July 25th, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Fall Tour 2012 to Vancouver, BC at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre (UBC) on Saturday October 27th!

We are excited to welcome Gramatik and Gladkill to the line-up for this event!

This is a 17+ Age Limit show.

Doors: 5:00 PM
End: 11:00 PM

Click here for tickets

Physical tickets are available from:

SUB (Student Union Building)
6138 Student Union Boulevard
Vancouver, BC – V6T 1Z1
604.822.6272 / 604.822.6239
Mon-Fri: 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sat: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sun/Holidays: Closed

Sealed water bottles are allowed. Backpacks are not allowed. Totems are allowed.

Facebook RSVP

NATIONAL BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH is coming to an end, so for this event the entire Bassnectar crew will be wearing pink. We have also put together a promotion to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Here’s the deal:

* If you haven’t already purchased a ticket, you can come down to the Thunderbird Center in Vancouver, Canada wearing pink, and you’ll get a ticket for $5.00 off the regular price.
* If you are an existing ticket holder, just wear pink and simply take your ticket stub to the merchandise booth, deposit it in the marked container, and Bassnectar will make a donation on your behalf for each ticket received to a Canadian breast cancer charity.
* We will also have a donation container at the merchandise area if you would like to make a donation on the spot.
* SHO Services, Gnarlos Industries, and the Bassnectar crew have all agreed to make donations, so we’re starting off with $1,000.00 going to a Canadian breast cancer charity before anyone walks in the door.

  • Evan

    the site always stops at the amount total and forced will call page. I’ve called inticketing twice and have been hung up on twice always when they are about to give me a run through on the “how to”. Is there anyway possible for doing this without doing it online?

    • Did they get this resolved for you? If not drop me an email ed (at) bassnectar [dot] net

  • Jeanot

    This site here says its a 17+ show, but when I click on get tickets here it says that it is a 19+ show, which one is it?

    • I hope some one will clear this up i want to go but im 17

    • It is definitely 100% confirmed as 17+, the ticketing page now reflects that also, sorry for any confusion.

  • yeah, it would be nice to know which age limit to trust since im right in between the two

  • Is will call the only way to get these tickets early? :

    • All tickets sold through Bassnectar inticketing are Will Call

  • LaPanda

    17+ huh?.. does anybody here know how to make a fake I.D?

  • kelly mayville

    hello Lorin, I don’t know if you remember me but this is Sunenergy I used to dance for you at a few of your shows with Crystallia, I live in toronto and just noticed you were coming to play Aug 4th. It would be so nice to see you again, and rock out to some good music. Hopefully we will be in touch before then, if your not to slammed busy maybe we can meet up at the show. Would love to say hi.

  • Kandypantz

    So im in process of buying tix, n i realize will call is the only way … so my question is , can i use pre-paid Visa n bring the card with me 2 Event upon ticket pick up ?? will i run into any issues ? Obviously will bring all my Valid ID as well … any info helpful , do not want 2 buy n get down there n have issues …. THANX xoxox ? Bass Nectar

    • Hey –
      I am looking into this for you right now. Hang tight!

      • Kandypantz

        AWESOME !!! YAAAY lol , Had no issues , went 2 Skrillex 2weeks ago n thats how it was done .. I am 30 but dont keep a credit card in my name , :s wouldnt be good lol so Pre-Paid all the way =) Thanx Love You Rock xoxo

      • Kandypantz

        ?? Shit lol i just bought tix , but still dont know how is gonna work

        • You should be all set with a pre-paid card as long as you bring it along with a valid form of identification.

  • Travis

    Why 17+ !? The event is 10 days before my 17th birthday! Last year I was 17 days short of my 16th birthday when the mothership tour came into town. You guys are killing me here!

  • natalie

    will there be a 19+ drinking section?

    • There will be alcohol, so if that requires a drinking section in BC, then I guess there will be one!

  • Stubbs


    Make sure you arrive as EARLY AS POSSIBLE to this show in order to get in within a reasonable time and here is why:

