July 23rd, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Fall Tour 2012 to Montclair, NJ at the Wellmont Theatre on Friday, November 16th!

We are excited to welcome Gramatik, and Gladkill to the line-up for this event!

This is an 18+ Age Limit show.

Doors: 7:00 PM

Tickets on sale now!

Click here for tickets

Facebook RSVP

Small bags and totems under 5 ft. are allowed (nothing sharp or pointy!).


  • anon

    why is it 18 and up??????????????????????????????????

    • the bassnectar crew tries to make as many shows as possible all ages, if there is an age restriction it typically has to do with the venue

      i hope you can make it out to another show! road trips are fun 🙂

    • The Bassnectar crew tries very hard to allow all bassheads at all shows. However they do have to comply with venue/local ordinances and some shows just have to have an age limit. Sorry you can’t make it to this one, maybe next time 🙂

    • JUSTbass.

      why not! hahaha

  • nooooooooooooo9

    whaaaat, after being slighlty upset having to travel from delaware to a far show already, after i buy my ticket it gets turned to 18+. cant see bn and i spent money on a show i cant go to now

    • ace

      ill buy your ticket!

    • Sending you an email, check your inbox!

    • stuXhedddd

      yeah i’ll buy it too

  • Justin randazzo

    Can’t wait to see you three days in a row it’s gonna be epic

    • BreezeBox

      Agreed Boom Selekta

  • chris nj

    damn lorin…… i came on literally as soon as i could to order both these tickets and a two day pass for nyc, was only 90 minutes after the presale and its already over!? almost all the other venues still have presale and they have been out for several days..

  • Emily

    Since when is the Wellmont now 18+?? Half of the groups that play there aren’t even 18..
    And why change it AFTER people have already ordered tickets and took the day off of work without even a casual “Update” E-mail to warn us?

    • Hi Emily, I’ve sent you an email regarding this matter, check your inbox

      • EMMET

        Yeah why is it 18+ I’m will still be 17 when it happens

  • bob

    why is it 18+??? this was my birthday gift and im 17

  • sad

    Thanks for posting the age limit after presale >.>

    • If you have a problem, email me – ed (at) bassnectar [dot] net

  • sofia

    why is it 18? my boyfriend got me tickets for us to go but ill be 17….now what?

    • @0e4bb8b469631f5f2b5653dbc58d7e7e:disqus I’ve sent you an email regarding the age change

      • sofia

        can you resend it..i didn’t get anything

        • Just re-sent to your lovessof@ address. Make sure to check your spam filter.

  • Jefry Rojas


  • Jefry Rojas


  • Jefry Rojas

    I really want to know why its 18+

    • We do our best to make our events open to as much of our community as possible, but we have to work with local laws and regulations as well as the venue and promoter’s considerations. Sorry it didn’t work out this time. Make sure you sign up for annoncements (via the mixtape download in the right hand column >>>) so you are the first to hear about more shows in your area.

  • Jefry Rojas

    Plz plz change it it’s a real shame for the people who are under 18

  • over21

    if youre not 18, not only are you not allowed, youre not welcome. no offense

  • laurenn

    why is it 18 up?

  • Mike

    Ed I have a question if you could inbox me I’d really appreciate it. My younger brother and I have been going to bassnectar shows together for a while its something that really brought us together actually, I’m super bummed he can’t come out to the Jersey show in montclair since its 18+. Obviously there can’t be random exceptions to rules but I have this theory, Since the show was originally on sale as an all ages show…would the tickets sold @ the box office at that time say all ages and would they have to be honored?
    I honestly would seek them out if they exist but I wonder if that would even work. Hes a huge fan if theres a way even if its a pain I’ll give it a shot.

  • crackadelic

    I’ve convinced myself i cant miss a fall date tour so im coming up from va for this one!!!

  • crackadelic

    tickets are ordered!!!!! stokkkedddd & actually glad its 18 & over sorry youngins!!

