July 23rd, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Fall Tour 2012 to New York, NY at Terminal 5 on Saturday, November 17th!

We are excited to welcome Gladkill and Griz to the line-up for this event!

This is an 18+ Age Limit show.

Doors: 8:00 PM


Facebook RSVP

Water bottles and empty camelbacks are allowed, bags are allowed, totems are allowed but nothing sharp or oversized. No professional camera equipment allowed.

  • BreezeBox

    I have a question about a problem with money funds taken and put back into my bank account from the pre-sale. Where should i direct it?

  • Pooch

    Can we still buy the 2 day passes?

    • Trying to find out, advance ones definitely went, and looks like they might be all sold out…

      • This is the fastest i’ve ever seen tickets vanish in my life ed!

    • Yup, all sold out, just single tickets for both days remaining

  • TyBreezy

    It’s pretty annoying that 400 tickets are for sale on stubhub. Especially when I was trying to buy presale 15 minutes after they were available. I’d happily pay 70 bucks for the Saturday night show if I knew the money was going to lorin and his crew rather than some person who bought more tickets than they needed.

  • Can you please do something about the scalpers snaggin all the saturday night tickets?!? I really know you’re whole crew is against scalpers and so are your loyal fans. It just really sucks that if any of us are even able to go now… we have to end up paying wayyyy too much of an up charge. Just re release like 100 more tix??

    • Hi Greg – we do everything we can to avoid this, including broadcasting the advance tickets and public onsale through our entire network. We don’t want tickets to get snatched up by scalpers and would much rather that more of our fans were on hand ready to buy tickets, but unfortunately the scalpers tend to be more organized, motivated by the sheer power of their greed 🙁

      • It’s such BS that people do this. They need s real life and a fucking hobby other than bein schemers!!! I’m such a loyal fan…first show was Charlottesville, Va 2010, since that I’ve been with yall 18 times, the Forest bein the most recent! I love yall, I love road trips and was planning on heading up for Jersey and NYC x2, but the scalpers SHAT ALL OVER MY PARADE! Anyway we could have a BASSCENTER at John Paul Jones Arena(charlottesville), promise to snag tickets in time…In fact, I’ll buy 25 extras just to give away to true fans FO FREE! See you in Greensboro to start off fall terr! Much love to Big L(Lorin, not the rapper) and your whole crew for all the memories and experiences!

    • roland

      its will call you cant scalp these tickets

  • dubnugget

    is it just pre sale sold out or all tickets?

  • BreezeBox


  • Noooooooooooooo, dammit I have been waiting for him to hit NYC again and its sold out 20% to scalpers. I’m not in the mood to pay the $75 from stubhub

  • How can I apply to be an amBASSador?

  • anonymous

    is griz only saturday night?

    • Colleen

      griz is definitely saturday night
      right now only gramatik has been announced for sunday, but more TBA, so keep an eye peeled!

  • Tyler Manganiello

    who cares WE ARE HERE FOR NECTAR!!!

  • Courtney

    I have a sunday ticket. If someone has a saturday ticket and wants to trade please let me know.

  • Hey guys didn’t know where to post this so here this is. I’m Making a totum for the New York shows and I I’m having a plastic store cut out the bassnectar rings for the top of the totem. The problem is I need a vector file. I dot know how to make or get those. They need it bc they use a laser machine to cut the shapes. So if anyone has any ideas or anything please let me know! The plan is to then put el wire all over the symbol. Ideally the plastic will be clear so there will be an outline of his symbol with just el wire.

    • Colleen

      Paging some seasoned totem-bearers to see if they have any suggestions on this 🙂 stay tuned

    • Do you have Adobe Illustrator? You need that to vector an image, which is to reconstruct it as line-based as opposed to pixel based, like the majority of images are. There is an auto-vector function on Illustrator that I can walk you through if you can get your hands on it

      Once an image is vector based you can shrink or enlarge it to any size you want without distortion .

      • I dont! 🙁 unfortunately I have very little software on my computer. Im currently googling online options that sound similar to what you are saying. ie websites I can send my file to and they will send back a vector image.

        • I’d offer to do it for you but I don’t have the software on the computer I’m on and I’m literally leaving for tomorrow’s show in a few hours.