    Last fall I went to the Bassnectar show at the PNE. I purchased presale tix off bassnectar.net minutes after they went onsale and was told they would be held at will call. When I arrived at the venue, there was a MASSIVE lineup. While standing in this lineup to gain entry to the venue, there were DOZENS of PNE staff and security guards going up and down the lineup busting people for drinking and smoking and in most cases from what I saw, kicking them right off the property. At no time did any of these staff members tell anyone in the lineup that there was a separate lineup on the opposite side of the building for will call nor were there any signs stating such.
    After 50 min of standing in line to get into the venue, I was redirected through a set of doors back outside to the opposite side of the building and into another line for will call. After another 45 min in this line, we were not allowed back into the building on that side, rather were forced to traverse around the building back to the original lineup. All in all I spent close to 2.5 hours standing in lines just to get inside, by which time Lorin had been on stage close to half an hour.
    That’s not even mentioning the lineups for coat check and the bathrooms. Oh and how about how they turned off the cold water in the bathrooms so no one could refill water bottles?
    I have never felt so ripped off or been to such a poorly organized show. Even his Vogue theater performance a few years back was better than this farce of a show.
    I have not missed a Bassnectar tour since 2006 and have seen him rise from playing a 200 person bar in Nelson and community centers in Calgary to seeing him play to a sold out 10,000 person crowd at Red Rocks last summer (2 days drive each way). Sadly, with the experience I had last fall, I will not be attending this tour, nor any other performances he does in Vancouver.

    • Gosh. Really sorry to hear about your experience there. Thanks for giving people a heads up. On our end I will make sure that our team knows that Will Call was a problem last time around and we will do everything we can to make sure it’s organized swiftly and efficiently.

      On the water front, we have confirmed with the venue that you are allowed to bring in sealed bottles of water, so those that are coming please bring plenty to hydrate yourself if you don’t want to be hitting the bars. Ambassadors will be giving out water and I will look into the tap situation – that’s not cool when they shut the cold taps off.

    • oechikr

      thanks for the heads up

      • Keep in mind that he is talking about a show at a totally different venue, which is not really made clear at all.

        • Stubbs

          Not made clear? Read my first sentence again which says LAST FALL I went to the Bassnectar show AT THE PNE….

          How much more clear can I get? I stated a different year and a different venue….

          • Because if someone wasn’t well acquainted with the venue names, they might assume you are talking about this venue, especially given language used – e.g. “the Bassnectar show” implying the same show last year, not “a Bassnectar show”. You call out the venue name but at no point do you highlight that this is in a different venue entirely. Perhaps we have switched venues because of the problems you are describing, but this reads like a warning not to come to the show? Anyway, you are trying to help out your fellow bass heads so no harm done, but just wanted people to be clear it is a different venue.

          • Stubbs

            Hey, ya I wasn’t trying to discourage anyone from going to the show, Lorin is, and always has put on a top notch production. I just don’t want anyone being stuck outside after he has already taken the stage, despite having been one of the first to purchase tickets through presale, that’s all.

          • BTW I hope you do come to the show! It’s sad to hear that a hardcore long-term bass head is giving up because of one bad experience, although I understand entirely that it must have been extremely disappointing. Is there anything we can do to bring you back? 🙂

          • Stubbs

            Ya prolly not dude. That last Vancouver show left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. I just can’t see myself forking out that kinda cash with the risk of having another negative experience. It’s a bummer cuz I haven’t missed a tour since I first saw Bassnectar at Shambhala in ’06. I’ve seen shows in Calgary, Edmonton, Nelson, Castlegar, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler and even Red Rocks. Plus catching him Every year at Shambhala except this year of course.
            Mainly it’s the promotion company, the venue(s) he plays in Vancouver and the all ages thing that really turn me off. If I still lived in Calgary I’d pay for the show for sure, but I just can’t afford the cost of the show this time around, especially with how it all went last year. Sorry.

  • lauren

    I really hope this sells out to make the most of the venue, when i saw datsik+excision+crystal method at the thunderbird arena it was a fun group of people ready to rage but so few of them! I think that if hard copy tickets were sold it would sell out – i can’t seem to find them anywhere on campus or at the usual record stores, can any one help me out? pps. to people worried about picking up tickets, there is only one window to pick them up at right next to the line to get in and when i was there people were pretty accomodating and i didn’t have to wait in line for ages like every time i go to the PNE

    • Trying to find info on physical ticket retailers for this show, hold tight

    • You can pick up physical tickets from the Student Union building, here’s the info:

      SUB (Student Union Building).
      6138 Student Union Boulevard
      Vancouver, BC
      V6T 1Z1

      Mon-Fri: 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
      Sat: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
      Sun/Holidays: Closed

      604.822.6272 or 604.822.6239

      • lauren

        Thanks for the info but i called the SUB and went in to check and also went to the usual places on campus that you can buy tickets but no dice!? Do you know if the tickets can only be bought online but once bought can be picked up- because i know that there is a ticket master outlet on campus but i don’t have a credit card , what im looking for is somewhere i can pay cash and get it over the counter…

        • Let me try and get more info, the above phone numbers are for The Outpost who do not currently have tickets…

        • They are definitely now available from The Outpost at SUB from today, you can call to the above number to confirm

  • 2yung2glow

    Why 17+?? Drinking age is 19, so its obviously not a liquor law thing, so if you don’t have to limit it to 19+, then why not make it all ages. Ageism!!! Sure hope you guys didn’t have anything to do with that decision!! 🙁

    • Colleen

      we try to make as many shows as possible open to all ages…but there are always local laws/regulations and the wishes of the venue, promoters, etc. to consider
      sorry you can’t make it 🙁

  • jonah

    is a grade 12 student id card enough proof for 17+?

