July 23rd, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Fall Tour 2012 to San Francisco, CA at the Bill Graham Auditorium on Saturday, October 20th!

We are excited to welcome Ghostland Observatory, Gramatik and Gladkill to the line-up for this event!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM

Click here for tickets

Facebook RSVP

Tickets can also be purchased from the below outlets:

Fox Theater Box Office
1807 Telegraph Ave
Oakland 94612
(510) 302-2250
Open Friday from noon-7pm and show nights
No service charge

The Independent
628 Divisadero St
San Francisco 94117
(415) 771-1421
Open 11am-6pm and show nights
Minimal service charge

Other local Ticketmaster retail outlets include:
Ritmo Latino, select FYE stores and select Walmart locations.

  • I just bought my ticky ticky. Got my BASSFACE on already.

  • Basshead

    Fuck yeahhhhh

  • stokeeddd. San Jose was sick but its about time I saw you in SF

  • Oh man ghostland/gramatik/gladkill , Lorin why do you like so many artists with G’s in their names? Maybe its cause you’re an original gangster? ::bites knuckles::

    • What about Zeds Dead and Zedd? This Tour was brought to you by the letters “B”, “G”, and “Z”.

      • andre

        If only zeds dead was playing in sf with bassnectar… that would make my life haha.

  • basshead787

    are these print out tickets????

    • Will call only

      • basshead787

        okay, how does that work?? just show up and get tickets?? all I need is my ID right?? and I can buy tickets for other people this way in my name?

        • Yup, just show up on the night with your ID and the card you used to purchase tickets, you can collect them all. You’ll have an email confirmation regarding this.

          • ephimoughf

            hmmm do u have to have to card used to order? what if i have to use somebody else card to order and they are not going to the show will i still be able to show a confirmation number or just my id to get in?

          • If you purchased through Inticketing and your name is on the ticket, as long as you have a state-issued ID matching the name on your ticket, you are all good. No need to bring the card. If you purchased through Ticketmaster you have to check with them: http://www.ticketmaster.com/h/customer_serve.html

          • Rachael

            @EdBasscrew:disqus What if all we have is our student ID, not a state-issued one? Would we need to get a state-issued or would passport work or what?

          • Passport will definitely work. Let me check on student ID for you, hold tight

          • Rachael

            Sweet! Thanks

          • ephimoughf

            THANKS ED!! 🙂 you are always a big help!!!

          • You are most welcome, always glad to help 🙂

          • Correction: if you are picking up tickets that were purchased on someone else’s card, here’s what you have to bring as stated on the ticketing site:
            1) a photocopy of the cardholder’s ID & credit card
            2) a copy of the email receipt
            3) a note signed and dated by the cardholder naming the person to pick up the tickets
            (All but the last 4 digits can be blacked out credit card.)

        • If you purchased Bassnectar tickets through Inticketing, all you need is state-issued ID matching the name on the ticket. Online name changes are allowed up until the final list is sent to the venue. If the deadline for an online name change has passed, then the new owner is required to bring a copy of the purchasers id, the confirmation number, and a signed note stating they are authorized to pick up.

          Should be the same rules if purchased through Ticketmaster, but you should check with them to be sure as it varies from venue to venue or even different ticket types: http://www.ticketmaster.com/h/customer_serve.html

  • Andre

    How fast does this usually sell out? I got mine but I’m waiting on friends money so I can get theirs

    • It’s a big venue but then it’s a very popular destination so I would guess it will sell out pretty soon!

      • andre

        hmmm well hopefully not too soon lol.

  • HCG

    Backpacks and kandi aloud? Pacifiers?

    • Waiting to hear back about the venue policy. Although we’ve not had to clear pacifiers before… a bit weird… have you had a problem taking one into a venue before?

    • coreytodds

      Dude… grow up. Pacifiers and glow sticks are for freshmen.

      • HCG

        I’m 16? Haha. :3

        • @coreytodds:disqus he’s got you there! @55edd78ef0824b576861e4e14015ef8f:disqus I guess that makes you a mature pacifier-wearer 🙂

          • HCG

            Hehe :3 so any feed back on what can/can’t bring in yet?

          • let me try to get in touch with the venue to find out — keep checking back

          • Yup still waiting on info from Bill Graham.

  • gzus

    Looking for bassheads from Colorado to take a little weekend trip to San Fran because I don’t see Colorado on this list… fuck it I’m driving! 😉

  • Yawn

    All ages……..?

