July 23rd, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Fall Tour 2012 to Lawrence, KS at Burcham Park on Friday, October 5th!

We are excited to welcome Ghostland Observatory, Gramatik and Gladkill to the line-up for this event!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 5:00 PM
End: 11:15 PM

VIP Package Includes:
– VIP Laminate
– VIP area next to stage with private bar and restrooms.
– Limited Edition event poster (redeemed at the show)
– Admission into the official afterparty

Click here for tickets

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  • YAYAYAYYAYAYAA! Can’t stop dreaming about bassnectar since Red Rocks! Thank you for thinking about Kansas! 🙂

    • Crock pot

      I agree! I needed more even after seeing him both nights.

  • rachel

    HELL YEEEUHHH, how cool is this gonna be in burcham park too?! fuck yeah

  • WOOO!!!! Just saw him in KC in April! And now this! STOKED!

  • RollTide

    Stoked EDC wsd the shit

  • Just ordered a vip ticket. never had a vip ticket so could anyone give me some info on what it includes?

    • VIP Package Includes:

      VIP Laminate

      VIP area next to stage with private bar and restrooms.

      Limited Edition event poster (redeemed at the show)

      Admission into the official after party

      • thanks! sounds like itll be worth it, especially the after party

      • Benji

        I just received the pair of VIP tix I ordered. Will I be recieving the laminates the day of the show @ the show??

        • If you didn’t receive them in the mail then it must be true! I will double check and let you know if there’s been a problem, but I reckon you’ll get everything on the night.

  • Namaste

    Hey is the afterparty 21+?? Need to Know before I buy my VIP Ticket

    • Afterparty is all ages just like the main show.

    • john


  • Carter rock

    This will be my 8 th time seeing you at age 16, ACL fest will be my ninth, and the acl preshow the tenth. I want you to play your intergalactic remix so badly! All other 7 times you have not played it. Thanks lorin!

  • OMG Gramatik, G.O. and Lorin in one night?? Time to dust off the ole dancin’ shoes cuz it’s going to be a paaaarrtttyyyy! It would make my night if Blast Off was played!

  • when do we find out the location of the after party?

  • Dude

    Is this for the new album or is it the European Vacation album?

    • This is the Fall Tour! It’s for you! New EP is coming soon though…

      • Dude

        Ya but what songs?

        • Tracklist is still under wraps. Lorin revealed there is a Butterfly remix on there. That’s all I can reveal!

  • Jebediah311

    Where and What is the after party? Also, can you buy tickets without getting VIP?

    • Colleen

      there is no official after party scheduled for this event
      standard admission tickets (i.e., non-VIP tickets) are available at the “CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS” link above

      • Namaste

        I am Very Confused. I bought two VIP Tickets 18 Days ago because Ed Basscrew said the Afterparty is All Ages. Now Your saying there is no Afterparty? Can someone PLEASE Confirm if the Afterparty is On or Off?

    • It’s going down at The Granada from 11:30pm, headlined by Mr FreQ Nasty. You can get tickets without VIP, ticket link and info is over at FreQ’s site: http://freqnasty.com/blog/bassnectar-kansas-afterparty/

  • Namaste

    I am Very Confused. Ed Basscrew said That the Afterparty is All Ages 18 days ago so I bought a VIP Ticket. Now Colleen says there is no Afterparty At All?? What is going on?

  • GEEKsquaD

    So is the show order Gladkill > Gramatik > Ghostland > Bassnectar? And what time does the first act go on?

  • Amanda

    Good morning Colleen, I have sent a couple of emails in regards to conduct an interview for the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS. I am a journalism student at the university. I haven’t got a reply back so I was wondering if you knew how to contact the person in charge of scheduling his agenda? Thank you

    • Colleen

      Sorry Amanda, I don’t have that info
      My best advice for you would be to try reaching out using social media outlets, e.g. twitter

    • Colleen

      Hey Amanda – I don’t have that info, sorry!
      My best advice for you would be to try reaching out via social media outlets, e.g. twitter or facebook

    • Please go to the contact page and select “Press” from the dropdown menu when sending your request: https://www.bassnectar.net/contact/

    • Amanda

      Hey Ed,
      Thank you for your reply. Actually, I have sent three emails that way prior from today. I went ahead and submitted another email. Hope to hear back soon. 🙂

  • fuston

    I’m assuming this is an outdoor show, never been to Burcham Park.

