November 12th, 2012


Bassnectar & Pretty Lights in Hampton, VAANNOUNCING BASSLIGHTS SUPPORT!!!

As you may have heard by now, we are joining forces once again with Pretty Lights for a 2-night double-headliner show in Hampton, VA at the Hampton Coliseum – Friday Dec 28th and Saturday Dec 29th, 2012.

Joining us for this special occasion will be our special guests Big Gigantic + Griz (Dec 28th), and A-Trak + Gramatik (Dec 29th).


  • kenny

    I cant take it anymore come back to NY with an all ages show!!!!

  • bhaley

    damn we are so blessed to be able to bring in the new year like this 🙂

  • I’m losing it. This is going to be the best crowd ever.


    I wanna buy that poster man! Put it in the store

    • Ian Rodriguez

      That poster would be a classic

  • Im amazed at all my friends going to this. Biggest fan out of all them, its just that its in virginia :(.

    • Colleen

      get a carpool together! post on the facebook event page and here on our website and see if anyone who lives near you would be down to make the trip? i road tripped to new years last year with some bass heads who i linked up with here on the website, and they’re all dear friends to me now 🙂

      • I will most definitly try and make this! Since he is having two nights, will he have a night reserved to his classics? I was to young to ever experience it live, would make that trip soooo worth it!

        • Colleen

          in my experience the double-headers always give lorin a chance to really cover the spectrum, hit it from A to Z with bangers and classics and everything in between. i wouldn’t say the sets are ever “reserved” for a given era of bassnectar music – the double-headers at chicago, red rocks, and detroit this year were beautifully experimental, each night with its own personality, each set complimenting its counterpart. make it down to basslights and you’ll see 🙂

          also feel free to drop any tunes you wanna hear on the request line before the show —

          • Man o man, you are hyping me up! If i go ill try and say whats good Colleen!

          • Colleen

            🙂 i’ll be out there!

    • tab021

      9 of us coming from MICHIGAN so far!!! You can DO IT

      • Colleen

        Niiice! Bassmobbin out the mitten

  • AshTreez

    SOOO EXCITED!!! Hampton is a great venue. Is it too late to volunteer? Help pass out water or anything?

    • Colleen

      here is a link to more information about the ambassador program and the current application to join the team–

      If you would like to apply to be an Ambassador either at Basslights or New
      Years Eve, you must apply to join the team by today, November 20th. it’s likely that only experienced ambassadors will be chosen for Basslights. If you just want to apply to be considered for the next tour, you should still do that asap, but it’s obviously not as urgent as if you want to try to ambass basslights. good luck!

  • crackadelic

    anyone know how getting on the floor is going to workout here yet!!?

    • Colleen

      well since it’s all general admission floor should be first-come first-served

  • Kyle

    Basscrew, You ladies and gentlemen put together the best promotional videos. I was at PRETTYNECTAR last year. This video gives me chills. Keep up the good work. Lorin, I may go into withdrawals when you take your extended vacation. Although I know you will come back hotter than ever! !BASS!

    • I am already dreading the bass withdrawals !
      But he definitely deserves some time off 🙂

  • On my birthday too 🙁
    Why can’t this be in Seattle?

  • crackadelic

    if you get there around 5 tonight do you think floor line will be ridiculously long???

    • Yes.

    • To be honest im not sure exactly what time wristbands are being done but yeah it might get a little crazy

      • crackadelic

        oh well ill be one of the first in line for saturday night atleast!

        • Same 🙂

          • crackadelic

            look for me ill have on a black volcom shirt that says “get wierd stay stoned” would be cool to meet a fellow basshead that i always see post from! lol

          • For sure, i always see you posting on here, will do, i’ll find ya in line

          • crackadelic

            thats how every show should be set up if you want floor then you can be on the floor if not then you can be in the stands!! so needless to say i didnt make the line early saturday!

  • Slow Brain

    Both shows at tha Hampton coliseum were tha TRUTH! best shows ive seen!!!

  • Blasian

    did you happen to upload a picture of some kid holding up a sign that says where is my mind?

    • I dont believe any pics have been uploaded yet, when/if they are it’ll be on
      You can also check out the hampton coliseum facebook page to try to find photographers who covered basslights

  • AMAZING SHOW, best of my 2012. Please make this into a yearly event/festival! If I was not able to purchase a poster at the show, will it be available for online order eventually? Thanks!

    • I also want a poster!! please make them available online!!! this was the greatest weekend of my life!

      • My guess is that if there are extras from the show they will appear on the ‘Store’ tab on this site in the near future

    • My guess is that if there are extras from the show they will appear on the ‘Store’ tab on this site in the near future.

  • A

    One of the BEST events I have ever been to in my life. Big ups to everyone who put this together!!!!!!

  • crackadelic

    Lorin aka bassnectar thank you so much for playing dubuasca it literally is even better live which is hard to beat!! you probably hated seeing me request it like 50000x hahaha but thank you so much been waiting for that song since first show i attended!!!! cant wait for new show dates make sure the east coast is filled with dates!!! lol.

    • Dubuasca is so beautiful <3

      • crackadelic

        agreed!!! my favorite!!