October 15th, 2012


Bassnectar NYE Nashville 2012The Bassnectar crew will be returning to Nashville on December 31st 2012 to usher in the new year at the Bridgestone Arena with a truly next level show.

Yes, we’re introducing a whole new stage setup for this special night: Lorin will be performing in the center of the crowd on a stage which rotates an astonishing 360 degrees!!!

We are excited to welcome support acts Treasure Fingers and Two Fresh to the line-up for this one-off extravaganza!

This is an All Ages event.

Doors: 7:30 PM
Show: 9:00 PM

GA tickets are sold out, but VIP tickets are still on sale, and VIP upgrades are available for those who already have purchased tickets.

VIP tickets include access to the bass space, early entry, viewing area, merchandise and more!


Small bags are allowed – note the venue does not have a bag-check facility. Totems of a reasonable height (5-6ft) that are not deemed to be a danger to public safety by the security personnel are allowed. Empty Camelbaks and bladders are allowed and will be inspected at entry points. Empty water bottle not larger than 20oz per person are allowed. Factory-sealed bottles will be emptied at the doors and caps will be taken. Non-disposable (i.e., battery-powered) lights are allowed unless deemed a danger to public safety by the security personnel. Hula-hoops are allowed.

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  • ONE WEEK!!!! I havent slept yet because i’ve been listening to Lorins music since 4 this morning and I havent stopped yet (its 8am now). I’ll be freezing my ass of waiting for my wristband but we’ll be there all day. Cant wait for this!!!!!

    • Freezing? It’s gonna feel like the tropics down there ;P

      • haha I see you’re in Michigan so it’ll be warmer than you’re used to. I live in Atlanta so anything under 50 is UNACCEPTABLE!! haha

        • well don’t freeze your ass off outside because there is a clothing drive going on and you can bring a bunch of extra blankets or sweatshirts that you don’t want anymore and donate them once you get inside (or perhaps you donate right before you go in? either way, clothing drive @ bridgestone the day of event)

          win/win, right? i’m not sure if this was an ambassador project or what, but i’m def gonna bring some extra clothes to donate even if i don’t end up needing ’em in that lovely 50 degree weather

  • Matt Newman

    Anything about what time floor wrist bands are gana be handed out?

    • nope, sorry, and it looks like that info wont be known until the day of the event. wish i had more info for ya!

  • the king

    please go hard! the harder the show at new years the crazier it will be!! red step, what, and the newest stuff goes hammmm

  • Basstrev

    Need 2 tickets for nashville. Please let me know if their are any available.

  • Lace bass

    Anyone have two extra tickets for the NYe show in Nash? Please let me know!!!

  • Anna-Grace Veal

    I have not received a shipping confirmation or my tickets. SOMEONE HELP!!

    • hi anna, sorry you’re having trouble. we can get it figured out. who did you buy your tickets from? was it ticketmaster, or did you get tickets early through bassnectar inticketing?

  • Tiffanyl007

    if you are VIP, do you have to stay in the VIP section or can you just join the GA pit?

    • You can roam around in the GA pit for sure.

  • rage

    are glow sticks and strings allowed inside?

    • rage

      also what about cameras?

      • non professional ones are good to go.

    • No glow sticks, please. Reusable/battery-powered led lights and toys are fine

      • basshead

        wow….. no glowsticks ……that’s retarded

        • They have been thrown on stage at Lorin while performing multiple times. That’s no fun for him, and no fun for the audience when he has to stop the music to ask people not to do so.
          Not to mention they are very wasteful since they’re only a one time use plastic toy

        • The reason we dont allow glowsticks at any bassnectar shows is that people always end up chucking them at the stage, hitting people and lorin in the process, which is detrimental to the experience for everyone. Glow sticks are also one-time use pieces of waste and we encourage more eco friendly and creative ways to light up the crowd πŸ™‚ led wire, lights, toys, etc.

