August 9th, 2012


Bassnectar - Summer Festivals Guide Pt 2Time for our Bassnectar European Vacation Tour! As we enter the second phase of festival season, we have set our sites on Europe and it’s cavalcade of splendid open air events, before returning to the US for CounterPoint and Austin City Limits. Here’s our handy guide to which festivals we will be hitting! A full list of tour dates can be found here.

8-17 Pukkelpop Festival – Kiewet, Belgium
2 shows, 2 countries, 1 day. We hit Pukkelpop on the Dancehall Stage on Friday afternoon; raging serious face and then zooming off to our second shift:

8-17 LowLands – Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
Direct from Belgium, we have a late night at this killer festival in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands. I’ll be on the India stage from 00:15-1:15.

8-18 Open Air – Gampel, Switzerland
An awesome camping festival with Cypress Hill headlining! I’m closing out the PS Stage on Saturday Night, letting it blast full volume before the stage shuts off and lets the campers sleep. Or do whatever it is they do late at night…

8-23/24 – Sweden/Denmark
For August 23 and 24, I take a break from the festivals to make a couple of club stops in Sweden and Denmark. On the 23rd, we make our way to Strand, and deliver some serious Stockholm low end – tickets available on the door. Then on the 24th, we trail across to Copenhagen for a show at Rust.

8-25 Reading Festival – Reading, UK
Reading is the oldest pop music festival in existence, and we are beyond excited to be a part of it in 2012!!! Cannot wait to hear the entire crowd screaming along to the Pennywise Tribute…

8-26 Leeds Festival – Leeds, UK
Another classic UK music festival, this is a double-whammy weekend! Other Sunday performances include Mastodon, At The Drive In, Florence and the Machine. (I’ll be making my way back to UK for a club show in London at Koko on September 8th! See below.)

8-31, 9-1, 9-6 Germany/Czech Republic
I’ll be taking another quick break from the festivals and hosting a couple of German club ragers back to back. On 8-31 the Bassnectar crew hits Bootshaus in Cologne, and follow that up with Gretchen in Berlin on the 9-1. Then on 9-6, we make our way to Prague for another bass bath at Roxy!

9-2 Electric Picnic – Stradbally, Ireland
On September 2nd we’ll be heading to Electric Picnic just outside of Dublin. Last time I played in Ireland to a packed out little club they showed us footage of EP and it has been on my target list ever since!

9-9 Bestival – Isle of Wight, UK
And we’re back to the UK. This year I’m happy to be a part of Bestival, the award-winning English festival. I’ll be joining the likes of Stevie Wonder and Nero on this massive four day line-up, shredding with extreme pleasure before heading back stateside…

9/27-29 Counterpoint – Atlanta, GA
Wrapping up our Summer Festival Tour, and kicking off the Vava Voom Fall Tour, we will be back on the ground with the full road show in tow, finally returning to the beautiful lands of Georgia! It was painful to sit out of the dirty south for so much of the fall tour, and this festival is partly why: it will be pure and total rowdiness! Plus i will release the ‘Freestyle Mixtape’ this week, so stay tuned!!!

Bassnectar @ Lollapalooza 2012
Bassnectar @ Lollapalooza 2012

  • BassMomma

    counterpoint is going to kick ass


    we want you to come in Bulgaria next summer 🙂

  • BobbyW.

    anyone know track name by chance!!?

  • BobbyW.

    new mixtape is soooo sickkk can only imagine the freestyle mixtape!! cozza frenzy version been waiting on & the vava voom remix sickkkkkkk!!!!

    • BobbyW.

      actually face off my bad not vava vooom!!!

      • BobbyW.

        maybe it is just the beginning of vava voom remix duno the face off over cozza frenzy is so tight.

        Sorry for all the post haha!

        • Bassfreak2

          thats EXACTLY how he started off the acapella for cozza frenzy at camp bisco…dropped that track right before then layered over the lyrics..shit is DIRTYYYYY
          love the vava voom VIP remix too, some trap from nectar and of course he killed it

          • BobbyW.

            deff agreed his vava voom remix on here is dirttyyyy & i love the trap from bassnectar been trying to find it since firefly never knew it was going to be vava voom remix though!!! & yeah ive been waiting for that cozza frenzy since nye the first time i heard it!!!

            no one else can transition songs like this man!!! genius!!!

            got to meet you @ firefly but would love to have a meet & greet to just talk!

  • BobbyW.

    lorin i have been wondering for along time now what effect do you use to hop the beat around in most of your songs like pounding, cozza frenzy remix on your mixtape, & most all your songs you hop it around i would to know how you do that!!

    • Alex Rau

      im pretty sure he’s beat jumping? i think he has his beats, melody and vocals separate so he can play with them live. like live remixing maybe? but i could be wrong

      • BobbyW.

        so basically ableton does the hopping around & a regular mixer cant!!?

  • BobbyW.

    lorin or basscrew can you please tell me name of this song or any basshead who knows fill me in on this badass song lorin drops!! here is the link below.

  • Inka

    Thanks for the sick show in Prague!

  • TrapperKeeper

    Freestyle mix tape ?