October 15th, 2012


Bassnectar NYE Nashville 2012We are bursting with excitement to announce our New Years Eve celebration will be a fully circular event: BASSECTAR 360 IN NASHVILLE, TN

We will be flexing a whole new stage setup for this special night: I’ll be performing in the center of the crowd on a stage which rotates an astonishing 360 degrees!!!

Stay tuned for more info on this one-off spectacular, including our extra special guests.

Tickets, VIP tickets/upgrades and travel packages are all on sale now:


Bassnectar & Pretty Lights in Hampton, VAAnd to kick off New Years Weekend we are hyped to announce 2 nights with Pretty Lights at the legendary Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia.

Advance tickets on sale same time, this Weds Oct 17th @ 9:00 AM CST:


  • Kenny Lopez

    Hahaha try not to puke!

  • guitarmonsta

    Tennessee is thrilled to have you back, Lorin. kick some ass for the dirty south πŸ˜‰

    • tennessee isnt even part of the “dirty south” more like “redneck meth addict south”

      • guitarmonsta

        you should get a ticket and see how wrong you really are πŸ™‚

      • hindoo is a dumbass

        smh… man you are retarted… come to nashville and i bet you wont think the same thing meth head..

      • yung_Pabs

        pshhh…Tennessee is an awesome state; that’s why Lorin is good to us πŸ˜‰

  • CurryFever

    I can’t believe you’re not coming to Denver.

  • Bassfreak2

    going back to nashville is a fucking joke…spread the love…shuda just done Basslights on NYE instead…even tho Id rather see you, I think im going to PL on NYE simply bc its in a better city…nashville is weak as hell and a city that doesnt dserve a SECOND NYE show, like come on spread the love

    • First, Nashville is an amazing city for NYE. Clearly you weren’t there last year. Secondly, he was required to sign a multi-year agreement with Bridgestone Arena.

      • Bassfreak2

        idk it just sucks hes going to the same place again, like all the same people are gonna be going that live around there and really it just sucks…like back when nectar was playing in SF at sea of dreams on NYE for a couple years at least it was for a festival, in nashvillel its not even a city thats known for partying (the way bassnectar and dubstep fans party) or dubstep or just seems like hes ignoring a lot of people who would also like to see him on NYE and prefer to be in a cool place where theres stuff to do AFTER the show cuz face it, the show is only a few hours and after the show i still wanna be going HARD on NYE…but that sucks its a multi year contract thats pretty much some bullshit…but come on man nashville isnt shit compared to cities like LA or NYC or even chicago or miami, thats why Ill be at PL in NYC (assuming i can get tix)

        • Buzzkill

          Im from Indy and absolutely thrilled that he is going to be in Nashville again if you were there last year you would realize that The city is poping on New Years if you really wanted to go…. Make it happen anything is possible and to the comment that he is Ignoring alot of people…. how is that? He just did a tour across the country not to mention the festivals over the summer he played at….. your argument is invalid

          • Bassfreak2

            i think its obvious that NYE shows are on another level and obviously im not just talking about general bassnectar shows, im talking about his NYE show that only happens once a year and now hes going back to the same spot again…and yeah id much rather party in NYC than nashville and anyone with half a brain would agree

          • Colleen

            nashville is so much more centrally located (at least for the east coasters) than NYC is. more bassheads will be able to travel from all over, rather than secluding the NYE fun to the northeast folk.

          • Bassfreak2

            yeah but NYC is so much better and one of the biggest and most popular cities in the world…

          • Colleen

            what’s more important? popularity~* or making this epic event accessible to the widest range of people possible?

          • Bassfreak2

            whats more important is being in a legit city, unless the show is gonna last all nite and end at 7 am…which it wont

          • Colleen

            to each his own! there will be 10,000+ people there who disagree

          • guitarmonsta

            aaahahahahahahaa the fucking truth if I’ve ever heard it. real talk.

