August 13th, 2012


Photo by Heather Marie Ryan

  • DrFuckYourFace

    Smashing set as usual, but for your fans PLEASE never go back to this festival.

    Worst, most poorly organize piece of shit I have ever seen

    • Sorry you had an unsatisfactory festival experience 🙁 If you have any serious feedback we’d be interested to hear it and would be happy to pass it on to the festival organizers.

      • DrFuckYourFace

        Not gonna take the time to go into it cuz I’ll never go back but:
        -Camp site 2 exits from the venue via highway
        -Main stage DIVIDED half and half – with half of it 21+… which was empty for most of the day

        But that set Saturday night made it all 10000000x worth it

        • Glad that it was worth it! Thanks for the feedback we will pass it on.

    • Nick

      I actually performed there and I have to agree with you!! Its unfortunate how disorganized this festival was. I have never been treated so badly as an artist before!! And unfortunately I left before Bassnectar because I was so fed up with it.

  • Cullen

    Still need to check the lost and found for my face. thanks man, been waiting to see you too long and you went heavy as fuck. see you in portland

  • WTF is up with a tour date for Orla
    ndo? How about THAT for dissatisfaction BASSCREW?!

    • We will return to Florida in full force, never fear!

      • Anthony

        insomniac just confirmed EDC Orlando, Dollars to donuts bassnectar will be in Orlando for EDC, and that comment ^^^ really confirmed it for my speculation. Ill take 2 tickets to go please and a side of bass for here

        • I can’t guarantee WHEN we’ll return to Florida, just that we will, ASAP 🙂