July 2nd, 2012


Photo by Shaun Hollingsworth

  • First…
    Wish i could of been there. Next year.

  • Was a great show man.

  • Amazing set! Any chance of seeing it as a mixtape? The ace of spades remix was insane!

  • Darryll L Hunt

    Keep making good Music for the Mind Body and Soul

  • PLEASE drop this as a mixtape. By far my favorite set i’ve heard from you.

  • Aidan Vollmer

    I felt so much love coming from you during this set Lorin. Thank you so so much for such a beautiful experience.

  • please tell me this set was recorded!!

  • chris

    got some of the best video footage of you tearing it up, thank you SO much for the most magical ending EF could ever imagine.

    • Mikey Curtis

      Post it up man I would love to relive it!

  • Antodope

    Best show I’ve ever seen, hands down.

  • sooooo… need to bring this show to Japan!! ^__^