August 16th, 2012


Design a Basnectar tee!

  • Interesting! can’t wait to see what ideas come out of the grindworks!

  • Well now I have to go home from college to get my art supplies. Whoop!

  • Kenny Lopez

    Hi, i just have a question for any one of the mods, is it okay if i draw the design? Just to give a possible idea you could change to make better? Thanks.

    • Sure thing, any way you choose to give it

  • Kenny

    Can i draw the design?

  • Kenny

    Actually, never mind 😛

  • Will we be able to see the other entries at the end of the competition?

    • I think we’ll probably post up some runners-up but there won’t be a voting process or anything like that

  • Keen4n

    do we forfeit rights to the design by submitting them?

    • Nope, only if we select you as the winner and use your design for Bassnectar gear.

  • Lucas

    Love this, going to take a stab at it too

  • sam

    idk its a start haha

  • I just had a conversation with my subconscious and it just told me to enter this contest.
    It said I was going to win. I told him stop being such an egotistical douchebag and that I was in charge of the art department and he was just my unpaid intern.Kids these days no respect whatsoever for insanity of the left hemisphere.

  • finished and sending:)

  • Brittany Schanuth

    Having troubles on where to send it! Help?

  • Brittany Schanuth

    Is the email to send it?

  • mjw

    does it have to have the bassnectar logo on it?


  • wake up

    I made some bass’l sprouts and a boy n girl bassnectar peacock spider.

    • And they were very very cool. I hope you saw Lorin post the bassl sprouts to Facebook?

      • wake up

        Thanks Ed! I did see that Lorin posted that, and I am honored. Honestly a high point in my life. It would be unreal to meet him, not only is he my favorite musician, but he seems like an amazing person! Too cool! Im amazed that he even know my name! Gotta love life! Consider them uploaded 🙂

        • If you are going to any of our Fall Tour shows, make sure to come up the front at the end and say hello – you can bring a print out of your art and Lorin will sign it.

          • wake up

            Already got tickets for Minneapolis on the 3rd. Its on!

          • I’ll see you there!

  • David

    Very interested in entering. Good on you guys, the admins, on letting the fans get involved.
    The designs entered should be very cool to look at. Bassnectar’s music usually draws in a very interesting group of people and the creative designs to come shall be no different. This contest can only be a testament to the artistry Bassnectar has influenced in the EDM community. Looking foward to seeing the winner. Regards.

  • Kty

    Should i be receiving an email notifying me you got my email?


  • leo

    cani submit a couple late designs today :'(

    • I think there’s still time squeeze a couple in, ASAP, go for it!

      • leo

        yay! i sent from the gmail address chilleo did you get it?

        • I don’t see it, nor from a Leo – what is the name on the email address? Make sure you are emailing to

          • leo

            the email address is i sent again just now and again without one of the bigger images in case that was an issue

          • Got it, thanks Leo!

  • Matt

    when will results be posted 😀 ?

  • Awall

    Did you guys get my email? It is from

    • We did, thanks @disqus_LfgSVnHQXT:disqus.

      • Awall

        Awesome. Thanks!

  • H

    when do we find out the winner?

  • Thanks everyone for your entries, we’ll announce a winner in the next 1-2 weeks. You can still show us your art and designs by posting them up here:, we’ll be giving out prizes to the best uploads and you’ll automatically be contacted if there is another contest like this.

  • Ziggy Mantis

    Howdy. I just became aware of the contest. Is it too late to upload to tumbler?

    • Too late to enter the contest but never too late to upload to Tumblr. I’ll post some of the best contest entries up there in the next few days.

  • Art expressions can be in and of themselves very spectral in characteristics and fleeting creative conceptualiztions.You can spend 48 hrs straight or a whole year making something and then just throw it all out for something that came in a flash of brillance and took 1 /100th the effort of all the foreced shit for lack of a better word.

  • thank you for supporting regular joes.

  • is there anyway to see the designs? Find out about the results? Dates 🙂 Thanks!

  • Buzkellington

    The anticipation is killing me. when will we know the results?

    • By end of next week I think, hold tight!

      • Buzkellington

        Spent my weekend dreaming about Bassnectar and how amazing he was at Bisco.

  • Any word on that contest for the logo?

    • Colleen

      tentatively by the end of this week

  • yourmothernude

    Hey @EdBasscrew:disqus I have a quick question about some merch and I know you’re the go to guy on the site, we’ve had numerous convos. My question: Is there anyway and/or is it possible to purchase that vavavoom hoodie without having to pay for the entire bundle? Thanks in advanced for any info or help 🙂

    • What’s up @fdc9ad06fb4a8d7013b59e03f59702f7:disqus, not currently but once the new EP comes out we will be making all the VAVA VOOM gear available “a la carte”. Freestyle EP is on the way, don’t think I can reveal the release date just yet but it’s within the next 1-2 months. Hope that helps!

      • wompface

        @EdBasscrew:disqus AHHHH! That’s funking great news to hear about a la carte AND about Freestyle EP, thanks for the info and I appreciate it as always. I will just be buying the divergent hoodie and the vavavoom hoodie when available, Chicago is starting to get cold so some warmthnectar to stomp the streets in. Thanks and be well!

        • chilleo

          i had this same EXACT question! thanks for asking it 🙂 that hoodie is absolutely awesome

  • Alisa

    when will we see the winner brother

  • Alisa

    look i guess i should have read farther down 🙂

  • David Bowman

    Lurking ’bout the hive of beats. 🙂

  • when will the winner be announced?! the anticipation is killin meh!

    • Colleen

      not a moment longer than necessary!

  • crackadelic

    when does the mix drop!!?

    & i hope your version of lights that you play live is on there!!!

  • crackadelic

    where can you get the free beats bassnectar posted to twitter on the 13th or was it just the european mixtape??

    • That was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it give away of some promo tracks. You should be able to dig them up online. Search for Vava Voom ft Lupe Fiasco (Bassnectar Remix) and Modeselektor – Weed Wid Da Macka (Bassnectar Remix)

      • crackadelic

        okay i did get them good!!! cant let any bassnectar merchandise get by me!!!

  • Awall

    Will you have anything for any of the runners up? Like maybe some STICKAS

  • Buzkellington

    The date keeps being pushed around when will the lucky person know when they get to meet the great Bassnectar

  • crackadelic

    so readyyyyyy for this mixtape please drop it asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brittany schanuth

    Did they annoucne it yet?

  • gruvless

    turns out he didn’t like anyone…

  • shanebasshead

    Any plans on having one of these again? So many talented and creative Bass Heads out there 🙂

    • Chris Basscrew

      You never know!!!!!