    • Colleen

      if there’s an age restriction you need a valid government-issued photo ID
      your student ID doesn’t validate your birthdate

      • jonah

        photocopied passport?

        • Colleen

          i’ll get in touch with the venue to find out if they will accept a photocopy, so check back — you may need to bring the real thing

          • jonah

            alright thanks

          • Colleen

            hey jonah, i haven’t forgotten about you! still waiting on this info from the venue…hope to hear back today or tomorrow

          • Colleen

            hey jonah, sorry for the delay, i had to make multiple contact attempts to get this info. it sounds you’ll have to bring the real passport for ID, not a photocopy. the person i spoke with sounded unsure, though, so you could always try going in with a photocopy and if you get denied then go grab your passport out of your car? that’s what i’d do — i’d rather wait in line twice than risk losing a passport.

  • Jeanot

    I have a packaged digital camera I won in some arcade game that I want to give away. Anyone want to organizing a costume contest? Anyone want to help? e-mail me at jeanot14@hotmail.com if you want to make this more fun for more people

    • Hey! I will be e-mailing you to connect you with some people that would probably love to help you with this idea. This is awesome!

  • Travis

    You guys need to put a real good effort into promoting this event. As im sure you may know the annual Dooms Night in Vancouver is on the same night. With that, a large portion of the bassnectar audience may be going to Dooms instead of this show. I feel like you guys need to put some extra effort into making this show as big as it should be, whether it be lowering the age limit or just taking the promotion to the next level. This show needs to be HUGE

    • Tyler

      Bassnectar then go to dooms!

    • Mark

      You just compared bassnectar to ferry corsten. Yikes.

  • Tori

    Are there any after parties going??

  • brandon

    if my parents buy the tickets can i get in

    • brandon

      i m 15 right now

      • Tori

        that’s not 17, is it?

    • Colleen

      no, you have to be 17 with valid ID to get in

  • So excited, got tickets at ticket master today!

  • Hey, could i get the run down of how picking up will call tickets will be going down? I’m coming up from Seattle since you guys have decided to skip Washington entirely

    • Ahh, no skipping! There will be something for Washington before ya know it :).

      Whoever purchased the ticket will need some form of government issued I.D. A license or states ID will work. (You’ll need to have one anyways due to age restrictions)
      Go to the box office/will call area at the venue and present ID to get tickets.

    • This is directly from the venues site:

      Will Call
      If you choose to pickup your tickets at Will Call, the venue box office is open only during the event day and 1 hour prior to doors. We advise patrons to arrive early to pick up tickets to avoid long lines.

      In order to pick up your tickets, you may be required to present:
      Your valid photo ID, driver’s license or passport. A valid ID must be duly issued by a government agency and include a photo and a signature.The credit card you used to purchase the tickets.Your confirmation number.
      The box office will not release tickets if the name on the ID and credit card does not match the name used to purchase the tickets from Ticketmaster or if the photo on the ID does not appear to be the photo of the person retrieving the tickets. To find out what other types of photo ID are acceptable at the venue’s Will Call, please contact Ticketmaster at 604-682-8455.

      • Is there any possible way to transfer will call tickets to some other form of ticket? hmm?

        • I am not sure if that is an option.
          Depending on where you purchased the tickets through you will have to contact them and ask.
          If you purchased through Bassnectar inticketing, I don’t believe you have an option to switch, as it is always will call.
          However, if you purchased through another source, I would contact them.
          The phone number for the arena is : 604-822-6121

          • looks like ill be stuck with will call, good to know though! Thanks for helping clear this up 🙂

  • Wilson

    Hi Im an international student in UBC
    I don’t have any other ID on me but my passport :S
    I have photocopies but will that be accepted?

    • Colleen

      I’ve spoken with the venue about this issue and there was uncertainty surrounding a copy of a passport — they said your best bet would be to just bring the real thing. Just bring somewhere safe to keep it during the show!

  • tyler

    massive PK sound??

    • Colleen

      I believe PK sound is only gonna be with us at the Calgary show this year, but sound will definitely be massive

  • Lace

    Just wondering if this is going to be an outdoor event??

