July 23rd, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Fall Tour 2012 to Pittsburgh at Stage AE on Monday, November 5th.

We are excited to welcome Gramatik and Gladkill to the line-up for this event!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM


Facebook RSVP

No outside water/containers/camelbacks allowed. Professional cameras (e.g. detachable lens), backpacks and totems are also not allowed.

  • Matt

    hells to the yeah !! thanks for bringin’ it back to the burgh .. stoked as fuckkk

  • Lish

    Outdoor or indoor stage??

    • i would imagine it’s indoors since it’s pittsburgh in november. outdoors at that time of year might be too cold for most folks. check back for official word though since the venue does indeed have both an indoor concert hall and an outdoor amphitheater

    • I called the venue to check — it will in fact be indoors. =)

      • someone31988

        Although outside in the cold would be pretty interesting. It’s not the first Bassnectar show like that!

        • Colleen

          yeah, i would prefer it out in the cold. i’ve been known to burst into flame under semi-high temperatures

          • someone31988

            Hmm…you might want to see a doctor about that. 😛

          • Colleen

            there was nothing they could do, they tell me my best bet is to say Yes to Michigan
            and other northerly places 🙂


  • sammah

    What time will the show go to?

    • We don’t announce end times but it’s midnight or later (we would post it up if it was an early close).

  • Paco

    No outside water…
    Last year the venue ran out of water and told me that I could buy a beer or mixed drink if I’m thirsty. Using this tactic to make more money at a high energy show with increased risk of dehydration is deplorable and shows just how little the people running Stage AE care about their attendees.

    I truly hope that things are better this year. Or, at least, they let the Bassnectar crew bring in extra water (which they were prevented from doing last year).

    • Colleen

      Deplorable indeed. Sorry you had to deal with that. There should be ambassadors with water this time around — give them a holler 🙂

      • Paco

        Thank you kindly. I will, indeed, keep my eyes open for the ambassadors this time around 😀

        • Look for ambassadors in white t-shirts, they shall hydrate thee!

  • Erik Slavik

    I’ll be there! Can’t wait to finally see this musical genius live!

  • nickster

    Are Glow Sticks Aloud?

    • Colleen

      No glow sticks please! They’re wasteful and people always end up chucking them at the stage, which is detrimental to the experience for everyone. If you wanna light up the crowd you can always bring some LED lights/toys if the venue allows it 🙂 I don’t have the info on hand as to whether this venue is allowing LEDs, but I will find out and post back on here!

      • nickster

        Bassnectar loves glow sticks and are you saying no glow sticks or is the venue saying no glow sticks? Im sure LEDS are aloud or are sold there

        • Hey Nickster,
          Not sure where you gathered that information but Lorin / Bassnectar crew definitely does not love glowsticks. In fact we don’t allow them at any of our events. We do encourage LED toys as long as the venue permits them.

          • nickster

            Thank you sorry i didnt gather that information but im excited to atleast have LEDS! I need something to wave around! ha Its not the same anymore with these raves now that they are actual concert and at actual venues… I remember back 5 years ago when they were held in warehouses and everything was aloud! Thanks for the heads up on the glow sticks tho

          • LED’s are only allowed if the venue permits them. I don’t believe we have any information on LED’s from them, yet. If you want to call and check yourself, you can. If not check back in a few days and see if any new info has been updated and posted here

        • Reason being is that a handful of times they’ve been thrown at the stage. They’re also quite wasteful since they’re only a 1 time use plastic toy.


    Are there upper levels or just one main floor? Would love to know soon 🙂

    • Colleen

      according to the seating chart on the stage AE website it appears to be one main floor

      • 808BASSHEAD

        Thank you <3

        • Colleen

          yup 🙂 have fun! and remember remember the fifth of november

          • 808BASSHEAD

            Ikk and I can’t wait to see him again and that just made my day lmao

  • Guest

    glowsticks!? yay or nay at the venue?

    • Nay, nay, always nay, no glowsticks ever at any Bassnectar show! It’s a big fat waste of plastic. But non-disposable LED items are welcomed.

  • Celine

    If anyone has an extra ticket, send me an email! I thought my friend bought me one, but that fell through so 🙁 yeah!
    help a girl out! : the.c.lion@gmail.com

  • jessica

    are tickets still available at the door or is it completely sold out?

    • Colleen

      completely sold out! you can try scavenging the social media world in search of a face value ticket

  • Emily Kurzawski

    If anyone has an extra ticket for the Stage AE Pittsburgh show on Monday, shoot me an email! I’m desperate! ekurzawski@yahoo.com

  • kaeinthebox

    willing to pay top dollar for bassnectar tickets.. it’s my boyfriends birthday and i have recently got ripped out for tickets, i ruined his birthday.. this is his favorite dude, its not even fair he can’t go because of me, will pay top dollar!!!! please shoot me an email kaeinthebox at yahoo.com

    • kaeinthebox

      he’s been waiting a year to see him, will basically sell soul for atleast one of these tickets.. so he can go..

  • RachelJackman

    Anyone know how long the show is estimated to last until?

    • Colleen

      we don’t give solid end times unless it’s an early show, which this is not, meaning it will go until midnight or later 🙂

  • loveforall808

    can we smoke ciggs in the venue???

    • Colleen

      nope — it is a smoke-free facility!

      this got me really confused for a second because I thought that in this day and age smoking in public places was banned just about everywhere…but apparently pittsburgh is one of the last most populous cities in the country to still allow it. not this venue, though.

      • Loveforall808

        Thanks and ik I don’t understand why they wouldent let us smoke but thanks for the info

  • Spike

    In Pittsburgh last minute for a long weekend and to vote 🙂 my roommate and I would really love to go to the show tonight. if anyone has two extra tickets, would be happy to hook you up nicely for them. please msg in themix247@gmail.com or call 724.448.7844 if you can help. thanks!

    • Spike

      Anyone? *crosses fingers* 🙂

  • Does anybody have extra tickets to tonight’s show?

  • Tiffany

    Any extra tix? Willing to buy!!!

  • lexy

    photos from the event?
    SICK fucking show!

  • kalazuma

    will any photos from the show be uploaded?