          • Buzzkill

            How can you say that one city is better than another…. because of population? Size? lights? what are you judging this off of? Nashville is a great city and just because its there again and you might not be able to make it doesn’t mean you should be degrading the city its in. Hell if im not mistaken PL will be in NYC for NYE hit that if you wanna throw down in NYC dont get upset because of the location

          • Bassfreak2

            well obviously thats what im gonna do, im going there simply bc its in a better town im not wasting my time and money in nashville fuck that…and anyone with half a brain knows NYC is better than nashville in every category except sucking

          • Nashville is awesome! Music capitol πŸ™‚

          • guitarmonsta

            damn right πŸ™‚

          • Colleen

            Nashtyville PT 2

          • Well then ill be sure to send you a picture from the show in our sucky little town.

          • Alex

            I hate that your a fan of bassnectar =( You seem like a mean hard headed guy that just wants to hate </3

          • DubbaTyler

            Exactly so true, this guy needs to chill out and quit complaining and enjoy the Nectar regardless of where he’s playing.

          • youre an awful music fan lol….and you know nothing about nashville. but thats ok, i wont hold it against you friend

        • the fact that Nashville doesn’t throw down like dubsteppers is the reason he should play it. Nashville is fun as hell though, and new years last year was just last year. Personally I cant wait to see all the glow sticks and bassheads taking over 2nd avenue. And it doesnt sound like youve even been to nashville to me, theres a ton of things to do after the show, it may not be as big as New York City but if you don’t have fun in nashville you have either never been or you’re a misanthrope.

    • crackadelic

      ob your not a bassfreak for one cuz if your a true basshead it wouldnt matter if you could even go.. went to nashville last year for nye & im real upset i CANT go this year & nashville is one of the most clean cities ive ever been to.. nyc is a dirt hole newspapers flying everywhere trash lining the fences i think you need to take a trip somewhere else & stop complaining!! Im going to see pretty lights & bassnectar for basslights in virginia & i can tell you right now im not dropping my money to see pretty lights thats for sure youll be pissed you went to nyc cuz its a better city over seeing bassnectar in nashville. lol enjoy nye!

      • Bassfreak2

        LOL im DEF not a basshead…even tho ive seen bassnectar more than most of you and have seen him since before you guys have ever heard of him, but yeah DEF not a basshead….basshead is just a synonym for custy, which i clearly am not…bassnectar is awesome and my fav artist but fuck nashville ill be at the NYC ragin my face off to some Pretty Lights

        • It’s not about one upping people on how many shows they’ve been to.
          let’s not try to have the “I am headier then you” attitude on this site. Thanks

        • crackadelic

          i think you should try nye in nashville & then come back and give us an honest opinion of how your face got melted!!

        • Oreoyo

          HIPSTER ALERT! did you really know bassnectar before anyone else? for some reason i really doubt that, just how cool are you?

        • tyler

          Wow this guy is a TOOL. he’s obviously really insecure

    • themanyo

      you are ridiculous. if i wanted to get mugged by homeless crackheads I’d just go to atlanta. fuck NYC.

      • Bassfreak2

        NYC is fucking infinitely better than fucking nashville…Lorin thats a lame ass move that your giving a city like nashville 2 NYE shows 2 years in a row, thats fucking bullshit

        • fuckyfuck

          Yeah fuck shit fuck fuck bullshit fucky fuck big man language

  • Mr.Lady

    Thank goodness. Only 45 mins away from me.

  • Matthew Evans

    so what if he’s playing in nashville for new years eve? At least he’s playing! (Thank you Lorin!!) I’m driving almost 8 hours for this show and this will be my 11th time seeing Bassnectar.

    • crackadelic

      i drove 9 hours last year for it!! girlfriend cant get off this year but atleast ill be able to go to basslights!! hopefully he does another nye on east coast next year!

  • nectarhead

    nectar is back in smashville, lord its gonna be wild

  • Guest

    Since the pre-sale tickets for New Years sold out in like 2 minutes, I looked on Ticketmaster’s website and they have “Advance Presales” starting Thursday at 10AM Central. Any idea how we access that before the tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday?

  • N8digi

    What happened with the presales? I got kicked out several times while trying to purchase tickets. It seemed to happen to many people.

    • Hmm, must be a glitch in the server. Sorry for the issues.
      Hopefully regular sale tickets will be worry free.

  • ARdubstep

    So I see that VIP includes early entry into the arena. Does this mean guaranteed wristband for floor?