  • Paul Ortiz

    Can we please stop making these shows all ages? Having teenagers falling all over themselves and me while dry humping and knocking people over is lame. I love your music and I love to see you live but I’ll never be going to an all ages show again, its a joke! 14 year olds have no place at these events. You can sell out Bill Graham with out having to cater to kids, keep them at home where they belong.

    • Colleen

      It’s not about making money and selling out the venue — these shows will sell out either way. It’s about being all-inclusive and allowing bassheads of any age to enjoy the experience. If you don’t like something you see, EDUCATE. If someone isn’t privy to the basshead etiquette, enlighten and engage them before judging. I personally have seen people over 18 act ridiculous at shows, and I’ve seen minors behave so consciously, responsibly and interactively. Age is really irrelevant to the overall values of the bassnectar project — anyone can be a part of the basshead community, but it’s up to current bassheads to show them how 🙂

      • ephimoughf

        SERIOUSLY!!! we create the environment around us, every single one of us bassheads have our part to do. 🙂

        • Colleen

          🙂 hug people, smile, give out gifts n candy n stuff, act responsibly, flail hard and show ’em how to let LOOSE
          seeing people do ^these things will lead others to do these things 🙂

          • Qbert

            I’m with Paul, but I don’t think he made a good point… I personally could care less if people are falling all over me being ridiculous and getting down with bass in your face! i’m also that guy…. However, there is just something about having half naked (literally) 13 yr old girls running around a bunch of mid-20s guys, most of whom are probably under some type of non-bass induced influence, that doesn’t seem *appropriate*. Also, children dry humping other children is… well…. what do you think?

          • Colleen

            1) you have no idea how old everyone is. your estimations on age from half-naked to fully-clothed people can easily be off, and oftentimes will be.
            2) i’m not a fan of the connection you draw between ‘half-naked under-age girls’ and under-the-influence ‘mid-20s guys’. however someone wishes to dress is their prerogative and no one, sober or not, should take someone’s clothing as an invitation to be *inappropriate*.
            3) so i think — as i was saying in my original comment — that whatever the age restriction may be at a show, if you go into it with intentions of responsibility/love/education rather than negative presuppositions/judgment, the experience will be bettered for everyone

          • *slowly copies and pastes this for future references*

      • jeremy

        good comment man
        i like it

    • jeremy

      fuck you man

    • skwidstyle

      wow … i took my perfectly mature 13 year old son to the san jose show & we are attending frisco as well. “all ages” is alot different than “all maturity levels”, as i have seen in my times many a immature 20 to 30 yr olds at raves & various events all over the bay area from 91′ to 2000. 18 & over would dis-allow perfectly mature “kids” like my son from enjoying bassnectar for 5 more years. it comes dowm to lazy ass parents who dont give a dam about their kids & just drop them off at the shows. maybe require say 16 & under to be with a responsible adult like parent or older sibling.

      • AMEN!

      • I have to agree with you 100%. what if it was a rule were 18 + unless accommodated with an adult or parent?

    • Joseph

      I have to disagree with you too Paul, I am under 18 and I have seen Bassnectar three times now. I love his music and his opinions and I am safe and sober when I go to his shows. I dress pretty normally and I have honestly seen significantly more drunk people 21+ knocking over helpless younger people than vice-versa at the 30+ shows I’ve been to in the past year and half.

  • Will rave gloves be allowed?

    • Bassnectar allows them at shows venue permitting.
      You can contact them and ask, the number is (415) 624-8900

  • Pauline

    I’m 16-years-old and all I have is a student photo ID….will this work at will-call so I can get my ticket?

    • Colleen

      that should work. ignore my last comment if you saw it — i thought you were asking about using an ID for an age restriction, but this show is all ages.

    • If possible, it may also be smart to bring the credit card you used to purchase the tickets.

  • Jessica

    I have a will call ticket, but is there anyway I can switch it to a print out ticket so I can sell it? Also something happened with my email and I cannot get to my email receipt anymore ):

    • Colleen

      did you buy advanced tickets through bassnectar inticketing?

      • Jessica

        yeah I did

        • Colleen

          okay, all advanced tickets are will call so you can’t get it switched to a print out BUT you can have the name on the ticket switched so that you can sell it. just contact inticketing here —

          • Jessica Ortiz

            Alright thank you! c:

  • Miguel

    Do you guys know at what time the event ends?

    • Colleen

      we only give a definitive end time if it’s an early show, which this is not, meaning it will end at midnight or later!

  • Can you acquire tickets at a physical box office our do you have to pay 50 no matter what?

