July 23rd, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012UPDATE:
You know I am obsessed and I take my job very seriously. I never cancel shows, but sometimes circumstances arise beyond our control. We love our fans in Little Rock, and are sorry to hear about the trouble from the recent storms! I hope I can see you soon in the near future. This is from the promoter:

“Due to damage to the roof structure at the Riverfest Amphitheatre stage during a recent storm in Little Rock, the Bassnectar show scheduled for October 10th has been cancelled. Every attempt was made to find an alternate venue for the show, however, no alternate location was available. We understand the disappointment of fans in Little Rock and regret that, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to present the show as planned. All tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase. For more information please call 662-892-2660.”

Please take care, and enjoy life until our paths cross again!

  • Seth

    Why the hell is this in little rock? The crowd for pretty lights was god awful. Hope this time it’ll be worth the trip…

    • BaSsFaCe!!!!

      Bassnectar makes any time worth the trip!! FAT BASS > awful crowds

    • i agree to a certain extent. i have to drive over 4 hours to go to little rock. i could’ve just as easily driven the same amount of time to go to STL, but this will be an outside show, and other than festivals, i’ve never seen Lorin play outside. it will be an experience to remember either way 🙂

  • Eric

    So psyched for this.


    OCTOBER 10th BASS in the ROCK!!

    • BaSsFaCe!!!!


  • crazy Joe

    I am ready!

  • Dylan

    Can’t wait finally good dubstep here in Arkansas

  • DubDanceDan

    if i can get off work for this im so goin!!!!!!!

  • Calyptra

    So excited for this!

  • lorinForPrez!

    totems plz??

    • Colleen

      i can try to find out for ya. keep checkin back

  • Major Payne

    Can’t wait. Been listening to him for a good min. Finally some good dubstep hits The BIG ROCK!!!! #WILDSTYLEMETHOD

  • wooglez

    is this canceled because Pretty Lights is canceled for this upcoming week due to storm damage to the amphitheater??????

    • Colleen

      if it was cancelled it would be posted up on here and/or facebook ASAP. i wouldn’t worry

  • Ruben Resa Silva

    is this show canceled for real?

  • miguel

    Bring bassnectar to little rock!

  • Katelyn

    Um the little rock show is cancelled how do I get my money back if I ordered off this website??

  • Jdub

    ticketmaster shows it as canceled, but tickets are still for sale on Emailed customer support to get the truth.

  • Lorin, perhaps your promoters would consider Memphis for Oct 10th? It’s only a short drive from LR and I’d bet lots of your fans would cross the Mighty Mississippi to see you. Looks as if both Mud Island Amphitheatre and FedEx Forum are available on the 10th. Even Minglewood Hall has availability. You played there a couple of years ago, and although the venue is smaller and intimate, it would definitely be a sell-out show!! If you could fit a city in, in the surrounding area near LittleRock, there would be many many happy bassheads!!

    • JD

      Mud Island would be incredible!!!

  • Kittyboo


  • COLORADO!!!!

  • TJ

    I purchased tickets to this show. I’ve went to the inticketing refund page, but I can’t find how I’m supposed to get my money back. Please help

  • Rustinjoe

    Will there be refunds for the people who have tickets to the little rock show? That is if it doesn’t get moved to Memphis.

  • Calyptra

    I”m so sad now…=(

  • seth

    told ya, shouldve stayed in fayetteville….

  • Anonymous

    Canceling due to structural damage is bullshit.. Arkansas sounds music festival was September 28-29 and bands played at the ampitheater.. Ego was hurt to low ticket sales just like pretty lights was.. Can’t bullshit a bullshitter..

    • Nope. We were made aware of damage to the venue’s roof structure by the promoter. The Bassnectar team always works as hard as possible to act in the best interest of our fans. When issues like this come up, we’re not going to do anything that potentially puts an audience in a situation where we can’t guarantee both a safe and exceptional production. Lorin has spent the past 10+ years playing to crowds of all sizes and we hope you can understand.

      • Anonymous

        If its for safety reasons then why was there a music festival that had bands play AT the ampitheater a week in a half ago.. Just doesn’t seem right that a festival would put audiences in danger.. Just my .02 cents

        • I can’t tell you why someone else chose not to cancel, only why we did chose to cancel. Probably they felt it was too late to cancel without causing a colossal ticketing/money mess, so they took a risk? Just speculating.