July 23rd, 2012


Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012The Bassnectar crew will be bringing the Fall Tour 2012 to Greensboro, NC at the Greensboro Coliseum on Thursday, September 27th.

We are excited to welcome Gramatik, Gladkill, and Styles & Complete to the line-up for this event!

This is an All Ages show.

Doors: 7:00 PM

Click here for tickets

Facebook RSVP

Camelbacks and 1 sealed water bottle per person are allowed. No professional cameras (e.g. detachable lens), no bags and no totems allowed.

  • Nectarinmyveins

    Just got my ticket, can’t wait for this facemelter, NC we gotta kick off this tour right, and Greensboro is just the place to do it!!! Been waiting years for you to come to my hometown, and all of Greensboro and surrounding area will show you why Sept. 27th!!!

  • If I wasn’t going to be in Seattle making my ORBITAL dreams come true, I’d totally go to this! Va Va Voom is the heat, and faces WILL be melted in Greensboro that night.

  • Louisb420

    So yeah I live in Greensboro and I just bought my counter point ticket a few days ago. Then he books this show the first day of the festival. Just not fair. Lorin if you have any love for hundreds of people who are stuck in the same position then please please push this show back one day and I promise the real bass heads will be there in full force

    • kylesaurusrex69

      im going to both.. this is the reason i spent my summer at a really shitty job

  • kylesaurusrex69

    hey, i am attending uncg, is there any way i can get fliers? i want a huge turn out and want to have this packed.. i can get all the sorority girls there too, i have much influence over them.

    • I think having your sorority friends come is an awesome idea! hahah, bASS and titties!!!

    • Try reaching out to the venue, flyers are sorted by the local promoter.

    • corbett

      any nectar show is going to be packed!!! the bass heads come out at night

    • call

      You sound like such a tool, leave you influenced sorority slootz at home .

  • SOopEr FlY SnUUUKEr

    I ReALlY wAnT 2 gO CuZz I’M bOUT daT LyFE!~@#$

  • tamale crotch

    u aint bout dat life

  • john c reilly

    $$$$ dat lyfe $$$$ sororitize meh

  • john c reilly

    i hurd bassheqtor got dem clams on locke

  • dr. doolittle

    ill be stayin home that night sampooing my bawlsack

  • corbett

    cant wait ;.. wish it was closer toward the coast the?? need a show on the beach!

  • Davin

    It keeps saying that I must enable cookies to purchase a ticket, but I have them enabled and I also tried clearing all cookies. What am I doing wrong?

    • Trying clearing your cache, or using a different browser, or try on a different computer or device. If this still doesn’t work, drop Inticketing a line: 415-256-TIXX

  • Elgiarg

    I want to buy tickets for a friend as a gift. But with willcall pickup, how can I have the tickets listed in her name rather than mine?

  • Riot699

    So this will probably sound like a stupid question, but do I just go to Greensboro Coliseum to pick up my ticket? The last time I went to a Bassnectar concert I was able to just print out my tickets, so I’m not quite familiar with what to do.

  • Tsnizz

    Stupid question but the Greensboro show is general admission right?

    • Tsnizz

      Sorry for the double post

      • BreakerOneNine

        Yes, general admission but you need to get there early for wristband to be able to get on the floor. I think they start handing them out at 4pm.

  • Tsnizz

    The show in Greensboro is General Admission right?

  • will there be any vendors..or is there info for brands that would like to present at this event?

    • Sure thing, send an email to me ed (at) bassnectar [dot] net, I will forward it to the appropriate party.

  • fuck yes! cant wait for the 27th! lettttts gooooo nc!

  • BreakerOneNine

    Any 21+ wanna pre-game before the show?

  • https://www.facebook.com/events/520658404618254/

    9/27/2012…Pretty Boy Bastard Presents .BASSNECTAR AFTERPARTY at THE BLIND TIGER, GREENSBORO, NC

  • David Inscoe

    thursday, dang i was gonna come now i might not be able to:(

  • alliezandra12

    so what time should we get there to get a wristband for the floor? cause i’m not trying to be anywhere else this bitch is getting to the front!

    • Colleen

      get there early! bassheads start lining up an hour or two (and sometimes more) before doors open

      • David Inscoe

        is there a certain age you must be to stand on the floor because im 15?

        • Colleen

          no, anyone with a wristband will be allowed on the floor regardless of age

  • alliezandra12

    Do you think floor will sell out by 530-6?

    • Colleen

      there’s no way to know in advance how many people are going to show up and when. all i can tell you is that wristbanding will begin at 5pm, doors will open at 7pm, and people will be there early.

  • Dani

    What’s the theme for the Greensboro show?


    Hi, I know this says it’s an all ages event, but I’d like to make sure my 8 year old boy would be ok at this show. He really loves the music and I was of bringing him to see it live, he would be thrilled! Thanks.