  • mj1531

    Do you happen to know who’s going on first? I’m coming up from Philly after work and might not be there by 7pm. I don’t want to miss Gramatik.

    • Colleen

      I believe it’ll be Gladkill then Gramatik then, of course, Bassnectar

      • mj1531

        Great, thanks!

  • bass_TOMAHAWK

    The ceiling of the Wellmont will utterly drip with Nectar after this one. bringing my dad who used to come here back in the 1950’s to catch this set….he says you’ll bring the walls down. I disagree. I think you’re gonna shake the fuckin foundation. smallvenuesrule 🙂

  • saarr

    whythe hell is this 18+…

  • Waldo

    Thank god you made it 18+ and totem poles allowed?

    • Colleen

      Still waiting on info for totems etc… stay tuned

      • Waldo

        anything on totems?

        • Colleen

          not yet, will let ya know ASAP

  • Ludge

    Im gonna try to make this one most definite, what time is it going to end?

    • Colleen

      We can’t give a definitive end time but we can tell you it’ll end at midnight or later!

      • Alright sounds good, hopefully ill be there 🙂

  • Fuck so I got a ticket earlier and it was floor. Now I’m getting two more for my girlfriend and her friend but they say they’re seated….soooo what do???

    • Colleen

      balcony tickets are all that’s left, if you want to be with your friends then you could buy yourself a balcony ticket and sell that extra floor ticket at face value. or you could try to find some floor tickets for this show

    • I just decided to get a ticket to go with my friends and I didn’t realize until after that they have floor tickets and I got a balcony because the floor is sold out. Would you be willing to trade?

    • I just bought a ticket not realizing all that was left is Balcony, my friends all have floor tickets, would you be willing to trade your floor ticket for a balcony one?

  • briemeals

    wait but i’m still going to be 17 🙁 i have my ticket and really wanted to go though

    • Colleen

      really sorry about that 🙁 the age limit changed, which is a rare occurrence
      keep an eye on your e-mail inbox for a message about this

      • briemeals

        my email or on here?

        • Colleen

          your e-mail

          • briemeals

            i haven’t gotten anything.

          • Colleen

            yup, just keep an eye on your inbox for the next day or two. thanks for your patience!

          • briemeals

            it’s been a week and i still didn’t recieve anything.

          • Colleen

            I sent you a message to the email you used to post your original comment. Will try again.

          • Colleen

            got it now? if you still don’t have anything then just e-mail me at cemcneely (at) gmail [dot] com

  • Hi

    Totem poles?

    • Yes. As long as they are under 5 ft. with nothing sharp or pointy.

  • Janski

    Can my friend use her birth certificate as ID to get in the show? On the ticket it says “18 with ID”

    • Colleen

      Security needs to be able to match your picture with your name and birthdate. So if you have a school ID that has your picture and your name PLUS a birth certificate, then that would work.

      • PinkElephant

        I only have a copy of my birth certificate and an old school ID (it shows AT THE LEAST that I graduated high school last year, I guess..), is that OK or am I screwed?

        • Colleen said above that a school I’d plus birth certificate could work .If you’re still worried I’d call ahead to the venue to double check.

          • Janski

            I actually emailed the venue and received a phone number back to call, tried calling it a couple times and it seemed to be disconnected.

          • Colleen

            Hmm…try emailing again with your question and also let them know the number they gave isn’t working. photo ID plus birth certificate should be valid though.

  • Bern masterson

    Is anyone willing to trade a balcony ticket for a floor ticket?

  • shaman joe

    any word on totems?

