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September 18th, 2012


Dollar Per Bass Head 2012Hello, and welcome to one of my favorite parts of Bassnectar Land: our $/BH project!!!!

This is something we designed to enourage everyone to think outside the tight circles of their immediate friends and family, make a contribution to other people, and give back to the communities around you in creative, meaningful ways. I decided back in 2010 that as long as I continue to tour, I will donate one dollar of every single ticket sold to a Bassnectar show in North America towards making some kind of positive social impact. I have a huge team who helps me with this, and we hope you are inspired to get involved.

So today we are kicking off another “Dollar Per Bass Head Election”. If you recall from our past campaigns, we highlight several organizations, charities, or community projects which we think deserve support, and we encourage you to help us choose how to give the donations. Here’s how it works:

1. We collect and donate one dollar for every ticket sold, and send it to Air Traffic Control, a non profit organization that helps artists optimize their opportunities for social contribution.

2. We then set aside the money in blocks of $50,000 – $100,000, and present a selection of different organizations that are doing amazing things to empower education, health, or community. You can learn about the organizations, what they do and how, and see how you can get involved if you are interested. This is not only a great way to give back, but it is also an awesome way to meet new friends, and to explore life OUTSIDE of the party.

3. We hold a vote at to place the organizations in order of preference.

This time around we will be donating $100,000 of the funds raised and we are asking you to vote on 4 charities that are close to our hearts and making a positive social impact in the world. The organization that receives the most votes will receive $50,000, the 2nd will receive $25,000, the 3rd will receive $15,000 and the 4th will receive $10,000. Voting is open through until end of day Friday Sep 21st.

In a sense this is your money, as you paid for it when you bought a ticket, so we want you to feel like you are as much a part of this as possible! Please take a moment to read through a description of each nonprofit. We encourage you to visit their websites and get involved if their ideas speak to you. At the end of the gallery, vote for your favorite. Thanks!