  • kelcie

    when will wristbands start to be handed out for NYE? will you be allowed to leave the venue and come back after receiving a wrist band?! thanks πŸ™‚

    • 10 a.m. and yes

      • Did you get 10am as a confirmed wristbanding time? As far as i know there wont be a confirmed time until day of event

        • I could have sworn that information was in the email you sent, but at second glance I am wrong.
          Regardless of the time, you’ll be able to leave once you get a wristband

    • 10 a.m. day of event is confirmed.

      they will be handed out 1wristband per 1 ticket at the General Admission Entrance located at the corner of 5th Ave and Broadway.

  • spaceylacey

    So I’m about to sell my Bass Lights ticket to get busy with Shasta and Colleen. Oh dear the DT’s have begun. When Im in the same state as nectar and I cant go I usually want to fling my self around on asphalt especially since its the night of a full moon. Oh well I get to ring in the new year with some extra lovely souls <3 <3 xoxo cant wait to see all you heads and ze king drop it like a hot potato. Safe Travels fam <3.

  • When will floor wristbands be handed out?!?!

    • 10 a.m.
      you can leave after you get it though if you aren’t trying to get rail.

    • I thought it was 10 a.m. but we are still waiting on confirmation.

      • Yeah i havent seen anything official about 10am. I heard from the venue that we wont know wristbanding times til monday.

        • dang. do you guys think noon would be a good time to get there? i sure hope i get one :/

          • It’s really hard to tell! My best advice to give you is to show up as soon as your safely able to, and hope for a wristband. If you don’t get one – no worries! it’s a 360 stage so no matter where you are in the raised area, you’ll have an AMAZING view.

    • 10 a.m. is confirmed – given out per ticket att the General Admission Entrance located at the corner of 5th Ave and Broadway

  • ChynaMane

    anyone in the tricity’s area in tenennesse johnson city elizabethton kingsport have any GA tickets for sale for face or maybe a lil over plz let me kno

    • Don’t encourage scalpers! Everyone deserves a ticket for FACE value. Not a penny more. πŸ™‚
      I hope you can find a ticket. If I see of one being sold in that area I will e-mail you. Did you use your correct e-mail to post this comment? Are you willing to meet at the show for the ticket?

      • ChynaMane

        yea i sure did and yea i wuld be able to do that thnxs! tryin to find a ticket for a friend of mine

        • Do you need a night one or night two ticket for your friend? I might be able to help you out. Text me 9894449730

  • basslove

    Has anyone heard about any after parties/shows? Last year’s was too dope, and I was hoping to continue my night after bringing in the new year with all my fellow bassheads

    • White Noise and Two Fresh at 12 & Porter.

  • Justin Credible

    Wassupwicha BassFace people… me and my Rage Family will be at the Bridgestone arena just after breakfast Monday morning waiting for floor bands. My question though, how do my family members get floor bands if they have ‘will-call’ tickets?

    • hey Justin – good question. I kind of forgot about this situation.

      It states on the Bridgestone Arena website that the box office opens at 10 a.m. So I am guessing that if you are in line to get your will call ticket in time, you will receive a wristband along with your ticket.

      I will call tomorrow when they open the box office at 10 a.m. – I may not be able to post on here right away because I’ll be headed to Nashville, but here is the main phone number so that you can call for yourself and ask – 615.770.2000

  • Luke H.

    I just received an email saying that fan club tickets can pick up wristbands at the South Entrance of Bridgestone. Are the fan club tickets those limited number of presale tickets that were sold here on his site? If so, does this guarantee wristbands for those tickets? Thanks!

    • If your ticket is yellow, and you purchased it through Front Gate – you are good to go at the South entrance and guaranteed a floor wristband.
      As precaution – I would ask the box office as soon as you can to make sure you are all set.

      • Brandon Schecter

        Whoa! Is this true that fan club tickets are guaranteed floor wristbands? Than You!!!

  • Dhxhx

    Anything about when floor wristbands will be handed out?

    • 10am first come first served

  • nicholas

    Are the Fan Fair tickets guaranteed floor access? from Bassnectar website

    • I am not 100% sure on this situation. Did you receive an e-mail? Check your junk/spam folder as well.

      I saw a screen shot from someone who received a Front Gate e-mail stating that they were able to go to that entrance and definitely receive a wristband.