    • Colleen

      still waiting on that info, sorry! we’ll post it as soon as we got it

  • tdub

    Anyone else encountering problems with transportation to the venue b/c the Montclair train line has been suspended due to hurricane sandy and there is no update on when it is coming back 🙁

    • dankkk

      depending on where you’re coming from you can probably take the bus

    • dankkk

      decamp runs from the city and and most of the northern part of east jersey. if you’re in west jersey or pa you can take the academy to the city then the decamp to montclair and i think there’s bus line that does south jersey but i’m not sure what it is. hope i was of some help, good luckkkk

  • If anyone has extra GA floor tickets, please let me know. Willing to buy anywhere from 1-3, and I’m willing to pay a little extra for them than face value. Lemme know!

    • I know people are desperate to get tickets, but please don’t encourage scalpers. Only face value tickets can be sold and discussed on this site. Good luck to you !

  • sammy magz

    Request thing isn’t working sooo…

    You gotta play the Bongo Bong remix

    11/16, 11/17, or 11/18 .. or all 3..ha

    • sammy magz

      oh, and the original version on Teleport Massive would be wonderful as well, should anyone from the basscrew pass these posts along to you.

    • Hmm, it should be working.
      I’ll pass this info along to Ed who can hopefully fix it!

  • Kyle

    The show is in two days and i still haven’t recieved a ticket…should i be concerned? I ordered it was back in August…..

    • Did you order it through Bassnectar inticketing? Because then it’s most likely on Will Call
      Did you receive a confirmation e-mail? If so you are able to check what your method of delivery was.

  • Hey everyone…I made a poster for all three shows in the Tri-State area and i’m calling it a mini-festival. I’m gonna print some out. Is anyone interested in them if I sold them for $5? I’ll be at all three nights.

    • Hey Kyle – please don’t sell your own posters of our shows! Sorry dude, but it’s bootlegging. You are free to make them and give them away though.

      • Completely understandable. I’m 100% down to give them away. Just wanted to share some stuff. 🙂

  • shaman joe

    just called Wellmont Theatre box office and inquired about bringing in totems. their response was; 1) what the fuck is a totem? and 2) no outside items allowed. but then i asked about backpacks, etc., and those are okay. seems like a double standard to me. idk but i’m going to try to bring in my EL wired skull totem adorned with a rasta-nana. see ya freaks there!!!

    • Colleen

      actually i just got word that totems will be allowed, 5 feet or less, make sure it’s nothing sharp/pointed/anything that could be a threat to public safety which will be at discretion of security. holla!

      • shaman joe

        thanks for the updated information! cant wait to party!

    • OhhYesPinkElephants

      I SAW THE RASTA-NANA! Super sweet, man!

  • njmetalhead

    this is my 6th basshead experience…. i’ve yet to hear you play Prince. maybe its time 🙂

    • Colleen

      i looove that tune. he’s dropped it quite a few times this year 🙂 you might just get your wish. make sure to put it on the request line — http://www.bassnectar.net/requestline/

  • charlotte

    do doors close at all? like i might get there at 9. can i still get in?

    • You will still be able to get in. That will be before Bassnectar is even on.
      Enjoy your night!

    • Colleen

      You should be fine

  • are camelbaks allowed in tonight???

  • Tommy

    I was here for moe on Saturday last week they wouldnt let hula hoops in

    • Then they will probably have that same rule for this show.

  • John Connor

    If you drop “I Am Back” tonight you will be vaulted ahead of the Arnold as the ideal terminator of all that ills and the protector of all that is ILL in the minds of a bunch of great friends.
    P.S. either of the New York shows would do as well 😉

  • Camelbacks anyone?

  • brumbreezy

    Anyone have 2 tickets they want to sell?

  • tyler

    what time does lorin come on i want to know if i can make it or not

  • Caleb DeSmith

    I was really sad when I found out it was 18+ knowing that I’m 15

    • Colleen

      sorry about that caleb, we try to make as many of our shows all ages as possible, but we also have to work with the venue/promoters/local laws and regulations, which sometimes results in age restrictions.

      i’d suggest a nearby all-ages show for you but we’re wrapping up tour right now! maybe road trip for new years eve, which is all ages! and keep an eye out for the next round of tour dates to find a show you can attend. 🙂