July 23rd, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012PLEASE NOTE: This show has been relocated from Cumberland County Civic Center to the State Theater. All tickets purchased for CCCC will be honored at the State Theater. (Or refunds are available via point of purchase.) Tickets are still available online, by phone or from the CCCC Box Office – info and tickets at the below link. Look forward to crushing it with you!!!

The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Fall Tour 2012 to Portland, ME at the State Theater on Wednesday, November 14th!

We are excited to welcome Gramatik and Gladkill to the line-up for this event!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM


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  • “when you’re dreaming, you’re alive…”

  • Christopher Bartlett

    Seattle, Wa?

  • David

    Please be Seattle, WA!

  • Robert


    • He said he wasn’t hitting any cities he stopped at in the Spring Tour so I’d say Boston is out

      • Henry

        Except Portland Oregon!

  • BassFace!

    Please come to FLORIDA!!!!! I need to see you ASAP! Remember me? from the Moon this past april! Ive seen you 11 times, make it 12!!! Pleaseeeee!!!!! hahahaha but seriously tho, come to florida.

  • Conor


    • conor2

      He was just in Albany like 2 weeks ago, why would he go back?

      • Bassfreak2

        i know what you mean, but he didnt play Albany, he played CAMP BISCO
        when he was there he wasnt saying “hello albany” he was saying “hello camp bisco lets fuckign rage”
        theres a difference btwn playing a city and playing a festival…people travel from all over the country to be at a place like camp bisco, and yes it was awesome even tho lorins mixer fucked up halfway thru his set
        having said that, this WILL be a Connecticut show, i guarantee it

        • ya win some ya lose some doesn’t matter much to mmmmeeee

  • TempleAllie


  • Moira

    I’m definitely calling Boston (at least I hope so)

  • TJEgan


  • Seabrook

    Gotta Be Chicago again.–> Fast sold out show of the Last Tour!! Chicity loves Bass in the Face

  • ethan

    albanyyy all day

  • I’m hoping Boston so I don’t have to travel to amhearst

  • Ayatt

    anyone know when this will be announced?

  • 518HamSolcomb


  • 518HamSolcomb

    Boston be happy you have Amhurst! ALB has nothing closer than 2 hours

    • But im a rhode islander! hahaha, i agree 100% if a show is within 2-3 hours of your living location then be HAPPY, what more could you want? well, everyone could want more im sure haha

      • Bassfreak2

        yeah man over on the amherst page people are bitching about having to drive 2-3 hours from boston to umass….3 hours for a sweet show isnt shit, most of the real heads have DEF traveled a lot more than 3 hours for a show, i know i have
        anything within 3 hours is legit as fuck and if u dont wanna make that drive i question your love for nectar cuz its soooooooooo worth it. id drive 10 hours to see him if i could convice people to come with me

  • 518HamSolcomb

    Albany has been on a dry spell of BASS.

    Last show was 4/23/11

  • vaninna


  • shwwwwoooop

    Boston!!!!! Honestly, no one really cares about Albany

  • Ryan

    Bass Center 5 turnout was HUGE. You gotta come back to Killadelph!

  • this better be connecticut pleaaaase be connecticut wallingford or hartford

  • hartford or wallingford, ct and if i’m right i deserve a prize

  • albanyyy you know you want to

  • nectarinmyveins

    Please anywhere close to NC or VA, its my birthday on the 14th and ill be turning 21!!!! No better way to spend it than with some nectar :)!

  • Dan

    House of Blues, Boston!!!!!

  • Does it really matter where it is though? I mean come on lets be honest, the guy busts his balls flying around at warp speed to make people smile. This is something to truly admire from every aspect. I have enough trouble waking up in the morning and getting my ass to work. How he makes new material throughout all of this? Noooo clue. Its not going to help screaming cities or states because theres a good chance its already set-up. Its supposed to be a surprise for a reason!!! SO, no matter where he plays, we must be respectful as the journey he takes is a hard, hard path. Much love, Craig~

    • To the individual that decided to down my post- Firstly, I’m sorry you didn’t approve of what I had to say and I suppose that is your right one-hundred percent – But I still love ya, hah!

    • mish

      its called hype. obviously its already set up and were not gonna change his mind but yelling out cities and discussing nectar just gets everyone pumped for the show. I will agree with everything you were saying before that, cause it is incredible impressive that he is able to do so many shows while making new music on the roll. but i mean hes a straight legend so i expect nothing less. keep up the good work nectar.

  • Bassfreak2

    for the people saying boston, why? the house of blues fucking sucks…i love the city of boston and have lived here forever but fuck that venue straight up its ass…umass is like a 3 hour drive tops its not that long for some sweet sweet nectar

    i would put money on this show being in CT, maybe the XL center? the dome at oakdale would be awesome but probly way too small for him, but that parking lot scene after would be NUTS lol, thats a real fun parking lot with like no cops at all


    URI would love you we know how to rage.