  • Taylor Tengwall

    Bass Bus from Minneapolis/Madison/Chicago to BassLights and NYE?!?! I live in Duluth, MN and New Years is my birthday

  • hayden

    driving 8 hours for this!!!!! cant wait!

  • crackadelic

    i was just looking at pix of the coliseum & it does have stands so does presale from this website give you floor access i hope?

  • Basshead

    Is VIP 21 and up. Or r they available to everyone

    • Colleen

      show is all ages, VIP is all ages

  • BassHead17

    Are all the presale tickets floor standing?

    • Colleen

      it’ll be first come first served, it’s likely that there will be a wristbanding situation with more details on that TBA

  • Kyle

    Ed/Basscrew, Will a download link be available for Bassnectar’s BBC mix from the other night?

  • Stomp

    Please share the ambassador info or application info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would love to be apart of that for new years and my 16th nectar show!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love

    • Colleen

      hang tight! we’ll get ambassador info out as soon as we can

  • HereWeGo!

    How much longer until we know who the opening DJ’s are? And will backpacks and glowsticks be confiscated again this year? Had to throw away a brand new bookbag last year πŸ™ 61 DAYS!

    • Patience on the openers, they will be announced soon!
      Glowsticks will be confiscated at EVERY Bassnectar event. Please leave them at home, or better yet don’t buy them. They’re super wasteful! We do encourage LED toys however, as long as the venue permits them.
      More information of what exactly is and is not prohibited at this venue to come.

  • Zoe

    HELP!! Just went to try and buy a travel package for 2 nights at the Renaissance with 2 basic tickets…. This website: me they are still available, but when I go to buy, it says the package is sold out. What’s going on Nectar Crew? I was really disappointed because I was holding out to book this.

  • Bassstreet

    Anyone making the trip to Basslights from SC or GA – looking to carpool??

    • DubbaTyler

      Yo man where in SC?

    • meremckay

      im in atlanta

  • 262basshead

    anybody that went to nashville last year for NYE how long was his set?!?!

    • Bass Momma

      2 hours and 25 minutes πŸ™‚

  • Garren

    Bringing in this crazy year right I can’t wait . Thank you lorin for showing ur love on good ole tenneessee. We Are Ready For Youuuuuu

    • He’s REALLY showing the love. 2 years in a row AND 360 stage?!?!
      I. am. READY.

      • i’m glad you’re coming
        it’s gonna be our bassiversary…does that mean we kiss at midnight?

        • Of course it does!

          • good, it’s settled then! you’ll be on the rail with us

  • Thank you so very very very much Bassnectar for coming back to my home! This is my birthday, and the memories I made last year will last a lifetime. I cant believe its happening again lol YAYYYYYY

  • Alex Benesch

    Where does one Request some tracks for NYE? πŸ™‚

  • keena

    hi i was wondering how close vip section will be to the stage??

  • Dre Tavi

    Do we know who is opening??

  • Is there a pre-party planned for NYE?

    • no, and i have a feeling if there was one that the info would be out by now, but who knows, one might surface at the last minute

      • I assumed there was going to be a pre-party on the 30th because they were selling two night hotel packages.

        • If there is a pre-party, info will be up on this site. stay tuned.

  • Is there going to be any sort of official pre-party in Nashville like last year? I just assumed since you were selling two night hotel packages.

  • Ryan Collins

    Driving 8 hours, nye here we come, let’s go bassheads

  • FraserBass

    Will you be able to bring in backpacks

    • which show are you asking about? for basslights no large backpacks but small bags should get in. for NYE i’m still waiting to hear the final word about what will be allowed. i can get back to you!

  • Burton

    I can’t believe I didn’t see that my bank cancelled my purchase of my ticket due to fear of fraudulent charges!!!! I just looked today and now I don’t have a ticket and they are sold out on ticketmaster?!?!?!?

    *I now want a VIP but they are sold out as well! Now time to go to craigslist to scalp a regular one…*

    • Aw i’m sorry that happened. I hope you find a ticket at a reasonable price… we always encourage our fans not to support scalpers, cuz they suck and screw over true fans like you all the time. Good luck!



  • Any 360 NYE posters available??????

    • All sold out, sorry dude!

    • nope, we sold all out at the shows, sorry!!!