July 23rd, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Fall Tour 2012 to Bloomington, IL at the US Cellular Coliseum on Thursday, October 4th.

We are excited to welcome Gramatik and Gladkill to the line-up for this event!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 6:00 PM

Click here for tickets

Facebook RSVP

Empty camelbacks and 1 empty water bottle per person are allowed, non-professional cameras are allowed, and totems are allowed.

  • I’m totally there!

  • so going! 4 days before i turn 20!

    • lilriz92

      no fucking way! i turn 20 on oct 8th too!

  • round 2

  • Last year was KILLER.
    See all you freaks there again 🙂

  • Last year was epic, will be hard to top it, but I won’t be missing it!! That’s for sure!

  • JumpedtheGun

    Are these Floor tickets or just seated, its not specified

    • looking into it now

    • Chicagobasshead

      I’m wondering the same thing. I really hope they are floor general admission

    • I think these would be floor seats because I guess you can say these are presale tickets so I’m sure its floor

    • Word is that this show will be first come first served. If you’d like to be on the floor, arrive early!

    • They stated on ticketmaster that the floor tickets are first come first serve this year. Kinda sucks. They start giving out wristbands at 5PM

  • How can you see how many tickets have been sold?

    • chicagobeatfreak

      you cant. for any show ever.

    • You can’t.
      I wouldn’t advise waiting on getting these tickets, though. They’re sure to go fast!

  • Last Year was nutz cant wait to rage in round 2.. Thanks for coming back !!!

  • Jeremy


    • chicagobeatfreak

      cant all be winners

  • honestly last yr he played this same venue in oct also and it was fucking amazing everywhere in the building on the floor and in the seats..even better than seeing him in philly and bonnaroo

  • Last year the tickets were if you bought them on the Bassnectar Pre-Sale, they were floor tickets. Then when they went to ticketmaster they sold them as FLOOR GA and GA…which was kinda dumb which made everyone confused.

    Now if you look on ticket master right now the tix state they’re for the lower floor / bowl GA. Looks like they’re selling floor tix until they’re gone, then moving to seated GA.

  • dUbeats

    I think last year was the deal was that the earlier you actually you purchase you’re tickets the better chance you have ‘Floor/Ground Level’ printed on you’re ticket. HOWEVER, if you get their early you can shibby you’re way onto the floor without an issue as long as you are not salt bag if asked to see you stub.

  • dUbeats


  • All tickets are general admission, but there will be limited wrist bands so get your ass to the front of the line if you want floor!

    • Colleen

      indeed, this show should be first come first served

  • i hope they do a better job at gates this time, last year we didnt even get in tilll the end of eoto, in line for 3 hours

    • kel

      security was terrrible. got there super early but still waited in line forever because everyone just surged forward. hope it goes better this time!

      • Get there early again this year and hopefully they remember the massive crowd Lorin attracts to his shows and put a few more security guards on duty that night!

  • kel

    bought my tickets right away when the pre-sale opened and i think it said i have to pick up my tickets from the coliseum. anyone else in the same boat/know any info about that?

    • Colleen

      if you bought the advanced bassnectar.net tickets then yes, they are will call. will call usually opens an hour to a half an hour before doors open, so just arrive to the venue and it should be indicated or otherwise obvious where you pick up your tickets. make sure to bring a valid ID!

      • kel

        Sounds great! Thank you!!

  • Can’t wait to see all the beautiful bass heads mesh and mingle for round 2. I am eager to feel the wobbles to make my face clown with the sound.

    I will COZZA FRENZY 😉

  • Eric Mallon (Bartnectar)

    everyone keep an eye out for a sign of bart simpson under heavy bass influence. I’ll be roaming around the stadium waving it high, but once nectar takes the stage, I’m going in to the belly of the beast. dont be scared to come say whats up though!

    • Make sure you arrive early to the venue to secure a floor wristband if you and Bart want to rage in the pit!

  • i met him there last year and raged front row all night it was the SHITTT

  • Phillup Onex

    Cant wait

  • I went to this last year and it was my first show… I had a wild experience and I am a show fanatic now! Thank you Bassnectar!

  • Ian

    Are glow sticks allowed?

    • No. Glow sticks aren’t allowed at any Bassnectar event. Not only are they wasteful and bad for the environment, but they also tend to get thrown on stage, and they don’t belong up there.
      We do however encourage LED toys, venue permitting.

  • So I’m seeing on the comments hurr that floor is gonna be first come first serve…wristbands being handed out at 5pm? Is that the truth? Can anyone confirm? Even if you bought tix off the nectar pre-sale?