  • I want to upgrade to VIP is that possilbe? I didn’t even see the VIP option on ticketmaster

    • Colleen

      hey girl
      I think VIP might be sold out, which is why it’s not showing on ticketmaster — let me confirm this and i’ll get back to you

      • Plllllease do, I would LOVE to upgrade if possible ! <3

        • Colleen

          hey love, i don’t think they’re available anymore, even if they were available for purchase if you wanted to try to do an upgrade you would need to contact ticketmaster about that, but i don’t think there are any VIP left. sowwy

  • knockedUPnun

    but, Much to my dismay, VIP HAS BEEN CANCELLED!!!?! (refunds:handled! but thats IRRELEVANT) Nonetheless Ashton (&crew) will be coming correct as always. Best to NOT sleep on it.
    p.s.i’m bringing the love of my life, & she’ll be 15 weeks pregnant at that

    • She will be fine! I’d suggest to maybe not go front row/deep pit because the crowd and get rowdy sometimes. Hope you two have a good time, and congrats on the baby1

  • kat

    does that mean the show starts at six? wah. this is a very sad day but at least the bass man and freq nasty make up for it. 🙂

  • what order is everyone playing?

    • I think Gladkill > Gramatik > Ghostland > Bassnectar

  • dustin

    How do i buy vip tickets We

  • KH

    what in the world are we gonna do if it rains?! i mean, im all for raging in the rain but kansas gets cold, dawg. the forecast is predicting rain and i’m probably gonna cry if i don’t get to see him again!!

    • Colleen

      Rain or shine!

  • Ashlee13

    I ordered my tickets at will call but what is will call for the park? I want to pick them up before friday. where can i get them at?

    • I’m not sure if you are able to pick up will call tickets before the day of the event.
      Call the box office for Burcham Park and double check, because that is where you will be picking them up.

    • disqus_mpAuoIFkYT

      Will Call

      Must have photo ID and confirmation number. Will call can be picked up when gates open.

      This is an outside box office and is only open on day of the event. There is no box office phone number.

      • I used my boyfriend’s card to order them, can I just bring his card and the printed ticket conf. number or does he have to be there?

        • You need to bring a copy of his ID and credit card, along with the ticket confirmation. (This can be a scan or photocopy.) You can black out everything on the card except the last 4 digits of the card number. Also for some venues it’s good to have a signed letter from him stating that he is letting you pick up the tickets, just in case.

  • disqus_mpAuoIFkYT

    is there a number to contact burcham’s box office at? i’ve had bad experience with will call and wanna make sure my tickets are there.

    • Colleen

      i don’t think so — i think the box office/will call will be open the day of the show only.

  • Nick

    Are canelbacks allowed?

    • Colleen

      don’t have that info, but you can call the venue to check in advance of the show whether they will allow camelbaks

  • Brandon Warner

    Are the VIP packages all sold out for the KS show? I’m going, but I really want the VIP treatment. Plus the afterparty

  • Also, does Bassnectar really go on at 6 or is he wrapping up the party?

  • Jay

    So will someone pleas confirm if the VIP tickets have been canceled?

    • Where did you hear that VIP tickets have been cancelled?

    • Yes, sorry for the disappointment – everyone has been issued with a refund and a GA ticket. Checking on the afterparty.

  • Official Afterparty is at The Granada – headlined by FreQ Nasty – 11:30pm-Late – info and tickes here: http://freqnasty.com/blog/bassnectar-kansas-afterparty/

  • sophie parsons

    where do you find your confirmation number if your tickets are at will call?

  • Christie105

    Set times?

      Doors: 5:00 PM
      End: 11:15 PM

  • Jessica

    I have an extra hard ticket if anyone needs one!! Text me, 312-404-5473

  • Jessica

    I have an extra hard ticket if anyone needs one! text me at 312 404 5473

  • Jessica

    Are ping pong paddles with ping pong balls attached by a rubber band allowed? PLEASE SAY YESSSSSS!!!

  • ra

    Does anyone know the set times?!

  • Jenna

    This show was amazing!! I had such a great time..come back soon 🙂