricane comes or i’ll cry

    • MJLeleaux

      Bassnectar outside in a hurricane sounds pretty fucking epic to me. Provided we’re not knocked out by a tree or flood waters I guess..

  • I really want to go to this concert but I’m not 18. If you have your parents with you or something can you go? This so close to my birthday and this is what I want to do.

    • I believe that everyone in attendance needs to be 18 or older. I can double check for you though.

      • Yup, 18+ only, sorry @facebook-100001492936687:disqus

  • Anyone know of an address for sugarcane village? It may just be in some backwoods cane field

  • BASS Monster

    Hey Guys, The address for Sugarcane Village is the following… 14200 River Road, Baton Rouge, LA

    • Thanks, people were starting to think this place is a mythic forgotten village.

    • axcripledxcamel

      umm…google maps shows this to be an empty field is that right?

      • It’s a new venue so it’s not showing up online, but address is confirmed. Although a Bassnectar show in an empty field would be most excellent…

        • axcripledxcamel

          i went to 14200 river road and the only thing around was this hotel in the process of being built. The rest was greenery and cows

          • It’s a new space right next to the hotel/casino. According to the promoter a
            new sign is going up in the the next few weeks and it is set
            off the road a bit.

          • Boredomkillstime

            Those lucky cows! Bass in their faces- boom boom boom!

  • bryanl311

    i’ll b at counterpoint! if anyone in the baton rouge/new orleans area wants to carpool we have an extra spot.just leave your email as a reply and i’ll get back to u!……basshead!

  • BassInYoFace

    Im 17, would i be able to get in if i went with a friend who is 18? (I would like an answer from someone who has been to Sugarcane Village.)

    • Well I haven’t been to the Sugarcane Village, and very few people will have as it’s a brand new venue (I’m not sure it’s even open yet)… but I can tell you they’ll be checking IDs for over-18s only, so I’m afraid you won’t able to get in. Hopefully next time we’ll be in an All Ages venue, or you’ll meet the age requirement – sorry it didn’t work out for you this time.

  • 1rst-run

    4 weeks! butterflies already!

  • LaraKat

    VIP available? Details?

    • No VIP available as far as we know

      • LaraKat

        Heard that. Thanks! Keep me updated please, Basshead here 🙂

  • Diamond Eye

    hopefully this means its gonna be an outdoor event, No rules in BR and outside shit can get wild

  • Mr. Skeptic

    Uhhh yeah according to the bassnectar facebook page, this show is not happening, but according to Opiuo and Vibe SquaD its happening. Bassnectar is not going to be there.

    • We’re making an announcement regarding this show tomorrow. I’ve not seen anything official on Facebook regarding cancellation.

      • LaraKat

        Guyssssss….me and a group of friends just bought our tickets…This would be a huge (understatement) disappointment. SAY IT AIN’T SO?

        • All tickets are still valid, do not fear!

  • ATLbasshead

    Absolutely stoked for this show. I’m from Atlanta and I’m not going to Counterpoint so I can attend. I know Lorin is going to throw down and I can’t wait to finally see all of these Baton Rouge Bassheads going crazy!!!

  • bee

    So the event is now in river center explosion hall and NOT sugarcane village? and will IDs be checked since it is an 18+ show? CAN’T WAIT!!!

    • Yes, the event has been relocated to the River Center Explosion Hall.
      Everyone must have a valid state ID to get in. (school ID’s don’t count)

      • Brittany

        will IDs be checked by the gate or what? I’ve never been to a show that I had to show an ID before. Are they scanned?

        • The age on the ID will be checked by hand on the way into the venue. If you have a ticket but you’re not 18+ you will not be allowed entry into the venue. Sorry to all under-18s, we try and make our shows open to as many people as possible, but have to work within local laws/regulations.

  • Even though my ticket i printed offline says sugarcan village. Will ibe able to get into the show now thats its at the river center exposition hall?

    • Yep, I am pretty sure you are all set to go. Make sure you bring a valid ID

  • bass in my face

    can i bring my old Louisiana license that has a hole in it, its still isnt expired… would that still be able to work.

    I lost my lisences last time at a bassnectar show, :/ it was a bitch getting a new one.

    • Since it is still valid, I am guessing if the hole isn’t through your picture, name, or date of birth, you will be okay.

      • bass in my face

        sounds good. everything is shown fine. and will there be alcohol at the venue?

  • anonymous

    Why must this concert have an age limit D:

    • Colleen

      we try to make as many shows as possible open to all ages, but there are local laws/regulations and other considerations that sometimes take precedence. i hope you can make it out to another show.

  • Bill Clinton

    Is bassnectar going to be there?

    • Colleen

      bassnectar will be headlining with supporting acts from VibeSquaD, Opiuo, and Gladkill

  • bass in my face

    how much will ticket be at the door?

  • Guest

    what time will bassnectar set be at? and

  • bass in my face

    what time does bassnectar come on? Is there an after parrty?

    • Colleen

      we don’t release set times, sorry
      no official after party for this one

  • Andrew S.

    Can a 17 yr old go? That stinks it’s 18+!! My sister wants to go badly but she’s 17.

    • Colleen

      sorry, it’s a strict 18+ age limit

  • BASS

    what if you dont have an ID because you don’t drive… what are you supposed to do in that situation?

    • You can get a state ID card without having a license.
      Valid driver’s license and state ID’s will be accepted for age requirements.

  • Kace

    Will tickets be available at door?

    • Colleen

      yes! while they last.