    • Colleen

      will check on this — hang tight

    • Colleen

      hey jessalynn, sorry for the delay on this info
      they do have tickets available at the civic box office — however the box office is only open when they have shows going on over there, so you should call when you want to go to find out if they are open. the number is 415-624-8900
      i was told they will be open until 6pm tonight (friday 10/12)

  • Derek

    Who do I contact regarding press for the event?

  • aaaac

    all ages as in 14 year olds?

    • Colleen

      all ages as in all bassheads welcome 🙂

      • aaaac

        one time i went to a rave and they said it was all ages but then turned out to be 16 and up…

        • Colleen

          no worries – this is guaranteed all ages

  • aaaac

    do you need a school ID?
    or can you just purchase them online and then your set?

    • Colleen

      if your tickets are will call you will need a valid ID to pick them up — school ID should work as long as your name and photo is in ont

      • aaaac

        what if you don’t have a school id?

        • Colleen

          you’ll need some form of identification to claim your tickets. you can get a state ID to identify yourself without having a driver’s license.

  • Rishi

    Do kids need an adult with them? Like teens?

    • Colleen

      It’s an all ages show so it won’t be required that teens have an adult with them.

  • Basshead22

    What time about would bassnectar go on and when does the show usually end around?

    • Colleen

      we don’t give a definitive end time unless it’s an early show, which this is not — that means it will probably go til midnight or later
      we don’t give set times, either — get there on time if you want multiple hours of bass in your face!

  • Christina

    Im so stoked to see u again saw u last year an u were amazing!!!!!
    I cant wait to see u oct 20! Only this time it will be extra special my birthday…. I’ll be 21! coming up

  • Chance Lawson

    im with paul, i love the bass and i LOVE the shows, but i do not like the little 12-16 year old girls running around in little hooker outfits….it makes it feel like just another rave, when bassnectar is sooo much more than that. i also understand making things open to everyone, but n my opinon, , there should be an age restriction, or a needed gardian….not just flat EVERYONE

  • http://soundcloud.com/thunderlungs/subsonic-transcendence, please play this song at san fran! my brother Idols everything he does after you and would like if you played his song at the concert! Thanks BASSMASTER!

    • Colleen

      heyyy drake drop that request here, you can provide the link in the form

  • basshead

    all ages yes

  • reybeast

    hey Lorin!(bass staff) can i request for you to play “THE CHURN OF THE CENTURY”. for this show! it my favorite song!. thank you and your staff for always being there for the fans <3

  • LoveSilently

    When will the show really start? I’m trying to do something else beforehand that ends at 9.

    • Colleen

      music starts shortly after doors! usually within 30-45 min
      as for specific set times, we don’t give those out. sorry!

  • phade2white

    I called the Independent in SF to ask how much theeir service charge would be and i was told that tickets are not being sold here is this true?

    • Colleen

      that’s not what we heard — did they perhaps say they were sold out, or that they weren’t selling tickets at all?

  • Spencer Barron

    Hey just dropped a request for Bear Pause – 808 City. Im not looking specifically it but maybe throw some trap in the mix! 🙂 btw quick question, i know yu dont release set times but is there an estimate how late itll go? Ive heard anywhere from midnight to 4 m.

    • Colleen

      i can give you an estimate! it will end at midnight or later since it’s not an early show

  • ticket master says doors is 8 pm and this page says 7 – which is correct? (music starts around 8:30 or 7:30?)

    • Colleen

      i’d trust this page for the door open time
      you can try giving the venue a call if you want to know precisely

  • Max w

    While you guys argue about all ages or not you should be worried about the fact tht Walmart is a ticket outlet for this show.

  • aaac

    SO EXCITED what time does it end?

    • Colleen

      Midnight or later!

  • nectarpat420

    anyone who would sell me their tickets in the cali area gimme a call two o nine 596 one 2six 7 my names pat i need 2 or 3

  • A Dad

    When does the San Fran show end. Got to pick up my daughter.

    • Colleen

      It ends at midnight or later

  • when does will call open?

  • Varina

    It has been 2 long years since I’ve experience the sweet essence of BASS and I’m so ready to freeeeaaaakkk ouuuttt!!!! Buhbuhbuhbuhbuh….WOOOOOOOchk…WOOOOchk….WOOOOOchk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Benbasswitz

    Can U bring in a water bottle??

  • Are there tickets on the door?!

    • Colleen

      hey dan, sorry we didn’t get back to you last night, but the show was sold out