July 17th, 2012


Bassnectar live footage - Princess Superstar - My Machine RemixSome of the old timers might remember this footage (some of it taken from ground-breaking Dove commercials) which I used to play during my sets like 4 or 5 years ago. We remixed the footage, and synched it up with an edit I made of Princess Superstar’s song “My Machine” and debuted it at Red Rocks (Thanks to Andy, Michael & Seth!).

For me, it is a commentary on the disingenuousness of the mainstream media, and the psychological poisonousness of advertising and marketing. I remember taking classes on Education & Psychology in college which talked about the importance of “Deconstructing Reality” in reference to analyzing “norms in pop culture” and dissecting them in order to take a critical look at what is going on behind the scenes. Many things are not what they seem, but at the pace of life today, it’s easy to get tricked, or not to notice when we are being brainwashed. I wanted to celebrate a reminder that much of what media/marketing/advertising bombards us with is deceitful, and potentially dangerous if we don’t question it. I hope you enjoy this.