July 23rd, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012The Bassnectar Crew returns to Austin on Friday, October 12th! After the gates close on the Friday night of Austin City Limits festival, we will be throwing an official ACL Late Night Party for the stamina crew over at the Austin Music Hall, as a pre-show to our ACL appearance the next day.

This late night session will feature performances from Bassnectar and Gramatik, and Gladkill.

This is a 16+ show.

Doors: 10:00 PM

Click here for tickets

Facebook RSVP

No camelbacks or water bottles, professional cameras, or totems permitted.

  • booyah

  • apache is outside austin and the show before acl

  • WayJay

    springfield missouri!!!!!! lol

  • Kaleb


  • Razorbacks!

    You gotta bring it back to Fayetteville!

  • this is obviously an Austin ACL aftershow. if it were Dallas, it would already be posted. confirmation tomorrow…

  • The Answer

    It’s a late night show in Austin the Friday of ACL. Just got an e-mail about it.

  • Matt

    HELL YES!! Thank you for this!!!!

  • david stclair

    wow L! what happened to you making the ticket prices affordable to your fans?! Its sad that you have changed so much (I know you have to flow with the current) but damn man. I remember seeing you at the enchanted forest here and how wholesome you once were. VERY SAD!!

    • david stclair

      about the austin city music hall prices

    • Well this is an official Austin City Limits festival late night party, so the tickets are more expensive than a normal Bassnectar show. In what concrete ways is Bassnectar less wholesome since your show at Enchanted Forest? I bet there were people at that event saying how much better it was when Bassnectar was playing small venues to a loyal following and not big festivals etc etc. It’s the way things go.

      • david stclair

        Have you seen the prices for other shows? That aren’t after shows? Don’t get me wrong, I still love bassnectar. Just don’t like the way things are going with the scene, prices, etc. indeed sad

        • Most shows are around $30-35. Some are a bit lower, some are a bit higher. $1 for every ticket goes to charity. Plus there’s the ticketing fees which we hate, and which is why we go to great lengths to tell all our community about advance pre-sale tickets with minimum possible fees.

          Obviously we aren’t going to play small venues when there are so many people who want to be a part of the movement. These are much bigger shows in bigger venues with bigger line ups, and much more money is spent on the epic production values than the smaller events of your perceived heyday. It’s a good thing that more and more people love the music and it would be foolish to try and play smaller venues to please the “I was into it before everyone else crowd” and leave 1000s of bass heads out of the equation.

          • david stclair

            Well my friend, we’re going to have to agree to disagree. Y’all have fun with all the underage girls in their underwear being idiots and I’ll continue to not waste my time or money being there.

          • OK, make sure and check back for a tiny show put on specifically for people who are too cool to go to our events – it will be great because only a tiny fraction of people who want to go will be able to fit inside the venue, and once inside everyone is going to stand with their backs against the wall complaining about how much better the shows used to be while Lorin exclusively plays tracks from his first two albums. Plus we wont add any charity donation to your ticket, and there will be no newly-converted bass heads just jaded old burners and people who are much cooler than everyone else.

          • Colleen

            i loled

            very glad that the acl after party will not be this way.

          • david stclair

            Ha! Touché my friend. I like you!

          • david stclair

            And I must add the very distasteful frat daddy’s that have infiltrated this once great scene. Have fun with that one guy!

  • DtownBassHead

    DOOD, so yeah, maybe New Years Eve this year I am hoping? Lights All Night will be sick with some nectar all up in mothafukin D-Town, I think my face is beginning to melt already ya digg

  • $40? :/ -Austin

    • Hey Ryan,
      We try and keep the price as reasonable as possible by selling an allotment of tickets through our own inticketing system. Purchasing them right when they’re released here on this site will guarantee you the cheapest tickets without added fees. Unfortunately presales for this show are sold out, but we can assure you it will be worth it!

  • Txbassfam

    Any word on what we can and can’t bring into the venue? Camelback, backpack, flags, totems? Also any idea around what time bassnectar will go on?

    • Colleen

      hey there, i can try to get this info before friday. hang tight!

    • Colleen

      Hey texas bass fam — I got news (though you probably won’t like it) -unfortunately no camelbaks/bottles, totems, or backpacks. Still waiting for clarification on small bags/purses (that info will be posted up here once I hear back), but big backpacks definitely won’t be allowed.
      Also as far as what time bassnectar goes on, we don’t give set times – sorry! Just get there in time for the bass 🙂

      See ya there!

      • Txbassfam

        Dang that is a little disappointing. I do not understand why we cant bring in a camelback, it is a small bag to be used for hydration purposes only but oh well. I appreciate you getting that info, the no water bottle issue is bogus as well. I hate paying $4-$6 bucks for a bottle of water but the venue does need to make $ (not like the $40 a ticket wasn’t enough). Anyway thanks again and see y’all mañana!!

        • Colleen

          yeah, it’s always a bummer when they won’t allow camelbaks = the reason that some venues won’t allow camelbaks and/or water bottles is because they have beverage contracts, so that might be the case here. not fair, but unfortunately that’s often the case 🙁 i’ll be coughing up the $5 for some water right there with ya.

          • Txbassfam

            Gotcha well we are super stoked anyway, we are going to try and get to AMH around7-7;30 to ensure a front row spot. Again thanks for the promptness of your responses, it is greatly appreciated Colleen. Can’t wait.

          • Colleen

            no problem! I’m trying to get Bass Front Property as well 🙂 holler if you see me… short blonde hair, glasses and a red tank top

          • Haha love that terminology and will do!