      They also told me that their ticket was yellow – instead of the standard white-like Ticket Master tickets.

      I would not bet on a guaranteed wristband unless you see the e-mail and your ticket fits the description given in the e-mail.

      There is a whole day before the event – which means you can still call both Fan Fair tickets and Bridgestone. I will be making calls tomorrow but I can’t guarentee a speedy reply, for I’ll be doing traveling myself.

      Here is the number for the Bridgestone arena -615.770.2000

      • nicholas

        got the front gate email and the tickets match the descriptions on your post, it reads to enter through the VIP southern entrance. can you confirm?

        • If you got the email from front gate then you should be good to go on that entrance. Enjoy!

          • nicholas

            I can not find the secret set .(After Party).
            please help! not 12th and porter

    • Yes, presale/advanced tickets, if you have them, will guarantee floor access

  • poispinner

    is poi going to be allowed and what kind of bag will be allowed

    • Small bags are fine, no large backpacks, led lights/toys such as poi are allowed but security does reserve the right to deny anything that they think could be a risk to public safety
      Enjoy πŸ™‚

  • What’s the glow stick policy for this show? I was super bummed last year to discover that we were only allowed to bring in one or two sticks.

    • They shouldnt have allowed in any glow sticks last year, and they wont be allowing any this year. They arent allowed at any bassnectar show since they are wasteful and people always end up chucking them at the stage, hitting people including lorin, which has totally distracted his set before. That’s not cool for anyone.

      We encourage more creative and eco-friendly ways to light up the crowd, such as with led lights/toys. Feel free to bring those, but please, no glow sticks.

  • Hey, just to confirm one thing. The floor wristbands being handed out at 10 am is one per ticket I understand. This means that if I bring two tickets and I don’t have two people with me I will still be able to get two floor wristbands correct?

    • No. One wristband equals one ticket and it goes on your wrist immediately, so each ticketholder needs to be there.

  • Chris

    What time do the opening acts come on?

  • Matt Newman

    Is there a pre party for nye?

  • Luke

    When do the VIP/fan club doors start giving out wristbands? Thanks!

    • Wristbanding starts at 10am
      Vip and presale tickets will automatically get wristbands

  • thatbasshead

    bassnectar new years eve is in 7 hours and 35min… I just got my wristband, I might jizz

  • Matt

    I got my tickets 3 months ago and it shows where I am “seated” and it says floor on it. I am still guaranteed floor area correct?

  • Lol Magazine

    will there be a second round of wristbands this afternoon?

  • handjob magee

    is there no after-party for this?

  • This was the most amazing show I have ever been to. Literally 360degrees of bass in your face, cob webs, balloons, pink elephants and more love that you can ever imagine. Can;t wait to see what happens next year πŸ™‚

  • I’m still in awe from the other night. Another brilliant show from Lorin.

    • I am too!

      • Being able to see his live production and mixing from so many angles was mind blowing! Everytime he “freestyled” I started laughing because it was just that awesome.

        • Compared to any other EDM artist I’ve seen live, Lorin does the most freestyling for sure. It’s pretty fuckin’ awesome and that 360 stage made it SO easy to see πŸ™‚
          much love <3

          • He’s on his own level for sure, and much love back to you and the entire BNF!

  • Guest

    Was there really 540k watts of speakers?

    • something like that

    • From what i’ve heard he had 4 times as much sound as last year but it was being blasted in 4 different directions (because of the 360 stage) and he wanted each part of the arena to get the full sound of a normal show. Aaand it worked.

  • guitarmonsta

    My 2 favorite Bassnectar shows ever… Bass Center 2… and this amazing piece of art powered by 540,00 watts. I had the most amazing time, thank you all for behaving and being so nice πŸ™‚ I’ll remember this NYE FOR FUCKING EVER. Peace and love <3

  • Morgan Barker

    Is bassnectar going to be performing for New Years this year in Nashville? I was bummed out that I didn’t get to go last New Years and would really enjoy going.

    • there’s no telling yet! NYE is usually announced around mid-fall πŸ™‚ stay tuneddd, wherever it is i strongly suggest a road trip. bass is the best way to bring in the new year πŸ™‚