  • I just bought tickets to Kansas show then the ST louis BASSCENTER THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!! road trip from Colorado that I will remember forever…….. BASS HEAD FOR LIFE =)

  • cat

    lets get shitty in atlantic city

  • mista lova lova


  • ckon

    its got to be burlington he cannot resist

  • bassjunkie


  • Mish

    its BOSTONNNNN. you know we go hardd

  • BassInMyVeins

    The whole novelty and excitement of not annoucing this is cool and all “wooo surprise show derp derp”…
    But as a hardcore fan/follower we need to know ASAP where the show is gonna be. We’re emptying our bank accounts,buying tickets, taking off work, booking hotels, trying to plan out a tour run – all on the premise that this might be announced and just flip all plans upside down.
    Yeah it’ll be a dope surprise when it is announced for the people that live within an hour of the show – but the Bass Heads who are going either way even if it’s 4 hours are liable to get kinda fucked over. Not to mention the people that will live within 1 hour of this show(speculative), but have already bought tix to drive 4 hours and take work off for Amherst show and can’t afford to do both.

    Then again, I’m sure there is a very legitimate reason for the delay (venue/booking conflict or sum shit) and they’re not just doing it as a “OMG SURPRISE” type thing – and theres plenty of time to work out shit once its announced- so ill stfu


    • Yup if we could announce it then we would announce it. You will know as soon as possible. The alternative would be not knowing that there will be an extra show on this date, which would make planning for the show even more difficult as you wouldn’t even know it exists!

      • Nectarinmyveins

        Is there any word on a date when these shows will be announced? One by one as you find out, or all at once? I hate to ask, I’m just on the edge of my seat checking every day to see if they have been released!

        • I have no idea where the show is or when we are announcing – but we will do so as soon as possible.

  • BobbyW.

    VA!!!!!! or DC!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haille

    If you came to Madison, WI it would be the day after you came in April for the Friday The 13th concert at the Exhibition Hall. PLEASE come to Madison, WI!

  • Emily Meyer


  • Brad

    How bout some love for The Capitol? The closest place he is to DC is still like 4 hours away. Lets bomb the Armory with BASS

  • gersh

    everyone’s way off. It’s going to be montreal.

  • DrowningHeroes

    It has to be Albany… Right between Montreal and Amherst… He sold out last fall when he came through and after the technical difficulties at Bisco he is on let us RAGE!!!

    • 518HamSolcomb

      Could not have said it better. What do you think…. Armory or Times Union Center?

  • pleaaaase be hartford

  • ASEKMusik

    Just thought I’d let everyone know if they don’t… It’s Portland, Maine. 🙂

    • Yup, we’re hitting Portland ME for this one – see you down there 🙂

  • 518HamSolcomb

    Looks like I’m driving to Maine…. fuck.

  • tobin747

    glad i waited and didnt end up buying the amherst ticket, instead am going to this one. so pumped! its my girlfriends first nectar show and you should play the american beauty remix for us please! cheers!

  • Bassfreak2

    damn i mite go to this show, got a friend who lives real close to this venue so if i got the cash ill do it, but as of now im completely tapped out after Bassnectar, Pretty lights floor seats on halloween, boys noize, dillon francis, and wolfgang gartner tickets, soooo much money and its really only a fraction of how much the shows will cost inclduing everthing…if i can squeeze in another nectar show i def will tho
    andyone hear that bassnectar VIP remix of vava voom yet? holy shit some really nice trap

  • 518HamSolcomb

    I hope this showed Lorin and the crew how starving for BASS Albany is…. I best be seeing y’all in ALB on the Winter/Spring tour! 😉

  • gilmore

    is this first come, first on the floor? it seemed that way purchasing the tickets but I want to make sure that I can be feelin the music on the ground 🙂

  • Johno

    Just thought you and bassnectar crew would like to know us hardcore bassheads here in Maine are ecstatic to welcome you guys back to portland,Maine ! Recently we had a earthquake in southern Maine and I felt it through my car driving down the road.It was rated @ a 4.5 on the richter.Without a doubt,I know bassnectar will shake the earth better than that!

  • why did this get moved to state theater????? i want bassnectar to rock the civic center!!!

    • Colleen

      a couple of days ago

  • tobin747

    i have to pick up tickets at the box office. should i get them at CCCC box office or state theatre box office?

    • Colleen

      hey tobin, i’ll look into this in the morning and get back to you. please check back!

    • Colleen

      hey dude sorry i couldn’t get that info to you this morning, hope you got it figured out!