July 23rd, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Fall Tour 2012 to Tulsa, OK at the Convention Center on Thursday, October 11th!

We are excited to welcome Gramatik and Gladkill to the line-up for this event!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 6:30 PM

Click here for tickets

Facebook RSVP

Empty camelbacks and empty clear bottles are allowed, and totems are allowed!


    The BOK is going to be fucking insane!!!!! mad props for bringin it back to tulsa!!! We will RAAAAAGGGGEEE!!!!!!

    • 918basshead`

      not at the BOK my fellow basshead. but still in a bigger venue. cya there!

  • MynamesJoe

    AHHHH!!!! Yes!!!! Thank you for coming to Tulsa!!! We loovvee you!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • One page says October 11, and the other says November 10. Which is it??

  • MynamesJoe

    Is it working for anyone!!?? I can’t get tickets!!

    • Dancethenightaway

      I couldn’t get it to work for about 30 minutes but it just popped up about 10 minutes ago. It’ll be really difficult due the amazing show, but try to be patient if you can. 🙂

  • Dancethenightaway

    Saw the show at Red Rocks this past June and ready for another eeeeeppppiiiiccccc show in my home state! I’m so pumped!

    • Arkansas Rager


  • Arkansas Rager

    The Bassnectar show is October 11th, at the Tulsa Convention Center, just got my ticket, GO GET YOURS!!!!!!

  • Saw Bassnectar at electric Forest last month. Blew my face off! Can’t wait to see him in my home state!!

  • JmaN

    What are you doing it on a Thursday!!!! Come to Oklahoma on a Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bassnympho

      I for one am thankful for bass any night of the week!!!!

  • sivil

    You go to Tulsa but not to Dallas ? awe man you hurt my feelings

  • MynamesJoe

    Tulsa can rage hard ANY DAY, ANY TIME!!!! ( :

  • Stacy

    LORIN I dont think you fully understand just how excited we all are for this show!!!

  • mowglii420

    Just got my tickets! 2 for $150.70. Sooo pumped!

    • Ouch. Where did you pay that much? Tickets available at the above link are $31 + booking fee… hope you didn’t get scalped but it sounds like you might have….

  • jeremy&kynzi

    got tickets!!!! ready for bass face!

  • jeremy&kynzi

    got tickets!!!! ready for bass face!

  • DEADBrainZ

    But Tulsa can’t rage as hard as L.A. , ALL DAY

    • 918BASS

      What you know about 918 bass face

  • codyjudge

    I cant wait to rage in tulsa on the 11th

  • LiquidatedDeath

    Can you buy tickets at the door???

    • Colleen

      ticketing site says it’s $38 the day of, but that’s if any tickets remain – i wouldn’t stall on getting tickets for this. you can still purchase online at the link above, and it’s cheaper if you get tix now

      you can also call the venue the day of to find out if any tickets remain and when/where you can get them

      • LiquidatedDeath

        Thanks! Got my ticket today. Ready to RAge!!

  • Mateo

    Anyone need a ticket for this show?? Already bought mine but I can’t go 615-715-6946 will sell for cheap.. Ask for mateo

  • Ian Schalo

    Oh man! Three days before the party in Tulsa!

  • BassHogJB

    are all the tix floor level? if not, how close to being sold out is the floor? my crew and i just got done flying in the bass center spaceship and had planned for little rock…but now are hoping to get ugly in tulsa instead!!

    • Colleen

      ya there’s only one type of ticket and it’s all GA
      as far as how close the show is to selling out, i would not advise stalling on getting tickets for this event. almost all shows sell out in advance or early the day of

      • BassHogJB

        awesome! thanks for the quick reply 🙂