    • Colleen

      he’ll be good to go! don’t forget to bring him some solid ear-protection 🙂 enjoy

  • so how will the seating work? since all the tix are the same price, how will i be able to get in the pit?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Colleen

      there will be wristbands given out on a first-come, first-served basis in order to get down into the pit. wristbanding will begin at 5pm and doors will open at 7pm, so if you want to ensure you can get down onto the floor, you have to get there early.

      • so if i get there by 3pm, do u think me and 4 other people will get wristbands?

        • Colleen

          i think you’d be good. you can always drive by and see how many people are lining up in advance, etc. play it by ear.

          • alright thank you very much. i’ll try and get there by 12 in that case to ensure i have a wristband (: i will literally do anything for one! lmao

          • Colleen

            i don’t think you’ll need to get there that early but there’s nothing stopping ya

  • Nectarinmyveins

    How long will the show last until? If doors are at 7 I’m guessing the show will only last until around 11 or so?

    • Colleen

      we don’t release end times unless it’s an early show, which this is not, which means that it will go until midnight or later – but i can’t say definitively what the end time is.

  • Michael

    i’ll be visiting new york in november and going to the concert the 18, can i use my id card from my country or no?

    • Colleen

      if you’re coming from abroad then i assume you’ll have a passport? i think a passport will work — let me make sure with the venue, though. check back in a couple days

    • Colleen

      hey michael – thanks for your patience. the venue will accept an international ID card or a passport as valid ID, as long as it has a photo and a birthdate. you should be good to go!

  • ESR

    Can I send a friend to get the wristbands for me? Because I cant be there before the rush. But I NEEEEEED the wristbands

    • Colleen

      usually with wristbands you present your ticket and they put the wristband on your wrist at that exact moment. otherwise, you could present your ticket twice in exchange for a wristband each time. so, i think you will need to be there.

  • AyeGeeGGN

    Who’s going from Columbia SC?

  • AyeGeeGGN

    Anyone trying to pre-game for this rager hit me up on twitter @AyeGeeGGN or at zerealayegee@gmail.com

  • RagerNation

    is anyone else freaked out about this? im totally psyched but this whole wristband and 8yr olds showing up thing has me concerned.

    • Whats wrong with the wristbands?
      I’m sure if any 8 year old are showing up, they will be accompanied by their parents or guardian. How does that exactly affect you?

      • chicagobeatfreak

        vibe. but more power to em.

    • Colleen

      there’s nothing to be freaked out about. go have fun and spread the joy

    • RagerNation

      I was just saying, last time i went to this It was insane and I think its really intesne. Also I heard that its in the event building, not the coliseum… so its all just standin and one level?
      Sounds MUCH better

  • MollyAnne

    Once I go and get my wristband early at 5, would I be able to leave and come back before the show starts (quick pregame) or would I have to stay in line till 7?

    • Colleen

      you’ll be free to come and go

  • Jennifly

    IMPORTANT QUESTION .. If there are three of us going and two are still at work til 6 can I pick up three wrist bands with my three tickets or do the people have to be present at time of wristbanding????? I am assuming once you have wristband you can go and come at will .. not stay till 7 ..perhaps eat dinner and hydrate 🙂

    • Colleen

      the wristband goes on your wrist, not in your hand, so everyone needs to be present. once it’s on your wrist, you can come and go at will

  • Jennifly

    MPORTANT QUESTION .. If there are three of us going and two are still at
    work til 6 can I pick up three wrist bands with my three tickets or do
    the people have to be present at time of wristbanding????? I am assuming
    once you have wristband you can go and come at will .. not stay till 7
    ..perhaps eat dinner and hydrate 🙂

  • mikeyn

    what’s the word on glowsticks?

    • Leave them at home, please 🙂
      Glow sticks are not permitted at any Bassnectar event. They’re wasteful and bad for the environment, and also sometimes get thrown at Lorin or on the stage.
      We do however encourage LED toys, venue permitting. You will have to call and see if they allow flow/LED toys in.

  • crackadelic

    please tell me the mixtape comes out today since this is his first tour date for fall tour!!!!!!!!

  • Mack

    Where will the people be who don’t have wristbands? I see that those with wristbands will be on the floor… is it just a closed off section and there is standing room for everyone else, or a different level, or what?

    • Yes, there will be people who don’t have wristbands.
      Wristbands will be distributed for floor access on a first come first serve basis. Venue staff will be handing out wristbands at the Special Events Center Lobby. Wristbanding will begin at 5pm, with doors opening at 7pm. As always, this is a team effort. Once the floor has reached capacity, wristbands will no longer be given out and people will be viewing the show from the raised seated areas. I assure you it is an awesome view being raised above the crowd, and you’ve still got room to dance 🙂

      • chicagobeatfreak

        yeah, floor is overrated. At least nowadays with the crowds he brings out. Id do anything for an oldschool small show.

  • Sneakapimp

    Just a phriendly reminder…there will be NO wristbands for tonight’s show. First come, first serve. BASS~

  • JMaxi

    Lies…you can bring one totem.

    • That’s not what we were told by the venue? If you have confirmation on totem allowance please let us know!