November 14th, 2012


Bad Ass Dragon Baby

  • HA! thats awesome

  • damn… thats awesome.

  • wow thats to funny

  • Philip.fisher

    That’s amazing

  • epic

  • amazing editing on this for sure

  • thats great! dont forget the snacks or you might get the smacks

  • Gypsy

    ohh bassnectar you always know how to brighten my day

  • Batman

    The person who did this is Patrick Boivin. He does a lot of cool animations/ special effects.

  • LOL, a la Bruce Lee.

  • i don’t know which is cuter. the dragon or the babeh. however i do know who kicks the most butt!! hehehe

  • So awesome

  • Rmay

    Hey Lorin…you are by far my favorite artist and can’t wait to see you again. One of the times I saw you was at the Philly 4/20 show last year for my buddies birthday. His Birthday is coming up again and I was just wondering on the odds of getting the picture you took with crowd that night signed for his birthday this year? He is also a huge fan of yours and would make his birthday. I would love to hear back from you (trying not to use twitter because that would kind of ruin it lol)

    • hey brotha, hang up out front on the rail after any show, and lorin almost always comes down to do pictures/signatures/etc. you should be able to get your picture signed then 🙂 <3