    • Colleen

      that is correct. regardless of what tickets you bought, it will be first come first served for access to the floor. venue staff will be handing out wristbands at the main entrance. Wristbanding will begin at 5pm, and doors open at 6pm

      • That’s pretty bogus

        • chicagobeatfreak

          floor sucks anyways.

  • Susie

    what happens if you dont get there in time and dont get a wristband? its a 3 hour drive for me and i have school that day… will they actually enforce it and not allow people who dont have wristbands onto the floor?

    • They will be enforcing it. All of the staircases leading down to the floor have security at the bottom. You must present a wristband pass them. I can honestly assure you thought that if you stand facing directly towards the stage in the bleachers, you will have the best view in the venue. 🙂

      • Susie

        :/ thank you. do you know how many wristbands they have to give out?

        • I am unsure of that. You can call them and ask the GA Floor capacity for this event though. 309 – 434 – 2843

  • Larron Allen

    Hey Nectar lovers. My names Larron, I’m 18. And wondering if anyone knows of places to stay in bloomington. I’m from Naperville, so I have to take the train in the day before and leave friday but as now a week before the show, I have no place to stay the nights I’m there. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know!

    • Larron Allen

      My number is 16308151740 for serious suggestions!

    • If you have a Facebook, I could link you up with some people who may be able to help. If you’d like, send me an e-mail at Kyrian_beebop@yahoo.com with your facebook and I can try and help get you situated!

  • IFoundMollie

    Are we 100% positive that they let you bring totems in? I just don’t want ours to be taken away

    • Colleen

      yes on totems 🙂 you’re good to go
      shouts out to all totem crews



  • Jay

    Anyone lookin for tickets? Got one message me thisjayjay(at)gmail(dot)com

  • What’s the word on bringing LED’s like gloves, hoops, and all that jazz? Yay or nay??

    • Colleen

      checking on this — hope to have info in time for the show. check back

    • Colleen

      got the info!

      Costumes (at US Cellular Coliseum discretion – they can’t include fake weapons, face masks, or anything that blocks the view of anyone else)
      Reusable light up toys – including LED gloves, etc
      Hula Hoops
      Non Professional Cameras
      Totems – no larger than 6′ tall (at US Cellular Coliseum discretion)
      One (1) empty plastic water bottle to be refilled inside the venue
      Empty Camelbak-style water bladder systems – these will be inspected upon entry into the venue.

      Illegal items of any kind
      Weapons of any kind
      Outside food and beverages
      Large Backpacks or purses
      Professional Cameras, Video or Audio equipment
      Stickers, Glitter, Silly String
      Water Guns or Water Balloons
      Laser Pointers

  • Guest

    is anyone leaving from around Brookfield, IL that has an extra spot? I want to get there early so I can get there floor. please let me know asap!

    • Colleen

      brookfield would be out of the way for us (comin from michigan). but if you could make it to a nearby city south of there e.g. joliet or hammond then we could scoop you. will be rolling through that area around 3:30 central time.

    • I am in the Wheaton area… i got seats open

  • is anyone leaving from around Brookfield, IL that has an extra spot? I want to get there early so I can get the floor. Brookfield is right by the Zoo just outside the city in between I55 or 290. Please anyone who could help would be an instant rage fam member! One love and can’t wait to see everyone there!

    • Shaun! what is up dude. I didn’t know you were going to this show! I’ll add you to something on Facebook real fast hopefully you can get a ride through it

  • lets all rage this weekend in yorkville at hide-a-way lakes since camp euphorest is canceled. invite all your friends. it is camping so bring a tent.

  • Nectarfan

    Do we have to bring a state I.D. even though its all ages

    • Colleen

      if your tickets are will call you’ll need a valid ID to claim them

  • basswreck

    Hey do you know if i have will call tickets and i arrive super early will i be able to get a wristband with just my email confirmation?

  • LSDynamite

    Bassnectar Camp After party!!! Ima be camping in yorkville at hide-a-way lakes with a shit ton of ppl!! Have our own little fest since camp Euphorest got canceled 🙁

  • cool to bring my gloves?

  • Sharon

    sooo…. what do these wristbands look like

  • noober

    doors open at 6 but what time does the show start?

  • gypsy

    Love 4u my bros n sistas. Nothing but positively happy pure delicious vibes were tossedaround that bass coluseium!

  • AMAZING!!!! had to stand in line for a wristband for 4 hours then people just bum rushed the floor… kinda defeated the purpose of getting there early.

    • More time to spend with everyone when you get there early!

  • where do u find the picture frames they were taking photos of durring the line for the floor braclets

  • Angelica Levy

    What time does floor risbands go for sale in bloomigton?