July 23rd, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Fall Tour 2012 to Portland, OR at the Memorial Coliseum @ Rose Quarter on Friday, October 26th!

We are excited to welcome Gramatik and Gladkill to the line-up for this event!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 6:30 PM

Tickets on sale now:

Click here for tickets

Facebook RSVP

Camelbacks and water bottles are allowed, and bags, cameras and totems are also allowed!

  • Wow! I can’t believe he is playing at the Memorial Coliseum!

  • el.human

    Nice, he deserves a bigger venue, He sold out the Roseland theater last time.

  • Wisp

    Loren’s sold out Roseland Theatre show was a top notch production and an amazing show. I cannot wait to see him in a larger venue this time around!

  • BigBallinGPR

    His last show at the Roseland sold out in about 3 days, he deserves a wayyyy bigger venue! Sooooo stoked for this show!

  • Endthewarmachine

    Well looks like like I might be driving from Seattle to P-town. Gotta to get some good vibes while the Nectar-train rolls thru the PNW.

    • Emi

      I’m from seattle and im definitely going. no way would i miss it!

      • ME TOO!!! SCREW FREAKNIGHT! (not really but STILL)

  • aking7

    Is there any way to pick up presale tickets before the day of the show? Trying to avoid an endless will call line if possible…

    • Hey! Let me check in on this and get back to you, hang tight.

      • According to the venue if you selected the will call option during checkout they will have your ticket at the box office whenever you feel like going down there to get it!

        • aking7

          Thanks for the reply. That is what they told me on the phone as well but when I went down to pick them up they said they didn’t have tickets that were ordered through the artists website.

          • Bit of a mix up – sounds like the venue is talking about the promoter tickets, whereas I’m guessing you have an advance ticket from Bassnectar Inticketing and those are Will Call only.

  • Yeaowwwww! Finally a venue of worthy size for Lorin & the Crew! It will be OFF!

  • RabbiGabe

    Oh man. Shit’s gonna be bonkers!! Bassnectar and crew treating Portland real good, hittin us up twice in 5 months. All I can say is thank you sires and madams. I like that decision real well.

  • Twice in one year!!!! If this is the last year of Existenze…it’s Bass-Tastik!!! Can’t wait to see what light capabilities the Rose Quarter can hold. Fill it with colors and bass!! WOOOOOO!!!!!

  • BassMusik

    Going to be interesting to see what the crowd is like seeing as Freaknight is the same night up in Seattle. Let the showdown of Bass vs. House/Trance begin!!

  • wow, seems like a mistake going to Portland the same day as freaknight in Seattle

  • BjooooooorN

    Coming down from Seattle 🙂

  • Jooooooe

    How long does the event last? I work in salem and don’t get off till 7:00, will it still be worth my time if i tried to head up afterwards?

    • Colleen

      doors don’t open til 6:30, so if you headed right up when you got off work at 7 you’d be solid! i would definitely still go. it won’t end until midnight or later.

  • piko-ness


  • geometric

    Tick tock tick tock! Heading in from Seattle! 🙂

  • Loved you at mountain stomp last year, looking forward to seeing you this weekend!


  • is this sold out yet?
    !!! want to go. <3

    • Colleen

      not sold out yet! i would not stall on getting tickets for this! tickets still available at the link above “click here for tickets”

    • Colleen

      i believe they also have tix available at the box office without the fees!

  • ashlee

    Would it be pointless to be there at like 10pm?

    • Colleen

      it goes until midnight or later, so i’d say it’s worth it even if you can’t get there til 10pm. two+ hours of bass is better than no bass at all, yea? 🙂

      • Alaina Crane

        it was sooo sad we ended up getting there after 10 and they ended wayyy early! We had like an hour or less worth of bassnectar :/
        They made it seem like it would be a late show too!

        • 🙁 i’m sorry, did it at least go until midnight?

  • Zsa Zsa

    Blazin’ down to P-town from Seattle right now! Does anyone know what time the opener actualy starts to spin? Doors at 6:30pm is crazy early for an electronic show! Gotta have time for disco-nap, and to get my gear on 🙂