July 23rd, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Fall Tour 2012 to Columbus, OH at Lifestyle Pavilion on Wednesday October 3rd!

We are excited to welcome Gramatik and Gladkill to the line-up for this event!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM


Facebook RSVP

No outside water is allowed – you can refill purchased bottles inside. No bags or totems allowed.

  • Hitting this one up! Anyone down to car pool from the cicagoland area?

  • David Hughes

    HELL YES. Shall be in attendance.

  • Awall

    This is gonna be DOPEfresh!!!!!!

  • DBo

    Any idea what time this show will go till? How about 5AM?

    • megan!

      11pm then after party at Bluestone!

    • We don’t release end times unless they are early (before midnight). So
      this will run later than midnight. Anyone who says it ends earlier is
      trying to sell tickets to their “after party”.

  • Jeff

    Lifestyle Pavilion is a sweet venue. You are getting bigger and bigger with your venues though – I hope you will still play tiny venues (I remember seeing you twice in a tiny club in Bloomington, the Blue Bird Night Club maybe?) because they have different energies for sure!

  • BassAddict

    Anyone know if your allowed to bring glowsticks? If so we are turning htis bitch into a fucking rave! Glowstick throws during drops rage sticks and everything!

    • Colleen

      no glowsticks please 🙂 they’re wasteful and people always end up chucking them at the stage, which is detrimental to the experience for everyone. we do always encourage high-quality, battery-powered LED lights/toys, venue permitting

      • Deen aka dAd aka Matronda

        I have flowtoys and I’m thinking I’ll have to smuggle them in.The LCP didn’t allow anything that was shaped like a stick and lit up. Ruthless

        • Some dude

          Hide ’em in your shoe, last time I went to a show there the cops just told everyone to hide their shit in their shoes so they didn’t have to deal with it.

  • Arthur Rocks

    WoW…NO TOTEMS. I should have known this well air conditioned venue would be that cold. 1984? I guess were going to have to rage the LC to the ground in protest. GO ahead LC…take my clothes, my inflatable alien (Matronda), my poi, and even my life nurturing water. I’ll still have way too much fun and you can stay being a GRINCH.

    • Yeah it’s a shame. Say hi to Matronda.

      • I’m currently at the Werk Out getting my Tron on. You’ll see me in Columbus skankin all over the crowd unless security takes me. Peace is the only way!!!!!!!!!!!


    • I didn’t realize trolls ate glow sticks.

  • are camelbaks allowed in the venue? or r they considered bags?

    • I believe that is considered a bag. I will check into this for you. stay tuned.

    • Colleen

      i don’t think camelbaks will be allowed 1) because they will probably be deemed ‘bags’ and 2) because this venue specifically states that you can refill PURCHASED bottles, which leads me to believe they will not want people refilling camelbaks.

    • No outside water and no bags… so double no camelbaks! But you can refill purchased water bottles inside, so buy one at the very beginning of the night and hit the Ambassadors or bathrooms for free water.

  • jimixblack

    are flowtoys allowed? i have led poi i would love to bring and get down with!

    • Unsure about that. Each venue is different and I’ve never been to this one.
      You can reach the venue at
      (614) 461-5483

      and ask if they’re permitted for this event.

    • Keasbey Knight

      If they shut us down, how about a Poi takeover outside the venue when the shows over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • someone31988

    Awesome that the tour is going back to this venue; it’s a really nice, solid place. I saw my first Bassnectar show here in April 2011 when I chose to make the trek to Columbus after the Kalamazoo show sold out on me.

  • bl33d gr33n

    any additional tickets available at the door?

    • Colleen

      nope – sold out!

  • Shane Martin


  • Kristin

    Anyone know how long the show goes on tonight? Possibility of scalpers before the event? I need a ticket!! Ppllleeeaaazzzz

    • It’ll be a later show, either to midnight or later.

  • Tyler

    Anyone have tickets , text me at 6068752899

  • Im looking for two tickets. If anyone has extra please text me at 740-360-2999

  • kenny

    need a ticket ppl! email me if you got one! kmslacrosse43@gmail.com