  • Lace

    Also, do we know of any after parties since the show ends so early?

    • There is no official after party for this event as of now.

  • Melissa

    Will a student card work for the picture id then bring a government issue that has your name and birthdate on it as well? As well, will there be a coat check>

    • Colleen

      i think that should work for ID
      i can try to get an answer on a coat check. check back in a few days

  • Vinsert

    Funny question: Can I bring my lightweight bamboo wizard staff?

  • Vinsert

    Hey Ed can I bring my lightweight bamboo wizard staff to the Vancouver show? Thanks.. Its imperative that I know this

    • Colleen

      I can ask about costume accessories such as this, check back

      • Vinserts

        Thanks yeah its very light with a styrofoam ferry with feathers on top. A very peaceful object. Does not acutally cast spells in real life either!

        • Colleen

          hey vinsert, got somewhat of an answer for you — i can’t say for certain whether they will allow your staff in, it just depends on whether they think it will be a hazard. they are allowing in totems that are of a reasonable height and deemed not to be a risk to the public, which leads me to believe they will allow your staff in.

  • Bob

    Will this be Halloween/costume oriented?

    • Colleen

      people wear costumes to bassnectar year-round, but i think it will be especially prominent this time of year 🙂 go crazy!

      just don’t wear any masks or face makeup that covers your face since there is an age limit and you don’t want to cause any difficulty in terms of matching your person to your ID

  • Any news on an afterparty?

    • Colleen

      none official that i know of

  • abcd

    I want Ballooooooons!!

  • Ravina

    Will there be a coat check?

    • Colleen

      the venue has a “bag check” service, so you could probably leave your coat with that!

  • John

    Hey, so I’m 19 and I purchased the tickets through Ticketmaster with MY credit card that is in MY name, however, the name of the Ticketmaster account is my dad’s because we share the account for concerts (both of us have credit cards on there). Will this still be okay for WillCall or do I need to get some kind of alternate ID?

    • Colleen

      who’s name did the receipt/e-mail confirmation come in? if it’s yours, i’d say you’re good to go. you could definitely give ticketmaster a call and see whose name they have down for will call

  • Hi there , I have bought 2 Tickets 4 Saturday nights show and my Hott Date that was supposed 2 come with me is no longer able 2 fly in and go with me ;( So I am stuck with an extra ticket now and more than happy to sell 1 to anyone that may need just 1 ticket … Please get in touch and keep in mind I am only selling 1 ticket not 2 ..
    Thanx kandy kandyzpantz@gmail.com or text me @ 778-835-0393

    • Colleen

      hey kathy, sorry your friend can’t make it! this show will be worth it though, with plenty of friends to be made. try posting about your extra ticket up on the facebook event page as well —

      thanks for selling at face value!

  • momanddad

    Hey, any ticket deals for 2 parents who have a babysitter! We need a night out and the hours seem great but the ticket price is not so workable for both of us to go.

  • Hey, so I just read that there will be floor wristbands distributed at 4pm. I currently have will call tickets. how am i supposed to get a wristband for floor access if i cant even get my ticket till an hour before the doors open? please help clear this up, im freaking out!

  • When will the will call ticket booth open?

  • Doors at 5, ends at 11, so what time will Bassnectar actually be on stage??

  • tim

    WHY SO EARLY!!!!??????

    • Stubbs

      Same old Vancouver bullshit, yo. I’m skipping this one and going to Calgary where they actually know how to rage a party.

      • I wish I was there with you bro. I will be missing a good show.

  • Guest

    anybody need a ticket im down here npw 1 hard copy ticket for sale hit me up at 778-835-0393

  • What is with this bullshit around a limited floor at Thunderbird Arena? The floor is huge, how can the limit how many people are allowed on the floor? Please explain. I’m a little more then pissed about this idea.

  • NATIONAL BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH is coming to an end, so for this event the entire Bassnectar crew will be wearing pink. We have also put together a promotion to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

    Here’s the deal:

    * If you haven’t already purchased a ticket, you can come down to the Thunderbird Center in Vancouver, Canada wearing pink, and you’ll get a ticket for $5.00 off the regular price.
    * If you are an existing ticket holder, just wear pink and simply take your ticket stub to the merchandise booth, deposit it in the marked container, and Bassnectar will make a donation on your behalf for each ticket received to a Canadian breast cancer charity.
    * We will also have a donation container at the ,merchandise area if you would like to make a donation on the spot
    * SHO Services, Gnarlos Industries, and the Bassnectar crew have all agreed to make donations, so we’re starting off with $1,000.00 going to a Canadian breast cancer charity before anyone walks in the door.

  • Hhkn

  • so where are the pictures at?