          If you can find a friend with Illustrator (Graphic Design Majors) they’ll be able to do it for you in under 3 minutes

          • I was able to figure it out online! Thanks so much. New the BNF could help!
            So hopefully ill get this thing made before sat!

  • James

    Yo who the hell sold tix for this night? I had to re-schedule to buy tix for montclair, and now I can’t locate my old ones… can anyone help?

    • Colleen

      a small amount of advanced tickets were sold through our bassnectar inticketing service. did you get tickets right when they went on sale?

      the rest of the tickets were through ticketmaster, so if you bought from them, you should contact their customer support

      • James

        Yeah, I got them the second they came on sale, and now I cannot locate them.

        • Colleen

          what do you mean? you can’t locate your physical tickets? advanced tickets are will call, meaning you pick them up at the venue the day of the show

          • James

            Ok. I cannot find a receipt or anything. I haven’t been able to locate the tickets on my bank statement. I know I purchased them. I need to sell them because I have a family engagement on Saturday the 17th. I purchased Friday ones for a lot of money from Stubhub after the fact.

          • Colleen

            your receipt would have come via e-mail. have you checked your ENTIRE e-mail inbox as well as spam folders, trash bin, etc.? perform an email search for ‘bassnectar’ and see if it pops up

            here’s the link where you can contact bassnectar inticketing for additional support —

          • James

            I have searched ALL of my email addresses for “Bassnectar” and “Terminal 5” any other suggestions? I bought the tickets the moment they came on sale. Thank you for all the help by the way.

          • Colleen

            no problem, that’s why we’re here
            use the link i gave you in my last comment to contact bassnectar inticketing with your questions. they will get back to you.

          • Hey James – try searching “Inticketing”, as the email will be from them if you purchased our advance tickets. If you still can’t find it, go here: http://bassnectar.inticketing.com/contact.php
            Or call: 415-256-TIXX

            You mentioned Stubhub too though which confused me – that’s not an official ticket partner, so any tickets you purchased from there have been resold on to you by someone else.

  • Sarah

    I lost my drivers license in the Wolfgang gartner concert nov 9:( Is it ok if I bring a copy of my birth certificate and college ID for photo???

    • Colleen

      that should work — so long as they can match your picture + name on ID with name + birthdate on birth certificate, you should be good. if you have a passport that’s also a good form of ID.

      you could also give the venue a call to be certain about what they will accept as valid ID

      • Sarah

        YAY 😀 thank you. And I did call the venue multiple times and it’s busy -_-

        • Colleen

          word. yeah, i wouldn’t worry, photo ID plus birth certificate is pretty legitimate

  • James

    Please somebody help me out!


    • Colleen

      i replied to your first comment
      advanced tickets were through bassnectar inticketing, the rest of the tickets were through ticketmaster

  • Austeen

    Any official after parties anyone knows about? Or the seedy underground unofficial kind would also be lovely..

  • Max

    Are totems allowed?

    • Colleen

      yes totems allowed but noting sharp/oversized

  • How late will Will Call be open? I won’t be gettign in until around 10, will that be fine?

    • Colleen

      Should be fine, this won’t end til midnight or later and usually once doors open they stay open

  • Jessica

    Is college ID acceptable form of ID?

    • Colleen

      Not college id alone. They need to be able to match your face with your photo ID including name and birthdate. If you could bring a college ID plus a birth certificate so they can match it all up, then that should work. Or a passport is good ID.

  • Jessica

    Also, where’s the official after party?

    • Colleen

      the official after party isn’t for tonight, it’s after night 2, i’ll get you the link with more info ASAP

  • what’s the order for the show tonight? (saturday)

  • what’s the line-up order?

    • Colleen

      i think it’s gladkill then griz then bassnectar…lemme check

      • thanks! is griz like bassnectar? dub step type?
        and what time does it end tonight?

        • Colleen

          yup confirmed it’s gladkill then griz.

          all artists are different…griz definitely throws in some dubstep. he’s pretty sick, check out his soundcloud — http://soundcloud.com/griz

          and i can’t say for sure what time it will end, we only give out end times if it’s an early show, so that means this will go until midnight or later

  • JessicaBrown

    Anyone wanna help me find a ticket?

    I just moved to NYC- one week ago. And this would probably be the best welcome-to-your-new-home party. Ever.